*Seiji walks in with a bowl of pasta in his hands made especially by Nasutei. He's munching away happily, but is keeping a close watch on Seijifreak who keeps eyeing it. Nasutei comes in close behind laughing.*

Seijifreak:   *eyeballing Seiji's pasta* Yummmm....

Seiji:   *eyeing Seijifreak* Hmmm. Yes. It is good.

Seijifreak:   *drools* That's pasta....

Seiji:   *rolls eyes* Sorry guys. Seijifreak is majorly obsessed with pasta. Especially pasta made by Nasutei. I have to make sure she doesn't jump me for it.

Seijifreak:   *looking innocent* Now would I do that?

Seiji:   *stares at Seijifreak* No comment.

Nasutei:   *laughs*

These questions are from Angewomon. This person asks:

Hey Seiji,

            Angewomon is here to ask you a question. Are you really shy around girls? I love that question Lady Krista sent to Touma on who to marry Sailor Mercury or Satsuki, without him choosing Kayura.

            My birthday is Next week, do you think you can sing happy birthday to me? If you can't at least send me a birthday card saying Happy Birthday Angewomon.

Angemon:   Lady Krista advised me to give you a gift.

Angewomon:   Like what a tattoo?

Lady Krista:   No, he wants to kiss you. Now do you believe that Angemon and I r friends.

*Angewomon receives a kiss from Angemon and her face is all red*

Angewomon:   Yes I do, and I trust you my love.

Angewomon From Digiworld

Seiji:   *grins* Well, well. I see everything worked out between you and Angemon. That's great. And I hope you and Ex-veemon are doing okay, Lady Krista.

Seijifreak:   *still eyeing Seiji's pasta*

Seiji:   *blushes* I never said I was shy around girls, I just dislike speaking with them. But I guess in a sense, I am shy around them. I get very upset whenever I have to talk to them.

Seijifreak:   *snaps out of it* Then how the hell did you ever speak to Nasutei?

Seiji:   Hey! If you wanna' ask a question, you have to be like everyone else and send in a letter. No exceptions. End of discussion.

Seijifreak:   What?

Seiji:   Anyway, I'm not about to sing anything. But I'd be happy to send you a birthday card. *smiles* Happy Birthday. Oh, and you don't have to answer this if you don't want, but how old are you going to be? Just curious.

Seijifreak:   Talk about nosy.

Seiji:   Hey, I told her she didn't have to answer.

Seijifreak:   *shakes head* Uh-huh, sure.

Seiji:   Oh shut-up Seijifreak.

These questions are from Ex-veemon. This person asks:

            Hey, Seiji! I just got home from school. And, yes, I'm all better. I'm watching Digimon (what else?), and it's great. Anyway...WHY DIDN'T YOU ANSWER MY QUSTION?!?! Here's my riddle:

What has roots that nobody sees,
Is taller than trees,
Up, up it goes,
And yet never grows?

Ex-veemon from Digiworld

Seiji:   *thinks hard* Hmmm. It goes up and up, but it never grows.

Seijifreak:   Hey Ex-veemon! He did answer your question last week, he just didn't get it right. *grins*

Seiji:   Shut-up Seijifreak, I know this one. It's a balloon isn't it? It keeps going up and up, but it never grows. *grins* How's that?

Seijifreak:   *mutters* Probably got the answer from somebody....

These questions are from The Outer Senshi. This person asks:

:::Saturn::: Hey Seiji!

:::Pluto::: Yeah, we're back. except Neptune. She never acctually got to hear Nasutei's sympathy towards her. She's been locked herself in her room and refuses to come out.

:::Uranus::: I wish she would, she's gonna starve in there.

:::Saturn::: Yeah. Well. Maybe Seiji, if you say that you like her more as a friend, then maybe she'll come out.

:::Pluto::: I hope so.

:::Uranus::: Oh, by the way. Seiji, I won't ask you any more 'It' questions, okay?

:::Pluto::: Seiji, if you and the rest of the Troopers had to fight the Dragon Ball Z warriors, who do you think would win?

:::Saturn::: No offense Seiji, but I think the DBZ guys would win. They're just stronger and more powerful than you guys.

:::Uranus::: Seiji, just how far would you go to make sure that Nasutei was safe? Would you do anything for her? As in, go through hell and back for her.

