*Seiji walks in with Nasutei clinging onto one of his arms with Seijifreak clinging onto the other.*

Seijifreak:   Hi everyone!

Seiji:   *sweatdrop* Welcome back everyone.

Nasutei:   I can't believe we're already on Week Twenty of the Question Room!

Seiji:   Yeah I know. Seems like yesterday we were just doing Week One with about two questions. Now we have a whole bunch to answer each week. Well, enough anyway.

Seijifreak:   Hey guys, wrestling is on in a few minutes, so I'm going to turn on the tube and watch WWF, which is World Wrestling Federation for anyone who doesn't know, and listen to you all answer questions at the same time, okay?

Seiji:   You watch wrestling?

Seijifreak:   *shocked* Are you crazy???? I LOVE wrestling!! The Hardy Boyz are toooooooo cool!! *laughs* Jeff's hair is a different color every week!

Seiji:   *shakes head* What our world is coming to....

Seijifreak:   Oh come on. Alright everyone, tell me someone here in the Question Room tonight watches wrestling. WWF is THE wrestling show.

Seiji:   A pretty, young girl like yourself should not be watching wrestling.

Seijifreak:   *stares at Seiji* And why not?

Seiji:   *thinks* Um, well...

Nasutei:   *cuts in* Oh shut-up Seiji. Wrestling is sooooo much fun to watch!! I love that Chris Jericho!! He's so cute!

Seiji:   *gasps* What? Cute? We'll see about that.

Nasutei:   Oh whatever Seiji. Just answer the first question.

Seiji:   *sound of whip* Fiesty.

These questions are from Ex-veemon. This person asks:

            Ex-veemon here, Seiji. I'm all better now, except for a SPLITTING HEADACHE! With a head as hard as mine, you wouldn't expect that. Here's my question. Hope you're good at riddles:

A box without hinges, key or lid,
Yet inside golden treasure is hid.

Seiji:   Hehe. I'm glad your head is feeling better. Of course, I know someone else with a hard head. *stares at Seijifreak*

Seijifreak:   *frowns* I'm in a good mood, so I'll let that fly.

Seiji:   *grins* Anyway, tonight I actually know this riddle because I've heard of it before. It's an egg, isn't it? Hehe. Tell me if I'm right.

Seijifreak:   Cheater! You looked at the questions before-hand and asked somebody, didn't you?

Seiji:   *protesting* I did not. Besides, you know I don't look at the questions before I get into the Question Room. I always look at them first in the QR. And anyway, aren't you supposed to be watching WWF?

Seijifreak:   Oh yeah! Stone Cold Steve Austin!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!

Seiji:   *rolls eyes*

These questions are from Lady Krista. This person asks:

Hey Seiji,

            You'll have to excuse Nefertimon. She's way out of control! BTW, thanx for answering my questions Satsuki. You're cool. Anyway my question is: How did you get your Halo armor?

            **Ignores Nefertimon** My second question is What does your high school, Hana High look like? Is it a big campus with different building, with lunch courts and a PE Building?

            **Recovers from Laughing Gas Attack** That bitch Angewomon, she's gonna get it. She's *pants* gonna pay for that laughing gas incident. I'll get my little sister for that laughing gas. *singing sounds* So that's where she is.

*Taps on Angewomon's shoulder*

*Yet Lady Krista and Angewomon get into another fight*

*Angewomon sees Fairies on top of her head*

            By the way when you get my sister's picture Rip it. She is a cheap imatation of Sailor Venus. Why does people tell you that you look like Matt from Digimon and other people? Doesn't that annoy you. Can I go shopping with you and Satsuki? It will be nice to spend the day in the QR away from my spory little sister. When can I Be in the QR, Seiji?

Nefertimon:   I'm not out of control.
Lady Krista:  You are so!
Nefertimon:   Why you....Rosetta Stone!
Lady Krista:   Rainbow Moon Heart Ache.
Nefertimon:   Cat's Eye Beam!
Lady Krista:   Moon Starlight Therapy Kiss!

