*Seijifreak and Seiji walk into the Question Room talkative and happy. Nasutei walks in behind them with a bowl of delicious treats and what-not that Seijifreak keeps eyeing. Everyone is happy because of the special occasion.*

Nasutei:   *happy* Oh wow!! I can't believe it!!

Seiji:   *grins* Yeah I know! Twenty-five weeks of the QR already!! Time goes by so quickly, doesn't it?

Nasutei:   Yeah! And today I brought LOTS of sweets and such for you guys to eat! I even brought a salad for you Seiji-kun. *smiles sweetly*

Seiji:   *grins* Thanks a lot Nasut--

Seijifreak:   *interrupting* Okay! Let's stop this before it gets all mushy.

Seiji:   *glares at Seijifreak* Why are you always ruining my moments to steal a kiss?

Seijifreak:   Because it's disgusting. And besides, today's the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Question Room. We have to PARTY!!!! *starts singing* 'You've got to fight, for your right, to PARTY!!!!'

Seiji:   *quickly* Okay! Time for the first question!

These questions are from Princess Mercury. This person asks:

            Helllooo Seiji!!! Guess who! So you like Daffy Duck, huh??? Well, personally, I like Bugs Bunny. :) And, what is with that comment about my questions?? It's my destiny to ask the silliest questions on Earth!!! Besides, I don't want to ruin my reputation! *grins* Anyway, here's my question: Do you eat the stems of broccoli??? Just wanted to know!^^

Princess Mercury :D

P.S. My question last week was thought up by Princess Small Lady.

Seiji:   *grins* It'd only be appropriate to start the Question Room off with a question from Princess Mercury. Anyway, like I said before, I'm not very familiar with American animation, so I don't know a whole lot about either the rabbit or the duck, but the duck always kind of stood out to me. Anyway, I know it's your destiny to ask silly questions, but don't you know it's my destiny to have a comment to all your silly questions? *grins* Think about that one.

Seijifreak:   Oh brother...

Seiji:   Anyway Princess Mercury, I do eat the stems of broccoli. I eat a lot of vegetables actually, and a lot of fruits. I kind of have to watch what I eat because of my old sicknesses that I don't want to get ever, ever, EVER again.

Seijifreak:   Broccoli is delicious. Especially the boiled kind with the butter on top that's been melting on it a while. Yummmmmm.

Seiji:   Yeahhhh, but what about the raw ones that are in salads that you can dip into the salad dressing with a fork? Now that's good. Especially with Ranch or Italian Dressing.

Nasutei:   *laughs* Is that all you guys do is sit around and talk about food? You guys are the food-craziest people I've ever met; especially you, Seijifreak.

Seiji:   Yeah, for someone as slender as you, you sure do eat a lot.

Seijifreak:   *grins proudly* I'm proud to eat! *thinks* You know what sounds good? A big old Number 6 from Taco Tico. It includes refried beans, a couple of enchiladas, and some Mexican rice and sour cream. Yummmmmmm!!

Seiji:   *takes Nasutei's salad and starts eating* You know Seijifreak, you're starting to make me really hungry.

Nasutei:   If you guys don't get to the next question, we'll never get them answered!

Seiji:   Oh right, right. *eats* Nasutei, this is great.

Nasutei:   *grins proudly*

These questions are from Lady Krista And Friends. This person asks:

Lady Krista: We're back right Satsuki.

Satsuki the Puppy: Right Lady Krista!

Lady Krista: Sorry Angewomon couldn't join us because she locked herself in her room, but we have our friends Cytelle, Minako, Lillymon, Nefertimon, Usagi, and Goten.

Goten: Hello Everyone!

Cytelle: Wassuppp Seiji! Jnala stay away from my Shuu-Kun! He's mine! You hear Mine!

Nefertimon: Hey Seiji!

Lillymon: Hello Seijifreak. I love your website.

Usagi: Hey Seiji and Nasutei!

Minako: Heylo y'all!

