*Seijifreak walks in laughing on Seiji's back. She is hanging on him with her arms wrapped around his neck. Seiji and Seijifreak are being followed by Nasutei who laughs as the suffocted Seiji plops the giggling Seijifreak onto the couch to catch his breath.*

Nasutei:   *laughs* How cute!

Seiji:   *breathing hard* Damn Seijifreak! You're heavy!

Seijifreak:   *laughs* Some big, strong man you are! You can't even lift a little girl like me!

Seiji:   *protesting* For your information, I carried you with little problems. I just said you were heavy.

Seijifreak:   Whine, whine, whine....

Seiji:   *glaring at Seijifreak* Girl, I will lay the smackdown on you.

Seijifreak:   *laughs*

These questions are from Palmon And Her Sibs. This person asks:

Palmon: Heylo Seiji! LK told me that Angewomon locked herself up in her room and refuses to come out because she kept saying the fact that Lady Krista's puppy Satsuki embarrassed her last week and she had the worst valentine's day in all her 14 years.

Raidramon: Yeah but I had to admit that LK's puppy is adorable. I hope your puppy can meet Nuriko sometime soon. Layte Lady Krista!

Palmon: Oooooohhhh LK, you got yourself another secret admirer besides Ex-Veemon.

Raidramon: Shut the hell up Pally!!! What kinds of pets would you and Nasuti want to have?

Palmon: How r u doing Seiji?

Satori: Hey?!?!?!?! Do I get a say???? Huh Palmon???

Palmon: Meet my sister Satori, Seiji! Try puting up with her because in a way she might remind you of Yayoi or Kayura. This is my pet mouse Marril! Isn't she soooooooooooooooooooo kawaii????

Raidramon: Marril isn't as cute as Satsuki, Lady Krista's cute Puppy. Right LK!

Palmon: Well we have to go but I hope you'll read our questions and buh bye.

Seiji:   That's too bad about Angewomon. I hope she feels better soon. How in the world did Satsuki embarrass her?

Seijifreak:   *non-chalantly* Valentine's Day is over-rated anyway.

Seiji:   No one asked you for your opinion Seijifreak.

Seijifreak:   *smugly* Well I gave it anyway! What do you have to say about that Pretty Boy!

Seiji:   I say that if you ever call me Pretty Boy again I'm going to kick your ass!

Seijifreak:   *teasing* Pretty Boy, Pretty Boy, Pretty Boy!

Seiji:   That's it! You asked for it!

Nasutei:   Seiji!

Seiji:   *turns around*

Nasutei:   Don't be so sensitive and just answer the questions. Wrestling comes on in fifteen minutes and Seijifreak will be so pre-occupied staring at The Hardy Boyz that she won't be bugging you anymore anyway.

Seiji:   Her? Never bug me? That'll be the day....

Seijifreak:   Just do what your girlfriend says, Seiji. *grins*

Seiji:   *growles*

Nasutei:   *rolls eyes* Anyway, if we were to have a pet, I'm not sure what it would be. He and I travel a lot, so we probably couldn't have a pet because no one would ever be at home to take care of it, and we certainly wouldn't want to mistreat the thing. I always thought cats were cute though....

Seiji:   *reminissing* My cat, Toki, was a pest more than anything. Dumb thing always used to bug me when I meditated. I had trouble concentrating as a child as it was because I wasn't disciplined, and that dumb cat didn't help. But she was a cute cat and she helped wake me up in the morning for school... *snaps back into reality* Oh yeah! BTW, I'm fine Palmon. Thanks for asking.

Nasutei:   Oh, and we would love to see you pet Marril, but the image didn't show up.

Seijifreak:   REMEMBER, if you want to send us an image, you have to ATTACH it to the message that you want to send it. We'll add it to the QR on Thursdays. LOL!

Seiji:   I wonder how Toki is doing...

These questions are from Jnala. This person asks:

Jenny: Sage as I said before my cousin is so over bearing that I don't care who she hooks up with just as long as it gets her to leave me alone. My nerves are so raw that I can not take it any longer. In Fact, I am lucky that I am sane. Sage please help me get my cousin to stop bugging me about getting in to show business. It wouldn't bother me that my cousin wanted me to go into show business if I had talent but I don't. I mean I can sing a little but my cousin wants me to be an actress. Please either set her up with someone or think of another way for me to solve my problem. I don't care if you set her up with the most annoying person you can think of just help me get her to leave me alone. My cousin Heather been on my nerves about getting in to show business so many times that I Have been up till five or six in the morning trying to keep myself calm. the sooner she gets out of my life the sooner I can get a good night's sleep. In fact I brought my cousin to meet you this week so you can get a chance to see why I am so desparate.