***Fighting sounds in the background***

Lady Krista:   Nefertimon, when will you learn to not fight with me?
Nefertimon:   When I get a decent fight with you, Lady Krista.
Lady Krista:   Why you...you insulted my brother Robert and I will be forced to attack u! Moon therapy kiss.
Nefertimon:   Curse of the Queen!
Lady Krista:   Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Seiji:   *stares at question* Well, that was a VERY interesting question. Sounds like there's fighting all over the place. I mean, we've got Princess Mercury versus her brother, Ex-veemon, and we have Lady Krista versus Nefertimon. I mean, what's going on here?

Nasutei:   *thinks hard* Maybe everyone needs to have a deathmatch at Lady Venka's site. She's holding a deathmatch currently between you, Seiji, and Shuu. Of course, you'll win.

Seiji:   Why thank-you. Anyway, on with the questions. I recieved my Halo Armor, as you call it, by showing that I understood the concept of 'Rei' or courtesy. I went up against another Kendo practicioner in a tournament, and while I was winning, he threw dirt in my eyes and I knocked him out and was sent to a separate building, but didn't tell anyone what he did. Anyway, while I was waiting there, the Korin Armor appeared because I proved I knew how to be curtious.

Seijifreak:   *screams* IT'S THE HARDY BOYZ!!!!!!!!!

Seiji:   *rolls eyes* Whatever. Anyway, if you want to know more about how I received my armor, go here. Oh, and Satsuki had a lot of fun here last week. She wants to say thanks to everyone who sent her a question and said so many nice things. As for Hana High School, there is no such thing. I don't attend a school called Hana High School. That was something that was just made up for fanfics or something. I'm not sure where Hana High came from. It just sort of did. I also don't attend a school with the other Troopers. It would be impossible seeing as though we live so far apart. I do go to a high school with a PE building and the works.


Seiji:   *ignores Seijifreak* Sorry everyone. Seijifreak is very involved in her WWF. Anyway, being told that I am imitated by someone or a certain character looks like me is very annoying. I guess they think we look alike because of the hair. I hear it a lot, especially about Matt from Digimon, and a number of other characters. Oh well, I'm used to it. Oh, and anyone can come shopping. As far as Satsuki is concerned, the more that comes, the better. *grins*

Seijifreak:   *cheers* Go!!

Nasutei:   Hey! Does anyone want some chocolate cake?

Seijifreak:   *jumps up* ME!!!

Nasutei:   *laughs*

Seiji:   Oh, and don't count on being in the QR anytime soon, if ever. We have to keep things 'simple' here in the QR. *grins* You should keep up the battles in the Message Board. I do read those, and I've even responded to them. Just try to key down the language a bit. I'm also confused about who all the people are? Who's Mouri? Oh well, thanks for your questions sista'!

Nasutei:   Hey Seiji, do you want some cake?

Seiji:   *smiles* Looks delicious. But no thanks. *grins* Besides, looks like Seijifreak will be able to scarf down the entire cake!

Seijifreak:   *munches happily*

These questions are from The Outer Senshi. This person asks:

:::Uranus::: Yup! It's us! We're back and we've got more embarrassing questions for you Seiji!

:::Neptune::: Don't you dare Uranus! And anyway! I know me and my cousin were lesbians in the Japanese verson of Sailor Moon, but that's the part we had to play! We aren't really lesbians in real life! Okay?

:::Pluto::: Yeah, yeah, yeah! Whatever! Hey Seiji, has Jun ever met Chibiusa/Sailorchibimoon (Rini/Sailor Minimoon)? I think they'd go great together. They are both sooooooooooo unbelievably annoying! I can't believe the directors made me act out a personality that even cared one little bit about her!

:::Saturn::: Don't say that about Chibiusa! She's my best friend!

:::Uranus::: Who cares?! Pluto's right, the girl as annoying as all he**! Okay! Oh, by the way Seiji, *starts to giggle as she thinks up a very embarassing question*, have you ever done "it" with Nasutei? And if so, was it fun? Please answer this question

:::Neptune::: If you haven't then don't forget about me!

:::Saturn::: You BAKA! He said he doesn't like you! Leave the poor man alone for one precious moment!

:::Pluto::: STOP YELLING!!!!!!!!!!

:::Other three Senshi::: Yes ma'am.

:::Saturn::: Hey! Have any of you Troopers met the Gundam pilots? They Rock! Especially Duo!