Satsuki the Puppy: Now that you are comfortable. Maybe we can start Asking Seiji Some Questions. Hello Salamon!

Salamon: Hey Satsuki! Am I Late?

Lady Krista: No You're right on time, Salamon.

Kayura: Did you forget someone, Lady Krista?

Lady Krista: I almost forgot about you Kayura. Have a seat next to Goten!

Goten: How do you put up with Touma?

Cytelle: Seiji, you better tell Jnala she can have Shin or Ryo not Shuu cuz he's mine!

Minako: You're possessive Cye!!!

Kayura: Hey Seiji, Do you miss me barging in th QR while you r answering your questions?

Satsuki the Puppy: Angewomon is crying in her room so I will have to ask the question for her. What is your favorite food?

Salamon: And what types of places would you and Nasutie go for vacation?

Usagi: And What types of movies do you watch?

Lady Krista: How is your sister Satsuki doing?

Lillymon: Why do you put up with Anubis the Asshole? You should kick his ass in deathmatch after you kick Shuu's ass.

****Bura shows up with # 3 boxes of Pizza and a never ending supply of Coka cola and Sprite.****

Bura: I'm sorry I'm late but I had to buy 7 bottles of Coke and Sprite.

Nefertimon: It's Cool Bura! It looks Like we're going to have a party in your QR. Besides its Lady Krista's 17th birthday. Why don't you wish her a 17th birthday?

Lady Krista: I hope you have a good time.


Seiji:   Happy Birthday Lady Krista!! I hope you're enjoying your birthday and I think it's perfect because today we're all having a party in here too! And you brought the whole gang with you.

Seijifreak:   Damn. That's a lot of people. I have a hard time managing the few that are in the QR. You must have a headache of a time keeping together all of these people!! I've learned that the more people in one room, the more chaos.

Seiji:   No Seijifreak, it's that if you're in the room, there is more chaos. *grins*

Seijifreak:   *snorts* Look who's talking! Why you little...

Nasutei:   *plops a spoonful of steamed rice into Seijifreak's mouth*

Seijifreak:   *chomping happily* Hey, dis is rally good.

Seiji:   *disgusted* Don't talk with your mouth full.

Seijifreak:   *opens mouth*

Seiji:   *can't help but laugh* Ha! That's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen! Satsuki used to do that to Yayoi to annoy her! *laughs*

Nasutei:   *grins* She would...

Seiji:   *with an arm around Seijifreak* Anyway, like I was saying, I put up with Touma because he's my best friend. An annoying best friend *hears muffled noises from Touma in the other room*, but a friend none-the-less. Besides, we actually get along a lot better than it seems. The Question Room kind of turns us all crazy.

Nasutei:   *snorts*

Seiji:   And Kayura, if you must know, I don't miss you in the QR. I have a hard enough time getting through with them as it is without you and Touma barging in all the time. Oh, and I don't know who Jnala's interests are Cytelle, but I'm trying to set her up with Shin so don't worry. Ryo's cool, but I'm not sure if he's her type. Besides, he's kind of chicken around people anyway. He doesn't do well in public situations.

Nasutei:   I wonder why Angewomon is crying? I hope nothing's wrong. Tell us how she's doing next week, okay guys?

Seiji:   Yeah, I hope she feels better.

Seijifreak:   Maybe she had a bad Valentine's Day.

Seiji:   *grins* I had a great Valentine's Day.

Seijifreak:   *rolls eyes*

Seiji:   Anyway, I like movies with a message. Nasutei likes romance movies. I like romance movies too, as long as they aren't too romantic. I also like movies that are tasteful, not this distasteful crap I've seen advertised lately. I hate those kind of movies where all they do is cuss every single word and have a pathetic plot. I don't mind cussing, but geez, does every other word need to be 'damn' or 'shit?'

Seijifreak:   Oh my God. 'The Blair Witch Project' was SOOOO bad about that! Every other word was 'fuck' and it got sooooo old!

Seiji:   *looks appalled* That movies was awful.