:::Pluto::: And what do you think you'd do if she ever got killed?

:::Saturn::: I have a good idea of what he'd do. And it's not pretty.

:::Uranus::: Until next time! Bye!

:::Saturn::: And tell Rebecca TO STAY OFF MY RYO!!!!!!

Seiji:   Hello all. I'm very sorry about Neptune. Tell her that I don't despise her or anything, it's just that it would be impossible for us to be anything seeing as I don't love her. Get her out of that room, okay guys?

Nasutei:   Oh dear, that's terrible. None of us in the Question Room have personal grudges against anyone. And we certainly don't dislike any of you. *smiles*

Seijifreak:   Hey Seiji, can I have a little bit of pasta?

Seiji:   *gets mad* Damnit Seijifreak! Here we are trying to have a serious conversation and you're still talking about pasta!

Seijifreak:   *sniff*

Seiji:   *drops head* *sighs* *pats Seijifreak on the back* I'm sorry.

Nasutei:   Seiji! I'm ashamed!

Seiji:   *puts hand on forehead* Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm sorry. Here Seijifreak, you can munch away. *hands bowl to Seijifreak*

Seijifreak:   *sniff*

Seiji:   Damnit Seijifreak, I apologized already!

Seijifreak:   Geez Seiji, I have to sneeze! I'm not upset!

Seiji:   *sweatdrop* Oh. Then give me back my pasta.

Nasutei:   *elbows Seiji* Just answer the questions. Leave Seijifreak be.

Seiji:   *tear* Why does everyone pick on me?

Nasutei:   Save it Seiji.

Seiji:   Fine! Be that way. *looks at questions* Thanks Uranus. I appreciate no more 'it' questions. And I promise I won't say your character on Sailor Moon is annoying anymore. *smiles* Anyway, I'm not sure who would win between us and the DBZ characters. Probably them as far as strength goes. I mean, my power-level isn't one-million or anything.

Nasutei:   Isn't Gohan sweet?

Seijifreak:   Gohan's a wuss! Piccolo is the man!

Nasutei:   Ugh. Piccolo was so mean.

Seijifreak:   Seiji's mean, but you still like him.

Seiji:   Hey!

Nasutei:   Yeah, but Seiji is at least human.

Seijifreak:   *shocked* Are you dissing my Piccolo?

Seiji:   Okay, okay. Just chill everyone. *gets embarrassed* Hey Nasutei, I think Kayura wants you in the other room.

Seijifreak:   Huh? No she does...

Seiji:   *clamps hand over Seijifreak's mouth*

Nasutei:   Huh? Really? I didn't hear anything. I'll go check. *gets up and leaves*

Seiji:   Phew!

Seijifreak:   And the point of that was?

Seiji:   Are you crazy? I didn't want to answer the next one in front of her.

Seijifreak:   Why not?

Seiji:   I don't know. I'd feel...embarrassed and silly.

Seijifreak:   *rolls eyes* Whatever. I'll go keep her company while you deal with one of your many 'problems.'

Seiji:   Thanks Seijifreak.

Seijifreak:   Yeah, yeah...

Seiji:   *lowering voice* Anyway, you guys asked me what I would do, and I'd have to say I'd do anything for her. I mean anything. If it meant hell and back, I would. And if she died, I'd probably go crazy. Probably kill myself. I wouldn't be able to handle it very well. But I don't like to think about those kind of things, so we'll move on. *thinks* You know Saturn, Rebecca won't let off of Ryo very easily. You might have to fight her for him. *grins* See you guys later.

These questions are from Princess Mercury. This person asks:

            Hey, Seiji! Here are my questions:

1.   What was the happiest moment in your life?
2.   What are your top five animes?
3.   What was your most embarrassing moment?

See ya later!
Princess Mercury =)

Seiji:   Hey Princess Mercury! You didn't send in a question last week! I wondered what happened to you! Well, anyway, I'm glad you're back. What was the happiest moment in my life? Probably when I met Nasutei or when I first met all the guys. Or it could be when I stopped being sick and finally straightened up. I don't know, one of those. As for my top five Animes, I'd probably have to say that Dragonball Z is my favorite, then Ah! My Goddess, then Tenchi Muyo, then Escaflowne, and last but not least, Peacock King: Spirit Warrior. And no Princess Mercury, Sailor Moon is not in my top five. *grins* It would definately be in my top ten though. My most embarrassing moment was probably when my sister made me dress up like a girl. Yes, that sucked. It was probably the worst moment of my life too. Of course, most moments near my sister Yayoi weren't exactly 'memories forever' if you know what I mean. Oh well, glad you're back PM!