:::Uranus::: Well Seiji, that's it for us! And if you don't answer my question I will personally team up with Kayura and KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!

:::Neptune, Pluto and Saturn::: *Major sweatdrop*

Seiji:   *mouth drops a mile* W-w-what???

Nasutei:   Um....uh.....what the hell?

Seijifreak:   *drops fork* Woah. Oh man! Uranus, you earned some major points in my book! You guys can come back EVERY week! *laughs*

Nasutei:   WHAT????? What kind of question is that???

Seiji:   NO WAY!!! I'm not answering that!

Seijifreak:   You HAVE to! *laughs*

Seiji:   But that is personal information. I don't remember having to answer personal questions.

Seijifreak:   *laughs* Its a simple yes or no question Seiji. *laughs again*

Seiji:   *turns red*

Nasutei:   Should we answer this?

Seiji:   *protesting*

Nasutei:   *cringes* Well, just look at it this way. Neptune, you won't get your wish. He's mine!

Seijifreak:   That's a yes you guys. *looks at T.V.* Oh, the Dudley Boyz.

Seiji:   You could say it was fun.

Seijifreak:   *chuckles* That's a yes too.

Seiji:   Oh man, you guys suck.

Nasutei:   Damn it! Remember Neptune, Seiji is MINE!!!!!!!!!! So back off!

Seijifreak:   Okay, okay enough with the.....CHRIS JERICHO!!!! Aghhh!!!! I LOVE him!!! *hugs television screen*

Seiji:   *rolls eyes* ANYWAY, I doubt if Jun has met Chibi-usa. He kind of avoids girls right now.

Seijifreak:   *snorts* Unlike some people....

Seiji:   *frowns and turns red* I haven't met any of the Gundam pilots. They seemed okay though.

Seijifreak:   Trowa was the best. He was just THE Gundam pilot.

Nasutei:   I thought Duo was funny.

Seiji:   Um, I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready to move on.

Seijifreak:   *snickers*

These questions are from Angewomon. This person asks:

Hey Seiji,

            Its just me Angewomon! I had to change it from Nefertimon because of Lady Krista and her brother, Nobert2000(Robert) kicked my ass last time. But I got her back by putting laughing gas on her mouth. *laughing noises in the background* Ignore the laughing from the Lady.

            My question for you is how did you put up with Ryo and Jun(Yuly)? Don't you think you should smack them and Lady Krista's brother Robert because he's a meanie. *Lady Krista recovers and she is angry until Angewomon adds a little more laughing gas and Lady Krista is once again laughing*

            I gotta go but I'll leave you a picture of me, The Beautiful Angewomon.

Angewomon From Digiworld

Seiji:   Hello Angewomon. I put up with those two because they're special to me and even though Jun can be annoying, and Ryo's temper-tantrums are tiring, I'll always back them up. As for smacking Lady Krista, she is my sister and besides, I don't do ass-kicking favors for anyone. *grins* Besides, you seem to be putting up a good fight against her in the Message Board.

Nasutei:   Your image didn't show up Angewomon. Try attaching the image you want to the e-mail, not copying it and pasting it on the message. That way, we can see it. *smiles* I'm sure you're very pretty though.

Seijifreak:   Stone Cold is in the Royal Rumble!! Yes!!!

Seiji:   SEIJIFREAK!!!

These questions are from Fox Girl. This person asks:

            What's up Seijifreak? *waves hi* I'm Youkai Fire Fox. Love ya webpage girlfriend. In fact it inspired me to want to write a fan fic dedicated to Seiji & Nasutie. U should be very proud of your self. I'm new to Ronin Warriors, but I consider myself a upsets fan. There's a funny story as to how I heard about the show. A friend told me there was this anime character that looked just like me and acted like me . ( I didn't know if I was to take it as a complement or not!) So, I checked the show out and sure enough it was Deje`vu. My counter part is ...... "drum role please"................................................"Nastuie" Man, I didn't think their was a character who loved Japanese myths and ancient samurai armor who also was a knock out. *giggle & tear drops* Most of those kind of people are old geezers with an obsession with flirting with the young ones. I love u girl, chicks with legs and brains rule, so do u Seijifreak. My friends say I & Nastuie are so much alike it's not even funny. I don't dress like Nastuie though, dame entertainment always deciding what u should wear. I've seen the manga, Nastuie wears skirts and looks good in them. Whished she dressed the same way in the anime cuz Seiji for sure would've done a full head spin. *wonders if Nasutie has long lost sister* LET'S GET TO THE QUESTIONS, SHALL WE *sorry for talking to much* *I have a question for each of ya*


