*Seiji storms into the room looking incredibly pissed. He growles and sits down heavily. Seijifreak follows in behind him silently chuckling to herself.*

Seijifreak:   Hello everyone! Welcome to the Question Room!!!!!! I hope you all had a good week. *glances at Seiji* Um....Maybe we better just start the questions.

Seiji:   *silent*

Seijifreak:   *cups hand over her mouth* Psssst. Hey guys. Seiji's had a rough week over you know, the 'W' word. He's not very happy right now. Let's try and keep peace, k?

Seiji:   I hate you Seijifreak.

Seijifreak:   *grins* You don't mean that now do you Seiji-kun?

Seiji:   *gives a look that could kill*

Seijifreak:   Ummm...Why don't we just start answering questions?

Seiji:   *stares hard* Yeah, the sooner we get this over with, the sooner I can just sooooo kick somebody's ass!

These questions are from Princess Mercury. This person asks:

          Seiji, Princess Mercury calling! Anyway, since I forgot to send you a question last week, you have to answer two this time! Since you're the wisest of the Troopers, I thought you could answer these puzzling questions. Here's number one:

I am two thirds of a hundred and three fourths of a thousand.
I mean nothing to a miser and grief to a student.
What am I???

Now for number two:

This postman does not dress in blue;
Though is the stuff he travels through.
From an old salts hand on a desert isle;
His one last hope, his one last smile...
What is he???

I hope you can answer these. If not, maybe Touma can help.

Princess Mercury^_^

PS: Just so you know, I'm coming to your wedding on Thursday.^.~

Seiji:   *starts to weep* Oh, a wedding. Good lord don't mention that. Its not like I don't love Nasutei or anything, I just don't wanna get married. I'm only 18!!!!!!!!

Touma:   *comes in sulking* Oh the horror. *glances at Seiji* What are you sulking about? At least you aren't getting married to Kayura. I love her too, but God, she gets on my nerves.

Seiji:   Hell, Kayura gets on my nerves and I don't even hang around her.

Touma:   Sometimes I feel the same way. Hey, by the way, where's Nasutei? At least you are getting married to a girl with sense.

Seiji:   I'm not sure. I think she's in another room drowning her sorrows in ice cream. Her and Kayura might be having a pity party. Touma, since you like riddles, and I don't even have half a brain tonight, why don't you solve the riddle?

Touma:   Thanks. I need something to take my mind off of the...you know...'W' word.

Seiji:   No problem.

Touma:   Hmmm.... *looks over the question* Let me think a few minutes.....

Seiji:   While he's doing that, I'll answer the next question.

These questions are from Lady Krista. This person asks:

Hey Seiji,
            How long has Yayoi teased you so much that you become shy around girls? My older brother has done that to me and I am shy around boys. I know how that feels because you and me has to go through that embarrassment.

Seiji:   Hey Lady Krista. Oh man, my sister teased me a LONG time to get me this way. She teased me pretty much any time she saw me. She got a big kick out of it because she was older and my parents were much too busy dealing with the dojo then to pay attention to teasing from Yayoi. I'm sorry your brother did that to you. Don't worry, one day, you'll get your revenge. I'm right there with ya' sister. *glances over at Seijifreak*

Seijifreak:   Yummmmm.

Seiji:   What are you eating now?

Seijifreak:   Peanut Butter and Chip ice cream. Its good. Want some?

Seiji:   No, I'm not very hungry.

Seijifreak:   It won't be as bad as you think. *grins* It'll go real quick.

Seiji:   You know Seijifreak, this isn't a real wedding because you aren't a real priestess.

Seijifreak:   I am in this world baby. And you guys are getting hitched.

Seiji:   Man.

These questions are from Rei. This person asks:

            Usagi: Ooh! A wedding! Can I come?! Please??!! Pretty please with a puimpkin on--Rei: USAGI!! GET OUT OF THE SACRED FLAME!! Thank you. Shoe, (Shu)you're a meanie. Shin, you're a wuss. Touma, -this- flame is -NOT- for geniuses. SO GET OUT! Thank you. Now, let's see here, I will make my statement: Nasuti, Anubisu will not give you up until you are formally hitched. He is currently-- ::peers into crystal:: Oh my, this is bad.-- He is currently hiring Naaza to poison Seiji's little sake cup thingy. (sake is traditional rice wine) Seiji-hun, If I were you, I wouldn't drink *anything*. Shoe, stop being a meanie. You'll be really cute if you do. Oh, Shu, btw: you look like a chipmunk when you're mad. Shin: You will meet the cutest little puppy at the party. DON'T pick her up. Her kind are vicious. *eyes roll up, she speaks in Sabrina's voice* The flame will speak with Nasuti. It has only the strength to speak with one. Seiji, I am but a messenger, do not seek to destroy me or my Master. Nasutei, you may enter. I cannot help you, if you insult Master... There is nothing I can do. Perhaps you would like a reading after your wedding...

