*Seijifreak walks in laughing. Seiji and Nasutei stroll in with a laughing Satsuki between them hanging onto both of their arms.*

Seijifreak:   Hey everybody!

Seiji:   *laughs*

Satsuki:   Hello everyone! My name is Satsuki! Its a pleasure to be here! *smiles and laughs happily*

Seijifreak:   *grins* Well, in case anyone forgot, this week we feature our special guest, Satsuki! Last week, I said you could send in questions for Satsuki if you liked. Hopefully, we got a few questions for her this week.

Seiji:   *stares at questions* Well, with all these questions, there should be at least one in here. *stares blankly* Geez, a lot of people sent in questions this week.

Seijifreak:   *grins happily* Now that's what I like to hear! *grins*

Seiji:   Hey Satsuki, are you comfortable?

Satsuki:   *giggles happily* Yep, I'm cool. *sinks down into couch next to Nasutei*

Seijifreak:   I'm comfy too!

Seiji:   We don't care Seijifreak. Okay everybody! Like I promised last week, we'll do Rei's question first this week. So here it is:

These questions are from Rei. This person asks:

            Ooh! *stares lazily out the window, tongue lolling out of mouth* Pretty snow!! meesa had white christmas. *snaps to herself, sort of like Lady Unne snapping to attention* What the heck do you mean crisp? (Seijifreak) *sounds really sweet and quiet, but too much so* Seiji, honey, *ice slides through the addressee's veins, not to mention the addresser's voice* you were wrong. "Watashi oname kijo desu" means, "I am a demoness". *evil laugh* Nasuti, Kayura wants something of yours... I hate my hair... That's why I stole Rei's... ::Rei falls to the ground:: *an image of a woman (you may imagine me any way you want to) appears, an evil voice issuing from deep inside of her, is what she speaks with* I have stolen her body... You may redeem her... but only by killing me.... In a battle of psi power.... *disappears, voice left leaving after her* Goodby-ye....

Seiji:   Hey! Wait a minute, Seijifreak was the one who told you what that phrase means.

Seijifreak:   Oh sure, blame it on me! See Satsuki, your brother is meaner than you think.

Satsuki:   I could've told you that! *laughs*

Seiji:   *laughs* Why you little!

Seijifreak:   *narrows eyes* See, if I say something like that, I get yelled at.

Seiji:   Shut-up Seijifreak and let me answer these questions! *clears throat* I'm not sure what Seijifreak means by 'crisp'. Maybe....?

Seijifreak:   Ohhhhhh, now he asks for help. No way, I'm offended.

Satsuki:   *laughs* You guys are crazy! No wonder people avoid this place!

Seijifreak:   Hey! That's not true. People LOVE this place, don't you guys?

Seiji:   *snorts*

Satsuki:   *laughs*

Seijifreak:   I'm not sure what I meant by 'crisp' either.

Satsuki:   Then why did you say it?

Seijifreak:   Hey, hey! Don't get smart!

Nasutei:   *thinks* I wonder what Kayura wants from me?

Satsuki:   Probably your looks. You're way prettier than Kayura. Kayura's pretty too though.

Nasutei:   Thanks Satsuki.

Satsuki:   Hey, one thing, I'm confused. How come Rei is stealing Rei's body? *sweatdrop*

Seiji:   Rei is a priestess and has taken over Rei's body.

Satsuki:   *shrugs* Whatever.

Seiji:   Well Rei, do you feel better now? *grins* You were first!

Satsuki:   Bye Rei!

These questions are from Ex-veemon. This person asks:

            Ugh...Hey, Seiji. It's Ex-veemon. Ooo...Man, that's the last time I put laughing gas on PM. Since she recovered, she's been beating me up to show me who's the dominant. Anyway, Seiji, here are this week's questions:

            How, how, HOW did you, Cye, and Shuu escape from Arago's palace?
BTW, how'd he capture you all in the first place?

            Too bad PM couldn't jon us...She said she was taking a "vacation". I suppose that means she isn't going to provoke a fight with me this week.