Nasutei:   Oh I know, wasn't it terrible? I heard that the creators let the casts come up with the dialogue. Must not have been to hard. Of course, I don't know if that's true or not, but isn't the fact that it could be true really freaky?

Seijifreak:   I don't want to think about that. Of course, I still liked 'The Blair Witch Project,' they just could have toned down the language a bit.

Seiji:   *looks back at questions* What were answering? Oh yeah, the food question. My favorite food would probably be any kind of pasta or salad. I also like rices and any kind of light dish that isn't greasy or fattening. I also enjoy fruits and vegetables. I don't know, I enjoy all kinds of food. Of course, I think my favorite foods are whatever Nasutei fixes.

Seijifreak:   *snorts* How did I know he was going to say that?

Nasutei:   *kisses Seiji on the cheek*

Seijifreak:   Valentine's Day is OVER people!!

Seiji:   *laughs* Okay, okay. I don't know where we'd go for a vacation. Someplace nice and warm. Pretty much wherever we wanted to go.

Nasutei:   Spain is a beautiful place to visit.

Seiji:   Yeah, isn't Barcelona gorgeous at nighttime with all the lights and fountains?

Seijifreak:   Hey! You guys have to take me with you one of these days on one of your trips!

Seiji:   And Satsuki is doing just fine. She actually called me yesterday to wish me Happy Valentine's Day and to say 'thanks' for the flowers I sent her. I always send her flowers on Valentine's Day. Lately though, she's had a few 'guys' eyeing her, so I'll have to go home and see what kind of 'guys' they are.

Nasutei:   Aw, don't be so over-protective. Satsuki is a smart girl. She knows who to date and who not to date.

Seiji:   *mumbles*

Seijifreak:   Hey Lilymon, thanks a lot. I'm glad you like the site. I hope you guys keep visiting.

Seiji:   You know what? I hate Anubis. Why do I put up with him? I guess because he's 'supposedly' good now. That loser isn't good now....

Nasutei:   *quickly changing subject to keep peace* Well guys, thanks for the questions. LOL!

These questions are from Dragonqueen And Black. This person asks:

Dragonqueen: "Ok first thing i dont think your hair is messy."

Black: "ha not what i heard."

Dragonqueen: *slaps hand on Black's mouth* "Black wanted to know if you knew the cople known as trunks and pan. No those are their actual names. And I wanted to know if you thought they make a cute couple." *lets Black speak*

Black: *silence*

Seiji:   Thanks Dragonqueen. I'm glad you think my hair isn't messy. Um...no. I've never met Trunks and Pan. I have no idea who they are, so I don't know if they make a cute couple or not.

Seijifreak:   Geez Seiji. They're a couple from Dragonball Z. Keep up to date with your Anime for crying out loud.

Seiji:   Well excuse me if I don't watch Anime twenty-four seven like some people.

Seijifreak:   Hey, hey! You watch your mouth boy!

Seiji:   *rolls eyes*

These questions are from Ex-veemon. This person asks:

            Hey Seiji! It's Ex-veemon! Sorry you have the flu, Nasutei. Speaking of which, here's a question for you:

Who did you think you were going to marry before you met Seiji?

Here's one for you, Seijifreak: What is your favorite non-anime cartoon?

And finally, a question for Seiji: Will you tell Touma that he needs to get out of the Digiworld??? He somehow got sucked in and doesn't know how to get out!

Ex-veemon from Digiworld

Seiji:   Touma got sucked into the Digiworld? *laughs* That loser! I'll be sure to tell him for ya'. *laughs again*

Seijifreak:   Shut-up Seiji! It's a question for me! *waves hi to Ex-veemon* Well, my favorite non-Anime cartoon is either Downtown, Daria, or The Powerpuff Girls. Of course, I also liked Reboot and....