Seiji:   *hopelessly* Yeah, sure Usagi. You can come....I don't care....Thanks for the reading Rei. I have to agree, Shin can be a wuss......Oh well......

Seijifreak:   *stares at Seiji then looks at you all apologetically* Sorry guys. Seiji's not himself right now. He'll be back to himself...one of these days.

Touma:   I figured it out!!! A burden to a student!!! What burdens a student more??? A zero!!!!! Muhahaahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaahahahah!!!!!!! A zero is the most AWFUL thing in the world. It makes me sick. The second one is a bottle, I've heard it before. Tell me if I'm right, k Princess Mercury?

Seijifreak:   *stares at Touma* Righttttt Touma. Hey! The questions are answered!!!!! *yells at top of lungs* Hey everybody!!!!! Get your asses out here! We're ready to get this thing on!!!

*After many minutes of waiting and waiting, Seijifreak is able to get the room together and get everyone in there. Ryo, Shin, Shuu, Touma, Kayura, Nasutei, Seiji, Byakuen, Jun, and Seijifreak herself walk in. Everyone is very jittery.*

Seijifreak:   *annoyed by group chatter* *starts to yell* SHUT-UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE'RE GOING TO GET THE WEDDING STARTED!!!!!!!! *clears throat* Okay everybody, places!

*All of a sudden, everyone hears a huge smash through the doors. Tables fly and everyone screams. Jun starts to cry and Byakuen growles and protects him. Ryo sneers and tries to see through the smoke that's gathered everywhere.*

Anubis (Cale):   I REFUSE to let this wedding happen!!! I won't let Korin win the heart of Nasutei! I won't let it happen!!!!!!!!!!!! I am the rightful soulmate!! It should be me up there! Black Lightning Slash!!!

Seiji:   *puts a protective hand over his eye* Man, for the first time I'm actually glad to see your sorry ass Anubis. Suit up! *suits up into Korin armor* *pulls out no-daochi* You know what, I need something to let out my frustrations on. *grins at Anubis* You look like a nice target. *charges at Anubis* *the two get into a heated battle*

Anubis (Cale):   Bastard!!!!! I am the warrior of love!!

Seiji:   Shut-up you loser! I'm not intersted in love, I just wanna kick your ass!

Anubis (Cale):   Aghhhhhhhh!!!!

Seiji:   Thunderbolt Cut!!!!!

Anubis (Cale):   Black Lightning Slash!!!

*Seiji and Anubis use their powers and blow each other out of the room. Everyone else has evacuated and is now standing in the image gallery awaiting the results. After the smoke clears, everyone looks up and sees a frazzled Seiji and an electracuted Anubis. They both look unhappy and miserable.*

Seiji:   Anubis, this is all your damn fault.

Anubis (Cale):   Oh shut-up. Its your fault too. You just had to go and Thunderbolt Cut every damn thing in the room. Now you can't do the questions anymore.

Seiji:   I don't care. I just want to go to sleep for the next 30 hours.

Nasutei:   *runs over to Seiji* Awww. Come on Seiji. Let's go.

Anubis (Cale):   *growles and stomps off*

Touma:   I've heard of your quick weddings, but that was rediculous.

*Everyone else leaves looking confused and stupid. Everyone is growling about the waste of time, but Touma and Kayura look perfectly content. Seijifreak is not at all pleased, but in a way, is very satisfied with the destruction caused and the utter chaos that just took place.*

Seijifreak:   Well, this whole night was just totally full of crap. What a disaster. It wasn't even cool. It was just stupid. We didn't even get anybody down the isle. *smiles* Oh well, at least we blew up the Question Room. That was cool. Oh crap, what are we going to use for next week. Oh well, I guess I'll get it rebuilt in time. Well Rei, looks like we didn't get to test out your reading, the wedding didn't last long enough! Yummmm....Sake....Sounds good. I don't think I wanna drink any though. *grins* Umm...Anyway.......This night was really weird guys. If you aren't too wigged out or freaked out, then come visit us next week and be sure to send in all your juicy questions here. See ya' around. *throws down 'How to Become a Wedding Priestess In 24 Hours' book and walks off.*