What's this about? That's simple. It's about supporting Nasutei and Seiji. There are too many sites out there with "Shuuten & Nasutei" or "Ryo Luvs Nasutei" and too many supporters of the idea. This group is about bringing all those who believe that Nasutei and Seiji should be the couple of YST.

I guess you could call this a club. It's not going to have a bunch of contests and other stuff like a lot of the other clubs do. This is basically just a place where you can express your opinions about the pairing of Seiji and Nasutei. There will be a forum or whatever you want to call it for those who want to discuss the topic of Seiji and Nasutei, and you will get a badge, whether you have a website or not, that you may post on your site or use for personal use.

This club is not about lots of members, lots of contests and prizes, and lots of games and chat rooms. This is just about those few supporters of Seiji and Nasutei coming out and showing their support for the lovely couple. With that out of the way, you may move onto the Rules.

Support Seiji & Nasutei Main