Seiji:   Hehe. Don't feel bad. I know exactly how you feel about getting beat up by older sisters. I'll give you some advice; its pretty pointless fighting back. Big sisters usually win.

Satsuki:   Yayoi is mean. I'm glad I don't have to listen to her mouth today.

Seiji:   You and me both. *clears throat* As for your questions Ex-veemon, we escaped because Touma decided to come around and make himself useful and get us out by using his 'Arrow of Life.' Of course, to do that, he had to get captured first himself. As for how did we get captured, Shin, that's Cye in case you're wondering, was captured by Naaza, that's Skechmet in case you're wondering. I'll just stick to North American names to keep down confusion. Cye defeated his evil twin, but was taken in by Skechmet. Kento was captured because he simply followed Dais into the Dynasty because he felt that he could save us by following him. I was captured by Arago himself. I defeated Cale, but after I did, Arago decided he wasn't going to let me go, so he came out of his hiding and grabbed me. It sucked to be taken in that cheaply, but I was taken. *sarcastic tear*

Seijifreak:   *rolls eyes* Give me a break.

Satsuki:   You were the best Ni-chan. It took the big boy himself to take you in. That's how strong you are. Of course, if I had been fighting you, it'd been ALL over. *laughs*

Nasutei:   *giggles*

Seiji:   *laughs* Oh whatever Satsuki!

These questions are from Anna of Star Wildfire. This person asks:

            Hello, Satsuki! I'm glad that you visit question room! Sorry about the fight! You know, sometime Sage and I fight over to watch TV! ^_^;; But you know we're just playing around. Tiger Lily can't wait to see you! Don't worry about it! She chase only is Sage! (have no idea why) Oh, Sage told me that you love shopping. I do! If you want to, we can go to shopping like sisters! I have cool stuff that you may like to see or read!

Tiger Lily: You're carried away.

Anna: I can't help it! I love my kawaii sister! But not Yayoi. She picking on me! Like Sage, she dress me up like a boy. You know a doll named Ken. Yeah, I know Sage's pain. We're lucky to have Satsuki. She is very sweet, enough to melt my heart. And of course Sage and I fight over who will take Satuki to Dairy Queen. She don't want us have a fight. Satsuki want both of us go with her. She's so sweet! I mean did you see her puppy face?

Tiger Lily: You're carried away again.

Anna: *cover Tiger Lily's mouth* Satsuki, let me know if you want to go to shopping! If you want to, I'll cook your favorite meal! Of course, if you want Seijifreak or Sage go with us, that's fine with me! ^_^

Seiji:   For your information, I do not watch that much T.V.

Seijifreak:   *rolls eyes again* Whatever Ni-chan.

Satsuki:   *giggles happily* Hello Anna! Its nice to meet you! Hehe. Yeah, Ni-chan likes to fight. He fights about everything.

Seiji:   *mutters* Do not...

Satsuki:   I think I like your pet, Tiger Lily. She's probably just teasing Ni-chan.

Nasutei:   *giggles* Tiger Lily probably just thinks Ni-chan's cute.

Seiji:   *blushes*

Satsuki:   *smiles* Oh thank-you! I'm really flattered with the nice comments! I love my new kawaii sister too! ^^ Thanks for the wonderful things that you said about me, and I'm glad that Ni-chan's been mentioning me.

Seiji:   *grins*

Satsuki:   I'd love to go shopping with you sometime! I love shopping for clothes, CDs, CD players, lotion, perfume....

Seiji:   *grins* This list could go on for a while. *stares at letter* I DO NOT dress you up like a boy. Liar! *laughs* You know Anna, it wouldn't surprise me if Yayoi dressed you up like a boy. Sorry about that. Maybe we can find someone to dress her up like a boy. *grins*

Satsuki:   *ends list because new thought pops into head* Mmmmmm. I LOVE ice cream, and food. Oh, and of course I want Ni-chan and Seijifreak to go! Can Nasutei come too?