These questions are from Nighthowler. This person asks:

            Oh boy. I have been sucked into the world of computer games. Help me, oh Kami help me. Well, I like computer games. Anyway.. um.... (why is it that I can only think of silly questions right now?) .... Aw heck, a silly one it'll be. (I'm sure you get this tons of times) What is your relationship with you hair? I shouldn't talk, though, because when my parents talk about cutting my hair, I whine. But anyway, second question: Which do you prefer, being shaved bald or being stuck on an island, powerless, with Cale, for eternity? *major sweatdrop* I'm not really for thinking this late at night. Well, have fun with whatever it is that you happen to want to do with your puny-compared-to-certain-things life!


P.S. Caution: Falling disembodied heads shaped like Arago.

Seiji:   *thinks* You know, I was just thinking how peaceful and smooth things are around here without....

Seijifreak:   Seijifreak is back!

Seiji:   Nevermind.

Seijifreak:   So, did you miss me?

Seiji:   If missing you means glad you were gone, then yes.

Seijifreak:   *sticks tongue out at Seiji*

Seiji:   *laughs*

Nasutei:   How's it going?

Seiji:   Just fine. Where'd you guys go?

Nasutei:   Seijifreak just wanted to show me the new updates in the Nasutei section. I love the new border Seijifreak.

Seijifreak:   Why thank-you Nasutei. At least someone appreciates my talent.

Seiji:   *rolls eyes* Whatever. Anyway, Nighthowler, I'm not sure what to tell you about your videogame obsession. When I figure out what to do about Seijifreak's obsession with pasta, I'll let you know.

Seijifreak:   Hey!

Seiji:   I do get LOTS of silly questions, so it's no biggie. I do love my hair, but I don't spend hours in the bathroom like most people say or like it's more popularly rumored. I do like to keep it nice and shiny and clean because it is a symbol of my individuality; especially as an individual in my family. I do love my hair, so much, that I would rather be powerless on an island with Anubis than.....that other thing. Because in reality, even without my powers, I can still physically beat the living crap out of Anubis.

Nasutei:   Seiji! What did I tell you about Anubis? You have to try and get along with him since you're both on the same side now. It's important for us to work as a team. I couldn't believe it when you tackled him that one day at the park when we were all together trying to have a family picnic. But NOOOOOO. Seiji and Anubis had to get in a fight and you had to tackle him and push him down a hill dragging yourself along with him.

Seiji:   *snorts* The jerk deserved it.

Nasutei:   *frowns*

Seijifreak:   *grins* I wouldn't talk Nasutei. Remember, that same day, you tackled Kayura down a hill as well because you were 'sick of her mouth' as you put it.

Nasutei:   *blushes* Yeah well, I guess a lot of people needed tackling that day.

Seiji:   And she tells me about teamwork.

These questions are from Lady Krista. This person asks: Hey Seiji,

            Who would you choose to marry....Nasuti or Lita(Sailor Jupiter)? and why? I hate Kayura so much that Touma(Rowen) should leave her for your sister Satsuki.

            How would you like it if Satsuki decided to date Touma(Rowen)? And How would you feel about it? I expect Touma to answer this question outside the QR. Here it is: Who would Touma choose to marry Satsuki or Sailor Mercury? Tell him that he shouldn't choose anyone else including Kayura while deciding. Too bad Nefertimon isn't here to hear my questions cause I'm sure she would've laughed at Touma trying to decide to marry Satsuki or Sailor Mercury. No offense to all the Touma fans.

Lady Krista

Seiji:   Nasutei or Lita? That's easy. Nasutei, of course! Lita is nice and all, but she's a little crazy when it comes to boys, and besides, I don't love her, at least, not like that.

Nasutei:   Isn't my Seiji-kun adorable? *gives Seiji a kiss on the cheek*

Seiji:   *blushes*

Seijifreak:   *sarcastically* How sweet.

Seiji:   Shut-up Seijifreak. *clears throat* Hey, someone needs to go and ask Touma this stuff.

Urd:   I'll do it honey.