Nasutei:   *interrupting* Anyway, I did have an old boyfriend once that I thought I might marry, but I didn't really believe I would because he was a jerk and I didn't really love him. But other than that, I really didn't think I'd marry anyone because all the men I knew were jerks. BTW, thanks for the flu booster so to speak, and thanks to everyone else too who told me or wished me to get better. I really appreciate that and I hope everyone out there is staying well too. *smiles*

Seijifreak:   ....and Pirates Of Dark Water and....

These questions are from The Outer Senshi. This person asks:

Uranus: Just what do you mean Seiji when you say I'm obsessed with 'it'?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN!!!!!!!!!!! YOU'R THE ONE OBSESSED WITH NASUTEI!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturn:*sweat drop* Is it possible for you to stop finding faults with him?????

Uranus: No

Pluto: Oh well. Trunks and Piccolo went off to train, and Neptune locked herself in her room again! She won't even say anything if we knock!

Uranus: If she does come out, I'm throwing a welcome back party!

Saturn: Seiji, you once said that if you could have another weapon besides your no dachi you'd have a gun. Are you sure you've never met Heero Yuy of the Gundam Pilots?

Pluto: Um...I'll tell Piccolo that you don't think you could beat him and stuff...That should make him happy.

Uranus: I'd like to correct Nasutei. Like, three weeks ago, she said that Gohan was human. Well, he's not! He's Sayjin! So there!

Pluto: Well, I think we'd better go...

Uranus: Oh no we're not! Yes, Seiji, I'm satisfied that you kissed Nasutei. And You know, you really should meet the Gundam Pilots! Unless of course they're hangin' at the colonies right now...

Pluto: Maybe, just maybe we could talk them into coming...

Saturn: Are you crazy?! Heero would start shooting before anyone could say a word, Wufei would go on about some sort of injustice...But Duo and Quatre might come...As for Trowa, I don't think he'd care.

Pluto: Well _NOW_ we're leaving...

Uranus: I know there was no point to this or hardly any questions...I hope Nasutei feels better. And Seiji...You are arrogant! VERY arrogant! And stupid, dirty, and oh I could go on!

Pluto: *Under her breath* Not as arrogant as you Uranus...


Pluto: SO WHAAAT???!!!!!

Saturn: Um...Okay...Bye! AND REBECCA HAD-

Uranus: *Covering Saturn's mouth* Yeah, yeah, yeah... Stay off your Ryo. We know. Why do you like him anyway...He's sooooooooo stupid!

Saturn: is not!

Uranus: is too!

Saturn: is not!

Uranus: is too!

Saturn: is NOT!!!!!! DEATH REBORN REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!

Uranus: SPACE SWORD BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pluto: Let them obltiterate each other for once. I'm sick of stopping time and getting killed for it every time just to save them! Bye Seiji! Get well soon Nasutei!

Seiji:   *rolls eyes* Oh brother...

Seijifreak:   Saturn vs. Pluto!! Yeah!

Nasutei:   *getting angry* Hey! Uranus, don't mess with my Seiji-kun! He is NOT dirty or arrogant and I don't think you need to talk...

Seiji:   *interrupting* Okay, okay. Everyone just chill. Why has Neptune locked herself in her room this time? And Uranus, you're obsessed with 'it' because of all the questions you've asked me about 'it.' And as for the Gundam Pilots....

Seijifreak:   I LOVE YOU TROWA!!!

Seiji:   *annoyed at Seijifreak's interruptions* ....I've never met them. But feel free to bring them on in.

Seijifreak:   Please come to the QR Trowa!!!

Seiji:   *rolls eyes*

These questions are from Sekmephany. This person asks:


Sekmephany: Howya doin' Seiji? Okay, this week's question is--

Volt: --Ha! He didn't say thunderbolt cut last week! I win the bet!

Sekmephany: Wha? Ohhhh noooo...

Volt: Pay up!

Sek: Okay, here. *grumble* Now be good and stay in your fanfic.

V: NOOOOOooOOOOooo!! I can't take staying in there anymore!!

Sek: Juvenile. Okay, anyway, the question is: How did your family find out you were a Ronin and how did they react?

V: Whaaaaa!!!