Seiji:   *laughs* You're impossible girl! Of course Nasutei can come! Thanks Anna for your questions!

Seijifreak:   How come I haven't said anything in a few minutes?

Seiji:   Shut-up Seijifreak.

These questions are from Lady Krista. This person asks:

Hey Seiji and Satsuki,

            I have two questions for you Satsuki. If you like Touma(Rowen),then why not date him? Instead of letting him get tortured by Kayura. My second question for you is What is your Favorite Flower? I'm excited to have you answer my two questions and Happy New Year.

            My first question for you Seiji is how would you like it if Nasuti (Mia) decided that she wanted to fight? And how will you feel about it? My second question is how do you Celebrate the new year? Like party at night until 3 or 4 in thee morning then come home and want to sleep for the next 8-9 hours.

            And My final question to you is how much time do you practice Kendo? You're right for one thing my brother Robert isn't that bad as I thought even though we tease each other. I guess the army is keeping him disciplined and in line.

Take care,
Lady Krista, Protector of Earth

Seiji:   Hey Lady Krista!

Satsuki:   Hey Lady Krista! I remember Ni-chan telling me about you. Thanks so much for all the nice things that you've said about me! I have so many new sisters! Its wonderful! *laughs* Good thing none of them are like Yayoi. But Yayoi isn't that bad. Oh well. Anyway, to answer your questions, I do like Touma, but I'm a few years younger than him, and besides, I know him and Kayura fight a lot, but they do love each other, and its important for them to be happy. Touma is MAJORLY cute though! *giggles yet again*

Seiji:   *grins* I don't think he's quite my type.

Satsuki:   *laughs histerically* Shut-up Ni-chan! He does that everytime I say a guy is cute. He always says that the guy isn't his type just to be stupid.

Seiji:   Well, he isn't.

Satsuki:   Shut-up and let me answer the second question!

Seiji:   Okay, okay, I was just saying...

Satsuki:   *rolls eyes* ANYWAY, my favorite flower is the Lily-Of-The-Valley flower. I LOVE that flower. Its so pretty and smells sooooo good. By the way, Happy New Year to you as well.

Seiji:   Lily-Of-The_Valley is a very pretty flower. Isn't it purple? Or is it blue?

Nasutei:   I think it can be several different colors. Didn't you get Satsuki a dozen Lily-Of-The-Valley flowers for her birthday?

Satsuki:   Yes he did! *hugs Seiji*

Seiji:   *hugs back* Yeah well.... Anyway, I WOULD NOT approve of Nasutei fighting, but if she did want to fight, I wouldn't feel very comfortable about it. I think it would be too dangerous to let her fight.

Nasutei:   You say that all the time....

Seiji:   Well, its true.

Nasutei:   Oh don't start.

Satsuki:   Don't fight you guys.

Nasutei:   I know, I know.

Satsuki:   Just answer the next question Seiji.

Seiji:   Yeah, okay. I celebrate the New Year by staying up untill twelve, like most people, and eat a huge dinner with my family and friends. We feel that a new year is very important because its a way to wash away sins from the previous year. Of course, we are REALLY tired the next day, so we spend the entire day meditating, then get a good night's sleep that night. Pretty wacky, huh?

Satsuki:   The younger of the family gets to go out and have fun if we want though! *grins*

Seiji:   That's just because you can't sit still long enough to meditate.

Satsuki:   *ignores Seiji*

Seiji:   *continues* Almost any spare moment of my time is spent training, practicing kendo, or meditating.

Satsuki:   *points finger at Seiji and laughs* You liar!! You little liar! You train alright, but you spend a whole lot of time with Nasutei too.

Seiji:   Shh!!!!!!

Seijifreak:   *laughs*

Nasutei:   *laughs*

Seiji:   I'm also glad to hear that you're starting to see the good in your brother. I'm glad the Army is keeping him in line. Later sista'!

Satsuki:   *smiles* Bye Sista'!

Seijifreak:   *snickers* Maybe we need to send you to the Army. Maybe it'll straighten you out.