Seiji:   *looks up* Huh? Urd? What are you doing in here? Or should I say, up there?

Urd:   *floating in air* Hey Seiji baby, how's it going? I just thought I'd stop by and chat for a while. I'm the Goddess Of Love, and I'll be happy to find out Touma's heart's desire. Just let me at him.

Seiji:   *frowns* Urd, just how did you get in here?

Urd:   Honey please, give me some credit. I'm a goddess. I can do anything.

Seijifreak:   URD!! Hi Urd! I'm so glad you decided to stop by!

Urd:   *floating down to ground* Sweetheart, you should have known I'd be here. Especially after I read the last two week's responses about Seiji and Nasutei's love life. Things really are spicing up in here. I'll have to come by more often.

Seijifreak:   *jumps into Urd's arms* *laughs*

Urd:   Hi Nasutei. How's it shaking honey.

Nasutei:   It's just fine, Urd. How are you?

Urd:   Better than ever. Now why don't me and Seijifreak leave you two love birds alone and we'll find Touma and ask him your questions.

Seiji:   *sweatdrop* Now, Urd, don't ask Touma any questions other than the ones that were asked by Lady Krista, got it? No silly love tests or questions, okay?

Urd:   Honey, you doubt the great Urd?

Seiji:   *mutters* Yes. I do.

Urd:   Have a little faith. Besides, with Seijifreak here, or as I know her, Urdfreak, the job is guaranteed to get done, right Urdfreak?

Seijifreak/Urdfreak:   Damn right.

Seiji:   *mutters again* Oh no, double reason to worry.

Urd:   Come on girlfriend.

Seiji:   If you guys out there are totally confused about what just happened or who that was, I'll explain. That was Urd from the series Ah! My Goddess. She's a mischievious little thing. She is constantly nosying into other people's love life even though she doesn't have much of one herself. If you'd like to know more about Urd, just go to Seijifreak's/Urdfreak's site called Black Magic.

Nasutei:   Urd is really cool, but I wish she would stop calling you 'honey.'

Seiji:   It's okay, Nasutei. Urd calls everyone 'honey.'

Nasutei:   I know. I just don't her to call you 'honey.'

Seiji:   *rolls eyes*

Urd:   *storms back into room* We're back! And we've got answers to Lady Krista's juicy questions!

Seijifreak/Urdfreak:   *laughs* He says he would rather marry Satsuki because she is super-sweet and really adorable, and plus, is Seiji's little sister. Of course, he doesn't really wanna' marry her because she is just a friend. He still wants to marry Kayura. Of course, he probably just said that so he wouldn't get his ass kicked by Kayura.

Seiji:   I think it would be cool if Satsuki wanted to date Touma. I'd feel like my sister was safe and secure. Of course, the chances of that happening are highly unlikely. Satsuki knows that it's pretty impossible too though.

Urd:   So Seiji, how'd I do? Was it good enough for you?

Seiji:   *laughs* You did just fine Urd. I'm sorry I misjudged you.

Urd:   No problem honey.

Nasutei:   *glares at Urd*

These questions are from Black Lion. This person asks:

Dear Sage,

            In episode 7, "Splitting the Stone", the Ancient tells you that you still have to acquire the Thunderbolt Cut, your most powerful attack. In other words, he's saying you haven't acquired it yet! However, how were you able to use this attack in episode 5, "Halo's Prison", when you were just revived? If you blasted Sekhmet with it then, how come the Ancient told you that you still needed to acquire this attack?

Seiji:   That's an excellent question Black Lion. Actually, what he really meant, was to use the full extent of my power. I have two different ways of using the Thunderbolt Cut, and he wanted me to use both. He also wanted me to use both mind and spirit and body to use my attack; not just with physical force. Remember, I wear the Korin Yoroi, and I am the most spiritual of the group, meaning that I have to focus on all my senses; not just my physical strength. Excellent question.

These questions are from Princess Small Lady. This person asks:

            Hey Seiji, I have a couple of question to ask.

1.   Are you part cat? In first episode you jump off a builiding head first, and some how, you landed on your feet. Cats always land on thier feet.

2.   Are you and Touma gay? I can see that you're not, but I have to ask it so PM will quit bothering me about it. Well thats all. By.

Princess Small Lady

Seiji:   *sweatdrop* Uh-oh. A friend of Princess Mercury.