For Seiji:
            1. Seiji do u ever read the fan fics about u & Natstie? U know they have some really good ones. Do u like any of them? *cheesy grin*

For Seijifreak:
            2. Seijifreak, girlfriend U say that u don't like Ryo. (can't blame u) Is one of the reason u don't like him cuz he likes to flirt with Nasutie? I hated him for that. Seiji must of had a hard time trying to over power Ryo's flirting with the beautiful, intelligent and sure knows how to stand up for her self Nastuie. *I know I'm pathetic for kissing up to u gals, but I just love U strong headed gals*

For Natsutie:
            3. Natstuie I want u to be serious about this question, okay! I mean it, none of those sweet replies u always give, cuz I know U can talk it up if u were given the chance! So here's your chance! *u can blind fold and plug Seiji's ears if ya have to?* Have U ever put Seiji in his place? Like when he left u to go search for Kento of Eating . I know there must of been other times when Seiji did stuff like that to u? And Girl I know u can put him in his place cuz u have one hell of a mind! Tell me another time he did something like that to ya and how u screwed his head back on. My friends don't think U have the guts to stand up to people, which means their dissing me too. I told them to check this page to see your reply. Don't disappoint me Nastuei, I'm counting on U girl.

~Fox Girl

            ps: I noticed I for got to say something nice about Seiji. Sorry bud! I think U are the coolest character on Ronin Warriors and u are on my top 3 list of favorite characters of any anime. U should take that as a complement cuz I'm hard to please. The only other charters I like are Kurama from Yuu Yuu Hakusho. ( Hope I spelled that right, forgot how u pronounce it?) U would also see that I named my self after his demon form, Youkai .My nick name is "Youkai fire fox". The other one is Aya/Ran from Weiss Kreuz. Uh?... That's kind of funny, I just noticed all u guys are the mysterious, quiet types.

Seiji:   *grins* Sounds like you two have an admirer.

Nasutei:   *blushes* I noticed. Thanks Fox Girl for all of your wonderful comments. I'm glad you think so much of me. *smiles*

Seijifreak:   Yeah! Thanks Fox Girl! I've actually seen your signatures in the Polls in the Activity Page. I really appreciate the nice comments, and I'm glad you think so much of my site. Hey, when you get your fic finished, send it in and I'll post it in my Fanfiction Page. If anyone has any fanfiction Seiji-related, please send it in.

Seiji:   *mutters* You got the strong-headed girl part right.

Nasutei:   *hits Seiji with her elbow*

Seiji:   Ow!

Nasutei:   *smiles innocently* Well Fox Girl, I've put Seiji in his place many a times. In fact, there have been a few times in the QR that I've had to straighten him out.

Seiji:   *narrows eyes*

Nasutei:   Actually, Seiji has slept on the couch a few times for acting like a jerk!

Seiji:   So I was a little late, shoot me.

Nasutei:   It was an entire hour!

Seiji:   I was late that one time....

Nasutei:   ONE TIME?!!? That was NOT the only time you've been late. You are constantly late. Remember when you were late to Jun's school performance after you promised you'd be there?

Seiji:   I made it, didn't I?

Nasutei:   Are you getting an attitude with me?

Seiji:   *grins sheepishly* Of course not!

Seijifreak:   *grins evily* I think he's getting smart.

Seiji:   Shut-up Seijifreak!

Nasutei:   *angry* Apparently, someone is sleeping on the couch tonight, again!

Seiji:   BUT!

Nasutei:   *turns head* I'm not speaking to you.

Seiji:   *sighs* Damn it.

Seijifreak:   *laughs* Anyway, the only reason I don't like Ryo, is because he constantly whines and complains about everything and his temper-tantrums are so tiring. Plus, I don't think he's a very good fighter. That's basically why I don't like Ryo. I never really thought about him flirting with Nasutei when he looked like such a baby compared to her.