Seiji:   Ahhh, the peace and silence is broken by a single sentence....

Seijifreak:   Shut-up Seiji.

Satsuki:   *laughs*

These questions are from Sekmephany. This person asks:

            Hi! I can only send in one question today, cuz my internet time is limited. *sigh* Ok, here goes: Seiji, what's your opninon about knights? Do you think thier weapons are pathetically uncreative?(one of my friends does)And anything else that comes to mind. Just thought you might have an interesting viewpoint. Oh well, gotta slither, so zaijian!(see ya later)


Seiji:   Huh? What's my opinion on Knights? Hmmm. I don't know. I guess I don't have much of an opinion. I have to say that their swords are a little small, but I think they are pretty brave. I think they can be compared to us in several ways. I mean, look at them, they wear armor just like us, and they have to fight hard like us. I don't like their armor as much as the ones we have though.

Satsuki:   I don't either. They're armor is an ugly gray. Its ugly and its clunky. The Korin Yoroi is a pretty green. *smiles*

Seijifreak:   Aren't Knights like, one-hundred years old or something? I mean, I haven't heard about Knights in forever.

Seiji:   *shrugs* How should I know?

These questions are from The Outer Senshi. This person asks:


Hi, Sailor Uranus here! I've got a question for Seiji!

:::Sailor Neptune::: We all do! Honestly Uranus! You are sooooo arrogant!

:::Sailor Uranus::: I am not! How dare you call me arrogant!

:::Sailor Pluto::: Here they go again! When will the two of you stop arguing! I can't even believe people thought you were lesbian!

:::Uranus:: Lesbian???!!! WHO SAID THIS???!!! I AM NOT IN LOVE WITH MY COUSIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO YOU HEAR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:::Sailor Saturn::: Oh brother! Stop yelling!

:::Uranus::: Yeah fine! Hey Seiji! I read a question from Week 2 or 3 when someone asked you something about Sailor Jupitor and Mars. In your answer you said you thought that all the sailor senshi were annoying! Now let's get one thing straight! If you ever, EVER, call me annoying I swear that you will not live to see the light of another day! And you Nasutei won't be around to long to avenge you!

:::Neptune::: *Smack's Uranus across the face* How dare you threaten Seiji! You-you MONSTER!!!!

*Uranus sticks her tongue out*

:::Saturn::: Well at least this proves that the two of them aren't lesbian. Neptune has a crush on Seiji!

:::Pluto::: While Neptune and Uranus yell themselves hoarse, I'd like to ask how on earth you put up with Yayoi? I mean, she seems like a total jerk?! If you'd like I could go back in time and make it so that she was never born.

:::Saturn::: That's not the real reason! You just want to kill Ryo for slapping you that time when you were argueing. I swear if you so much as lay one finger on my Ryo!

:::Pluto::: What? You can't even run for five seconds without collapsing. You'll never be able to kill me!

:::Saturn::: I would too. I'm the sailor senshi of Destruction! remember?!

:::Uranus::: *holding Neptune in a headlock* It seems your more like the Sailor Senshi of Crybabies!

:::Neptune::: Oh Seiji! I know you'll never give up Nasutei, but if you could, would you rather kiss me or Seijifreak?

:::Saturn::: I am not a crybaby! But other than that Seiji could you please give my regards to Ryo! And if he would like to tell him that I'd go on a date with him anytime!

:::Pluto::: Well that's all for us! See ya later!

:::Uranus::: And you had better hope I don't meet you alone in a dark ally some day! So be afraid! Be very afraid!

Seiji:   I don't believe it. The Outer Senshi. All four of them.

Seijifreak:   *jumps up and down* Its Pluto and Saturn!!!!! I LOVE Pluto and Saturn!! Hi you guys!!!!!!!!!!

Seiji:   Oh shut-up Seijifreak. We're not here to listen to you carry on.

Seijifreak:   Hey!