Seijifreak/Urdfreak:   Hehe. PM said that Princess Small Lady would be sending in a question, but I didn't know how soon. She said that PSL has come by several times, but never actually sent in a question.

Seiji:   Well, I hope she's enjoyed her time. *clears throat* Well, first of all, I am not a cat. I did land on my feet, and that was a very high jump, but the only reason I did it was to show-off and be cute. I'm also very limber. *grins* Plus, flashy entrances are just my style. *rolls eyes* Here we go....

Seiji:   *eyes Seijifreak* And just what do you mean by that?

Seijifreak/Urdfreak:   Nothing, nothing. Just answer the questions.

Seiji:   *grumbles* Seijifreak....

Urd:   Excuse me, it's Urdfreak.

Seiji:   Maybe on your site it is. But on this site, it's Seijifreak.

Urd:   Urdfreak!

Seiji:   Seijifreak!!

Urd:   Urdfreak!!!

Seiji:   Seijifreak!!!!

Seijifreak/Urdfreak:   SHUT-UP!!!!!


Urd:   *accusingly* It's all your fault.

Seiji:   *glares* Anyway, as for your second question, I am not gay. There are lots of rumors that Touma and I are gay, but we are not. We are actually both quite straight, as you've probably already guessed.

Seijifreak/Urdfreak:   So he says...

Seiji:   Shut-up, Seijifreak.

Seijifreak/Urdfreak:   Such language.

These questions are from Fox Girl. This person asks:

"Hey Naustie, Seiji and my girl Seijifreak!" *waves hi*

Fox:::: " I'm so happy, Naustie did me a favor and came through by kissing Seiji. You know I always wanted to try my hand at match making! ..hehehehehe.. just kidding, if I did that the hole world would be at stake. If ya thought Talpa was scary, you sure don't want to see me matching people up!" *grins evilly*

Kurama::: "You can say that again!"

Aya/Ran:: "talk about the end of the world!"

Fox:::: "Um... guys? When I insult myself I would appreciate it if you didn't help. You two really suck at insulting people anyway, it's just a waste of time for ya.

*Aya/Ran grabs his katana and stands ready to duel with Fox (aya is a Assassin from Weiss Kreuz)*

Kurama:: um.. Aya? I wouldn't do that, women aren't the greatest opponents, especially if their smart. Don't underestimate them, they sure know how to kick ass when they want to. Remember I found that out last week?

Fox:: You can say that again brother, chicks rule!!!!!!!!!!!

*Kurama "sweat drops' then takes Aya's Katana away and invites him to sit next with Fox and him on the sofa. Aya does what's he ask, manly because Fox paid him with Kurama's money. Aya would do anything for money*

Fox::: "now that that's out of the the way I have a question for Seiji, well actually Aya's the one who has the question, so I'll let him tell ya."

*fox looks over to Aya, who is counting the money he received for his appearance*

*Kurama nudges him*

Aya/Ran::: uh, WHAT?!?!?!? oh, yeh, sorry... um Seiji right? Well anyway, I read something that said your grandfather owns a dojo! I was wondering if you are going to inherit the dojo? Do you teach lessons as a job there, and how much does that pay cuz I haven't received a assignment in awhile and need some cash. If ya need help I can help out. I would do great, I am a master of the Kantana and have been taught the skills of kendo as a child and me being a leader of a group of a bunch of annoying assassins has plenty of patents and strictness! I could come in handy, but only if it pays good, if it doesn't then forget about it pal!

*fox and Kurama sweat drops*

Fox::: That was nice Aya, but I really don't think that's a good ideal! No offence but your aren't a people person and I think you have to have some skill with communicating with others!

Kurama:: God is that all he thinks about, MONEY! What a greedy little basterd!

Fox: yeh what ever! So there's your question Sejij, are ya gona inherit the dojo and do you teach kendo lessons there? Seiji I have a question for ya too.

