Hello. This is Seijifreak, the webmistress of Evil Eyes. I'm here because there are a few things in the Question Room that I think have been taken greatly out of proportion and have gotten completely out of hand. That is why I would like to take a few minutes to clear up some misunderstandings.

            First of all, the Question Room is entirely for fun. It is NOT in any way to be serious or to be taken serious. It is all CRAP! Nothing in it is for real, except for the answers I give to people's questions. The questions are the only thing in the Question Rom that are serious and factual. I ALWAYS give serious and correct answers to serious questions. I do not joke about them, unless they are questions that are silly and somewhat stupid to begin with. Of course, no person's question is stupid. If there is a question with no answer such as, "What do Seiji's sisters look like?", I'll make up an answer that best fits it. Based on what I know, I'll try and come up with the best answer I deem possible.

            The Question Room, as I have said before, is just for fun. It is not to offend anyone in any way. Many jokes are passed in the Question Room, and I will never intentionally insult someone. The only times someone is insulted is if its a close friend of mine who I see everyday and is a large part of the Question Room. One of those people is Princess Mercury. I see her practically every day and is a good friend of mine. If I insult her or diss her in any way, she's prepared for it and knows I'm kidding. I always treat each one of my visitors with respect.

            Another problem I'm seeing develop is that of people wanting other characters to come into the QR. Let me make this perfectly clear to anyone thinking about sending in a question or who has already sent in a question. This is a Seiji site. Everything in this site is about Seiji. The image you see on the front page when you come to my site is Seiji. It isn't Touma or Ryo. It is Seiji. I do not have a part in this site dedicated solely to Ryo or Touma. Therefore, I do not want to continuously get questions asking if Ryo or Touma will ever be in the Question Room. If anyone is thinking about asking it, I'll answer it right now; NO. They will not be. I know I've had quick appearances by them before and have had Touma argue with Seiji, but that was merely for comical purposes to show how even though Seiji and Touma are best friends, they can still have quarrels too. Its merely to contradict the given fact that they are good friends who get along. In fact, to be truthful, they're probably the only two Troopers in the group who don't constantly fight.

            Anyway, I will not bring another character into the Question Room other than Seiji, Nasutei, or myself. Nasutei is allowed in there because there is a whole section in my site dedicated to her. Nowhere in my site is there a Touma or Ryo section. If you want to know the truth, I could give a rat's ass about Touma and Ryo. I love Touma dearly, and he's one of my favorite characters, but as far as my site is concerned, I have nothing to do with him. If you want Touma or Ryo, go to another site, because you won't find either of them here.

            Listen, I'm not trying to be mean or rude to anyone out there, but please respect my page for what is was created for. I did not create it so you guys could ask me questions about whether or not Touma and Ryo will be coming in it. This is a Seiji shrine, and I would like you to respect that. If you don't like Seiji, I'm sorry, I do, and I know of lots of other people who like him as well. They didn't come here to hear about Ryo and Touma, they came to hear about Seiji. I realize that Touma and Ryo are much more popular than Seiji, but I really don't care. That's why this shrine was created, to show my obsession and dear admiration towards this fantastic character.

            Another thing I EXTREMELY do not appreciate, is the fact that I am constantly flamed and riduculed through questions for not having Ryo and Touma in the QR. I'm not talking about questions that say I'm annoying or anything like that, those questions don't bother me in the least for I am not easily offended and I find those kinds of questions rather amusing. But, the fact that people are upset with me for not having Ryo and Touma on this site is appauling. Hello people! Its a Seiji shrine! I should not be flamed for posting Seiji up if its a Seiji shrine. That's the thing that pisses me off the most is when people have the nerve to ask me to put up Ryo and Touma on a Seiji shrine. I find that offensive and rude to not only me, but to the site and to any fans of Seiji out there who come to this shrine to learn more about him.

            Please understand that I am not upset with any particular person, just with the situation that has occured. The first couple times the question of Ryo or Touma being in the QR wasn't a problem. It was actually funny because we could joke about how Seiji wasn't loved or how Ryo and Touma were everyone's favorites. However, the problem persisted as more and more people started asking the question consistantly, and that disturbs me.

            I'm terribly sorry for my rant. I know there are people who have sent in questions about Seiji each week and I appreciate your support. I am not upset with anyone, I just want to make this thing clear. I answer questions dealing with Seiji; not Ryo or Touma. Its offensive to the site and to myself, and besides, I know very little about characters other than Seiji so it will be difficult to answer your question.

            Anyway, I am through ranting now. Please, take the time to understand and respect what I have written. I really don't mean to offend people with my statements or upset them, but this needs to stop. If I continue to recieve questions concerning Touma or Ryo, or questions that are disapproving, I will shut down the QR. I will do it if I have to. I don't want to because I know of lots of people who enjoy the QR and I myself enjoy it because I can make fun of Seiji and myself and anything I want without being serious about it.

            In conclusion, I would like to thank-you for your time and I hope you will respect my opinions and views about this matter and I'll see you Thursday in the QR. If you would like to e-mail me talking more about this or if you just want to talk, please feel free to mail me at Makoto_Angel@smstars.zzn.com. Thanks and have a wonderful day.