Satsuki:   Hey Pluto! You're my favorite Outer Senshi! Saturn, you're a close second!

Seijifreak:   Um, I don't mean to bust anyone's bubble, but in the Original Japanese Version, you, Neptune and Uranus, were lesbians; no matter what you say. Of course, you can be anything you want in the QR.

Satsuki:   Someone else has a crush on Seiji?

Nasutei:   *stands up quickly* Um, excuse me? Seiji is MINE!

Seijifreak:   *nonchalantly* Chill Nasutei, Seiji's not going anywhere.

Seiji:   Would everyone get a grip here? I'd like to answer their questions sometime this centuary. *clears throat* Um, no offense, but the Sailor Senshi are all annoying at some point and time. Its just, some are worse than others. How do I put up with Yayoi? What can I say, I'm a softy. Besides, what am I supposed to do about it?

Seijifreak:   I go with Pluto; kick Yayoi's ass then make her never born.

Seiji:   Would everyone stop trying to obliviate my sister, Yayoi? She's not that bad!

Seijifreak:   *snorts*

Seiji:   Shut-up Seijifreak.

Satsuki:   Seiji, who would you rather kiss?

Seiji:   *thinks* Well, if its just on the cheek, its okay for both of them. I don't mind kisses on the cheek, but if its a REAL kiss, I'd have to go with neither. No offense Neptune, but I'm not a fan, nor an admirer of you. You're just not my type. And Seijifreak? Well...that's self-explanatory.

Seijifreak:   HEY!!!!

Seiji:   *laughs* Sorry Seijifreak. I didn't mean anything by it. I just look at you as a little sister.

Seijifreak:   Yeah, yeah. That's just fine with me. I still love Richard Dean Anderson. Is he not the most adorable guy in the world?

Seiji:   *rolls eyes* Don't get her started, please. *looks at question* I'm sure Ryo would love to hear that he has a Sailor Senshi fan. Actually, Shuu has a crush on Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and Neptune.

Seijifreak:   *munches on cookies* Yum. Yeah, Shuu, that loser, he likes them because of their long legs. *grins*

Seiji:   *grins* Let me guess, Nasutei made treats.

Seijifreak:   Of course. She's the best!

Nasutei:   *blushes and smiles sweetly* Thanks Seijifreak.

Satsuki:   *munches happily*

These questions are from Princess Mercury. This person asks:

            Seiji, helllloooo!!! It's me! Yes!!! I FINALLY got the Mercury Scout Guide! How was your holiday??? Here's my questions: Who would you rather be stranded on an island with for a day:

1.   Ryo
2.   Cale

For enternity??

1.   Lady Kira
2.   Jun

Princess Mercury :)

Seiji:   Hey PM. Its good to know that you aren't fighting with your brother tonight. He's not so bad. *grins* I'm also glad you got the Mercury Scout Guide that you wanted.

Seijifreak:   *snorts* Yeah, she's been talking about that thing for a week.

Seiji:   I had a good Holiday. Thanks for asking. How was yours? As for your questions, I would want to be stranded with Ryo on an island for a day because as I HATE Cale, even though it might give me a good opportunity to kick his ass. As for an eternity, I'd rather be stuck with Jun than Lady Kayura, because not only do I not like Lady Kayura, but Touma would kick my ass for actually saying that I would rather be stuck on an island with her. He'd be irate. Besides, I think Lady Kayura is much more annoying than Jun. *grins*

Seijifreak:   I'd say its a tie.

Satsuki:   *finishes munching* Come on you guys, they aren't that bad. Hey Ni-chan, what's the next question?

These questions are from Rebecca. This person asks:

            o.o . . . . O.O . . . =) Seeeiiiiijjiiiii! I need a favor . . . *big eyes--> O.O* Could you pretty please get me a date with Ryo? Pretty please? Pretty, pretty please? I'll sulk if you don't. =( And since I know you'll be slightly upset with that question (or maybe not . . . How badly do you want to be rid of Ryo? I promise I'll tie him up and make him mine! ^__^), here's a serious one . . . If you were a kitchen utensil, what sort would you be? . . . . . . And yes, Seiji-kun, that is a serious question. :o)

The-not-so-sane Person Who Secretly Stalks Ryo On Tuesdays

Seiji:   Um..I think Ryo is already been grabbed by Saturn. But hey, you can always try....