Sek: *puts head in her hands* Sigh...

Seiji:   Hey Sekmephany. Very good question. *glances at question* You made a bet on me? Oh well. Anyway, my family knew I would be a Samurai Trooper. When I was born, I was trained to wear the armor. So, they always knew and they wanted me to go and fight. Fighting is really big in our family, so they were excited about it. Wonderful question.

These questions are from Black Lion. This person asks: Dear Sage,

Black Lion: Well, I'm here with someone you may know - Sailor Mars.

Sailor Mars: Hi, there...... Sage......

Black Lion: Don't mind her right now, she's a bit shy at the moment! Well, I've got a date with Jupiter in a couple of weeks, and, so you know, Mars here has a bit of a crush on you...

Sailor Mars: I DO NOT!!!!!

Black Lion: Yeah, that's why you're always talking about him when you sleep! My friend was visiting Tokyo decided to video record you, and here's what he came up with: *Puts tape into VCR*

Sailor Mars on TV: Sage, let's go back for some more ice cream.................... Then we can meditate together.....................................

*Sailor Mars' jaw drops*

Black Lion: Well, there you have it! However, getting back to my question, Sage, since Jupiter and I are going out, we were wondering if you'd take Mars here out for a double date! We're planning on seeing "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", and since we all can relate to Martial Arts action, and since Mars has a crush on you, well I figured we could double date! I'll go with Jupiter and you go with Mars! Whaddaya say?!?

Seiji:   *sweatdrop*

Seijifreak:   *laughs histerically* Sailor Mars??? I love it! *quoting Mars* Seiji, can we go out for some ice cream? Later we can meditate. *laughs*

Seiji:   *glares at Seijifreak and stuffs a rice cake in her mouth* Quiet! Anyway, I'm sorry, but I can't do a double date. I'm afraid I'm busy with Nasutei and have other plans. It's flattering though, and I really appreciate it. But no thanks. *smiles nicely*

Seijifreak:   Sailor Mars??? I thought she liked Mamoru.

Seiji:   *shrugs*

These questions are from Jnala. This person asks:

            hi sage thank you for trying to help me find my perfect match out of your circle of friends. I have another request for you. My cousin heather has become extremely over bearing she has tried to get me into show business. could you perhaps set her up with either Cale or Sekhmet? because I think the only way to get her to leave me alone is to hook her up with someone of the male species. I had first thought of trying to hook her up with you but then I figured if you won't go out with me even as friends what chance would I have of getting you to go out with heather. Then I thought about trying to hook her up with Rowen but he is too smitten with Kayura so obviously he would be of no help. I then thought of setting her up with Ryo but so put that out of my mind thinking that if he was a hot tempered and bothersome as the anime portrays him heather would dump him and she would again begin to bother me. then I thought of pairing her up with dais but that guy probably has girls knocking his door down.

Sage here is another question.
If you and your friends were on a ship that was sinking and no Nasutei was not with you and the ship was going down fast and you knew you could only save one of your friends who would it be?

and sage if either of your friends with whom you are trying to set me up with agree to meet me ask them these questions:

where would they like to go with me.
and if they would like to accompany me to california this summer

Seiji:   *thinking* About your friend, I don't think Skhemet or Cale would be a good choice for her. They are both jerks and I don't think they would be good for her. I think maybe you should try hooking her up with someone a little more 'stable.' As for the sinking ship thing, don't tell Touma, but I'd save him. *grins*

Seijifreak:   Awwwww!! How cute!!

Seiji:   Shut-up Seijifreak! I knew you'd make some stupid remark if I said anything. You are impossible!!!

Seijifreak:   Flattery will get you no where.

Seiji:   *growles*

Seijifreak:   *giggles*

Seiji:   One more thing, Shin said he'd like to meet you. I'll be sure to ask him those questions and you give you his responses next week. He's not here right now. *grins* I'm sure he'd love to go out with you one of these days.

Seijifreak:   Why would you want to go out with Shin though? He's a loser.