Nasutei:   *is giving Seiji the silent treatment*

Seiji:   *sighs* Oh, and uh, yeah, I like some of the fanfictions. I just don't like the ones that turn me into an emotional sap.

Seijifreak:   *laughs* You better start doing some serious kissing up if you ever expect to get off the couch.

Seiji:   Shut-up Seijifreak.

Seijifreak:   Hehe. Don't worry Seiji, you'll be alright. You've slept on the couch a million times, she'll forgive you in the morning.

Seiji:   Yeah, yeah. Oh yeah, thanks so much Fox Girl for all the nice comments. And I just want everyone to know that Nasutei can stand up for herself, so don't get the idea that she's wimpy or anything.

Seijifreak:   *laughs* Yeah, and Seiji is afraid of her.

Seiji:   Am not! Anyway, thanks again for the comments. I'm glad you think a lot of us. *grins* Later.

Seijifreak:   Hehe. Hope Nasutei lived up to your expectations. *grins*

These questions are from Princess Mercury. This person asks:

            Hmmmmmm. I'm trying to think up a good question, Seiji. Give me awhile. *thinks for an hour* MAN!!! I CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING!!!!!!:( OK. Here's my question: Who, in your opinion, is the most annoying person to send you a question?? (You can diss me if you want!) Oh, BTW, tell Shuu, Ryo, and Jun that they need to get a life and retire from Samurai Troopers! Please!! They drive me up the wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Princess Mercury~.^

Seiji:   *thinks* Hmm. Well, I don't think anyone is really annoying. And I certainly don't think any question is stupid, maybe silly, but not stupid. I guess the only real annoying questions are the ones that ask me about my hair. Those questions are so old. I know my hair is weird, so just drop it! Oh, and PM, I don't think you're annoying at all. Just, a little silly sometimes. *smiles*

Seijifreak:   Hehe. PM must be losing her touch. She's having a hard time coming up with questions. *grins*

These questions are from Rei. This person asks:

            *evil voice again* My name isn't Rei....it's Kaie (Kai-ye) I stole Rei's body, and to redeem her, you must defeat me in a psi deathmatch. If you want to, after all... Isn't she mean? All of her fortunes are warnings, and none of them happy. If you don't answer yes... Within three days, I will snuff out the Kami Hi (Divine Flame). Have a merry Judging!

Seiji:   Um, if Rei got her body stolen, that's really her problem. I have enough problems as it is.

Seijifreak:   Yeah, like getting Nasutei to speak to you again.

Seiji:   I have no comment on that.

Seijifreak:   You better have something.

Seiji:   Shut-up Seijifreak! You know, part of this is your fault.

Seijifreak:   Oh yeah, how so? How come everything is always my fault when you're the screw-up?!?

Seiji:   I am NOT a screw-up! Besides, you had to open your big mouth in the middle of our 'discussion,' and take the 'perfectly in control' situation and turn it into a mess!

Seijifreak:   *snorts* Perfectly controlled situation my ass.

Seiji:   Just let me answer the last question.

Seijifreak:   Fine. I'm not stopping you.

Seiji:   I thought you were watching WWF.

Seijifreak:   Its over now man.

Seiji:   *rolls eyes*

These questions are from Spirit Of Halo. This person asks:

            Hey Seiji, if you could choose another weapon beside your all mighty no-datchi, what would it be? And no you cant choose kendo either cheater.

Spirit of Halo

Seiji:   Hehe. Well, I would definately have to choose a gun.

Seijifreak:   WHAT? Why?

Seiji:   I know it doesn't seem my style, but guns kick ass. Besides, I know how to use a dozen of them since my Father is a cop. He taught me how to use all kinds. I practice from time to time.

Seijifreak:   Huh. Learn something new everyday. *grins* Now what?

Seiji:   *sighs* I guess we leave. All the questions are answered.

Nasutei:   *gets up and leaves*

Seiji:   *chases after her* Nasutei wait! Nasutei! Don't be mad!

Seijifreak:   *laughs* Well, I guess we'll have to wait to see how that turns out next week. Thanks everyone for all of your questions, and please remember to send in all of your questions for next week here. Later you guys. *rushes to catch up with Seiji and Nasutei*