*Kurama & Aya are auguring about Aya's money obsession*

Fox:: Man! What dumb butts! Okay Sejij I was wondering about your armor in a way. Let me explain, You are a very young warrior that has a lot of skill in fighting like the other Ronin Warriors. The Masho are skilled Warriors as well, but they are over 200 y/o. You and your friends on the other hand are in your teens. The armor you wear had to be warn by other solders then yourselves at one time? I guess my question is that are you a recantation of the warriors who might have worn the armor before you? I might be totally wrong about the armor being worn by other warriors, but since they were created a long time ago it could be possible their were other wearers beside you, you could very well be the reincarnation of that warrior? I don't think your immortal like the warlords Seiji, so you would die someday, maybe when you die you might be recanted in a another man that would carry the armor of Halo? If that's so, don't worry about Nasutie cuz if you get recanated so would she, it's destiny for you two to be together. I hope the question was clear?

*fox looks over to Kurama & Aya who are still auguring & sighs*

Aya/Ran:: Look Kurama I don't see why your complaining! Your the one you paid me to be here, remember?!?!??!?!?!?!?!

Kurama: What? I didn't pay you.... I still have my money in my pockets, so I couldn't of paid you!

*checks his pockets, which are empty*

*fox slowly gets up from sofa*

*Aya snickers*

*Kurama looks at fox with a death glare*

Kurama: "FOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You little thief, YOU HAD NO RIGHT PAYING THAT MONEY GRUBER WITH MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Fox:: "heheheheh..... did I do that, whoops! Well it's nice seeing ya Kurama, but I gota go! SAYONARA Kurama SAN!

*fox takes off leaving a cloud of dust behind her*

Kurama:: FOX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *kurama chases after*

Aya/Ran:: Did that stupid fox boy just call me money grubber? NO, ONE INSULTS THE GREATEST ASSASSIN IN THE WORLD AND LIVES!!!!!!!!

*Aya grabs Katana and chases after Kurama*

Seiji:   Welcome back Fox Girl! I guess I have you to thank for that kiss last week, huh?

Seijifreak/Urdfreak:   *laughs* Yep, and it was a trip too.

Seiji:   *narrows eyes* I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

Seijifreak/Urdfreak:   I did. *grins*

Nasutei:   *grins* Hey Fox Girl, if you ever need another favor like that again, just let me know. *wink*

Seiji:   *clears throat* Yeah well, anyway, um, yes, I will inherit the dojo. I will also inherit the One-eyed Dragon's Castle too, I believe. *cringes* I'm not sure about that though. That's something that I don't deal with too often. My family is quite wealthy, seeing as we own a dojo and all, so I get paid a good amount. I also inherit a good deal of money as well. Money really isn't an issue.

Seijifreak/Urdfreak:   You know Seiji, between you and Nasutei, you guys are loaded!

Urd:   Who needs money when you can just create everything you need and want? *grins proudly*

Seijifreak/Urdfreak:   *laughs* Shut-up Urd!

Urd:   *laughing back* Watch it! I'll 'Urd's Lightning Bolt' you!

Seiji:   *ignoring Seijifreak/Urdfreak and Urd* I do teach lessons there, but unforunately, our family doesn't accept outsiders to teach at the Dojo. I'm sure you are wonderful with the Katana, but my family hardly accepts me because of how I look, and I'm family. They certainly won't accept a complete stranger.

Urd:   *playing with potions*

Seiji:   Just don't spill anything or blow up the room, okay Urd?

Urd:   *not really listening* Uh-huh. Sure.

Seiji:   *narrows eyes* Um, anyway, Fox Girl, that question was very deep. I'm not sure if others have worn this armor, probably so, but who knows. Even though I wear the armor, I'm not completely sure what it's capable of. I learn more and more each time I fight, and now I have the new armor to deal with, you know, the armor I receive in the 'Message' series from Suzunagi? Well anyway, I don't know if I'm a re-incarnation of someone, but if I am, well, good for me.

Urd:   *chanting a spell* SPIN AND TWIRL!!

*Hear a loud explosion. When the smoke clears, we see a burnt and crispy Urd standing with a broken spell bottle in her hand. Seijifreak/Urdfreak is laughing her head off, while Nasutei rushes to get some water and a wet towel. Seiji just shakes his head.*

Seiji:   Well guys, there you have it. The Question Room Week twenty-two! Sorry we were late getting up and running this week. Seijifreak's computer got a virus, so she and her brother the BUM were busy trying to get the infected file fixed. Well, we'll see you guys later! Please remember to send all of your questions, here.

Urd:   *growling* Don't even say it, Urdfreak.

Seijifreak/Urdfreak:   *holds back a chuckle*