Seijifreak:   *jumps up and down* Rebecca!!! Hi Becca! How's it going??? I'm so glad you finally sent in a question!!! *grins* Still obsessed with Ryo, huh? Oh well...as to be expected...

Satsuki:   Hehe. I think it'd be okay with Seijifreak to tie Ryo up. She doesn't like him very much.

Seiji:   *snorts* Big shock.

Seijifreak:   And what does that mean?

Seiji:   Can I just answer the question please? We need to be finishing up here.

Seijifreak:   Sooooorrrrrryyyy!!!!!

Seiji:   *clears throat* I think I'd like to be a knife. That way, I could not only do what I love best, which is cut things up, but I could still have a good weapon at hand. *grins happily* Interesting question.

Seijifreak:   Hehe. Should've expected that from Becca. Love ya' lots Rebecca! *smiles*

Seiji:   Oh no. Have we got another one of your silly friends hooked onto the QR?

Seijifreak:   Hope so. *grins*

Satsuki:   Seijifreak is good at that, isn't she?

Seijifreak:   *grins proudly*

These questions are from Lady Venka. This person asks:

            Hay everyone, Glad you could join the Question room Satsuki, looking forword to watching your brother kick Shu's ass in the Death match I hope.

These are the question's I have arranged

            1.   Have you ever wishes you had a cool armor like your brothers so you can be part of the action. Things must be dull in Sendai with out Seiji around,

            2.   On a scail of 1 to 5 with 5 being the worst how would you rate Seiji friends and why.

Seiji:   Hey Venka! Hehe. You damn right I'm going to kick Shuu's ass. *grins evily*

Satsuki:   Oh shut-up Ni-chan. This question is for me. *smiles sweetly*

Seiji:   Ain't she an angel? *grins proudly*

Satsuki:   Hmm. No, I really don't have any desire to fight because fighting really doesn't solve much. Of course, some things do have to be resolved by fighting, but most things, I believe, could be solved by fighting. I do get lonely without my Ni-chan around, but I'm used to it. Besides, he comes home a lot, so I get to see him.

Seiji:   *snorts* You know, if you weren't there, I wouldn't go home.

Satsuki:   Now Ni-chan, you know you love your family.

Seiji:   I do, but they drive me CRAZY!!!!

Satsuki:   *ignores Seiji* And I would definately rate Touma as a 1! He's so cute and he's a good fighter and he's really sweet, no matter what Ni-chan tells you. Shin would get a 3 because he's nice and all, but he's kind of boring and he doesn't have much of a personality and is really a wuss in battle sometimes. No offense Shin. Shuu would get a 2 because he's hilarious, strong, and even though he doesn't think very much, he's still a pretty smart guy. He's also really nice. Ryo would get a 3 because he's kind of annoying sometimes. He also smacked Jun and I don't think that was right, even if Jun can be somewhat annoying sometimes. He also has this temper that I think is very un-called for. He is nice though, and he does his best to be the leader of the Samurai Troopers, so I give him a 3. How's that?

Seiji:   Beautifully done Satsuki.

Satsuki:   Thanks Ni-chan. *yawns* I'm kind of tired. This thing sure does wear you out.

Seijifreak:   Tell me about it. That's why we only do it once a week. *grins* I think we'd better get Satsuki back to Nasutei's house. She looks pretty tired.

Seiji:   *nods head in agreement* Well everyone, thanks a bunch for all of your questions. We appreciate them, and hope you will continue to send them in. LOL everyone and remember to send in all of your juicy questions here. Later! Come on Satsuki.

Satsuki:   Okay Ni-chan. *hugs brother and clings onto him and Nasutei's arm with Seijifreak following close behind*