Seiji:   Shut-up Seijifreak.

These questions are from Princess KareBear. This person asks: Dear Seiji and Naustei,

            Hey what's up? It's me again, Princess KareBear. I wanted to thank you for answering my letter. Unfortunately I made a mistake and told some of my pals and now they want i.....

:Girl pushes KareBear aside: Hi Seiji!

:KarBear picks herself from the floor and pushes girl out of the way: Sorry about that I....

:Girl comes back up and pushes KareBear down, this time holding her down so she can't get back up: "Excuse me for the rude interruption Seiji, my name is Rina! I was just wanted to talk and see how you were doing,...... maybe squeeze in a...."

:Princess KareBear gets out of Rina's hold and folds her arms: "What the hell are you tyring to do? Make a move on Seiji?"

*smiling* "Well, All's fair in love and war isn't it?"

*mean face* "He belongs to Naustei!"

*meaner face* "SO??? DOESN'T MEAN I CAN'T TRY"

:Little lighting bolts flash between the two. A little girl with green pig tails pops up. She puts on a fake smile: "Sorry about those two they're ALWAYS fighting. My names Nanada and this..."

:Picks up cat from the ground. Its white with purple fire designs at the end of its paws and tips of its' ears. On the end of its' whiskers are little ball looking things, and in the middle of its' forehead is a little circle: "Is Tako!"

"Meow!!" *smiles* (sounds like Reoki)

:KareBear and Rina are fighting in the background: "Like I said I'm sorry about those two. Since the other guys are gonna be here any minute I should hurry up."

*Takes deep breath* "Rina thinks she can get you away from Naustei, but we all know that can't happen KareBear says thanks for reading her fanfic and she''ll send you the next chapter soon Tako says (in kitty talk) to tell Ryo that she thinks White Blaze is a hotty....."

"MEOW!" *Tako takes off blushing*

*conitinuing* ".....as for the other guys...." *takes another deep breath in* " Well....."

*breaths out* "I can't really describe them you'll have to meet them, OH! by the way Seiji.. KareBear really likes you, but thought since you and Naustei were together it was best not to say anything and to just be friends with you."

KareBear and Rina freeze. Rina looks at her and sees KareBear is totally red. KareBear gets up and runs away. Rina laughs hysterically at her:

*From the other room* "NANADA I GONNA KILL YOU!!!!!!"

*Worried look, Rina still laughing*: "Well, I think I should be gonna now so I'll just see ya!"

:Nanada runs out of the room, Rina is still laughing as a quick shadow of KareBear runs past, after Nanada. Tako comes up to the screen:

"Meow Meow Meooo. Meow Meow Meow Mow. Meow Meow!!"

:*Translated* "Well, that's all the time we have for, and as for White Blaze lets just keep that to ourselves shall we? Bye from the KareBear gang!

Seiji:   Hehe. No problem for answering your questions. It was a pleasure and that's what we do here. It's nice to meet all of your pals and such. *waves hi to everyone* I hope you all keep coming back to the QR room, and I hope you are enjoying your stay at our Twenty-fifth Anniversary. *checks questions* Hey, that's it. We're all done here.

Seijifreak:   Yay!!!!! *pops open a bottle of wine* Let's have a drink!

Seiji:   *sweatdrop* You can't drink Seijifreak!

Seijifreak:   *stares at Seiji* Yes I can. I have before, and I can do it again. It's good too.

Seiji:   *rolls eyes* You are silly girl.

Seijifreak:   *snacks on some more goodies* You know, I don't know about you, but I'm getting pretty full. I'm also REALLY tired. I was up late last night playing a video game, so I need to get my rest. *grins*

Seiji:   *rolls eyes* Whatever. Well guys, we'd better go.

Nasutei:   *grins* Right! *gives Seiji a Valentine's Day kiss*

Seijifreak:   *rolls eyes* Oh brother. Later you guys. Remember to send in all your questions here and I hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day. *walks out of room leaving Seiji and Nasutei behind*