Heather: Hi sage. Jenny has told me so much about you . ::sees Jenny:: Jenny come on you should get in to show business and become an actress.

Jenny: Heather I don't have any talent for acting besides I hate being on stage.

Heather: I bet if I continue bugging you enough that you will finally decide to go into show business.

Jenny: Dream on. the day I go into show business will be the day there is ice in Death valley twenty feet deep.

Heather: yeah well will see how long you continue saying that.

Jenny: ::looks at sage:: See what I mean I need you to Help me!!! Sage here is another question. what is your oppion on people who think blondes are dumb? I mean those kinds of remarks can not make you feel very good. considering that the dubbed versions of your anime portray you as being blonde. Oh by the way, Sage what did Shin say to answer the questions I asked you to ask him last week? And tell Ryo to stay away from my family. He probably won't remember this but he went out with my sister Jessica a year ago and now she has had to go to a phsycyatrist every day and she has just been admitted to a mental hospital don't ask me why.

Seiji:   *frowns* Your cousin is pretty pushy. I think the best way to get her to stop bugging you is to sit her down and have a good talk with her. Tell you aren't interested and that if she wants to go into Show Business, that's fine, just leave you out of it. Or get interested in something else so you can focus on that instead of your cousin. I do think your cousin would do pretty well with Naaza. That's Skechmet in case you don't know Japanese names. He is REALLY into Show Business and is always wanting to be in the spotlight. Tell her she should talk to him one of these days and set up a time to talk. In fact, I already talked to Naaza about your cousin and he said he'd love to meet her. He just wanted to know what day and time would be good. Oh, and Shin said that he would love to go to California with you because it's near the ocean and you guys could go to the beach a lot. He also said that he would go anywhere with you that you'd like. He doesn't have a problem going anywhere with you. He actually thinks your physical features are nice. You did give us a description of yourself not too long ago, didn't you? I thought so.

Seijifreak:   *rolls eyes* Great, now instead of a Question Room, this is a matchmaker room.

Seiji:   *ignores Seijifreak* Don't listen to her Jenny. Oh, and BTW, I don't remember Ryo every mentioning an incident like that, but I'll be sure to tell him to stay away from your sister. Oh, and when people talk about 'blondes,' it doesn't bother me because I know I'm not a ditz and I'm very intellectual and intelligent.....

Seijifreak:   *snorts*

Seiji:   .....so I don't need to be offended by comments that aren't true anyway.

Seijifreak:   Besides, when they talk about 'dumb blondes,' they usually refer to girls. Don't ask me why.

Seiji:   *grins* Why?

Seijifreak:   Shut-up Seiji.

These questions are from Smiles. This person asks:






Seiji:   *turning REALLY red* Um, that's just fan art. People who are fans of us make those images up themselves and send them in. I've been to that site you were talking about and I've actually seen those images. And no, the guys have never caught us doing 'it' before they left because those kind of things didn't occur until they were out of the house and gone.

Nasutei:   I'm glad people seem so interested in our relationship.

Seiji:   *sarcastically* Yeah, me too.

Seijifreak:   *laughs* Ha! It would be funny if they actually walked in on you guys. I would be ROLLING!!!! Hahahah!

Seiji:   You're gonna' be the one 'rolling' if you don't hush it up!

Seijifreak:   Such hostility.

Seiji:   You are SOOOO asking for it.

Nasutei:   Well, anyway, while they go on and on, I'll answer your question. Seiji gets mobbed every day by loads of girls, so the fact that he'd get mobbed by girls is no surprise. Of course, I'm sure that Seiji would never give in to any kind of temptation from some low-class loser girl. Besides, if he was, he's strong enough and smart enough to get them off of him. And as for his Grandfather, well, I don't care what his Grandfather thinks or says really and neither does Seiji. Besides, I've already met Seiji's Grandfather and he seemed to like me a lot due to my 'proper' upbringing.

Seiji:   Seijifreak, you're going down!

Nasutei:   *rolls eyes*

These questions are from Lady Krista, Angewomon, And Friends. This person asks:

Lady Krista: Angewomon still refuses to come out of her room even though she accepted my apologies.

Kento: Yeah, she wouldn't! We had to have Cytelle, her father, and Bura's father Vegeta break the door down to get her out the room.

Cytelle: **Eating a pizza** This is the most fun party I have ever been. And I had to make your sister believe that LadyDevimon is with Angemon.

Satsuki the Puppy: I bet it because I didn't apologized for humiliating her on Ask Seiji's week #24! This is why I'm going to go up to her room to apologize to her.

Lillymon: It's easy for Lady Krista to keep all of us in one room because she has two T.V.! One hooked up to her Playstation 2 so some of us can play Dance Dance Revolution vols. #1,# 2,& # 3. And some can watch some movies.

Angewomon: And she has a lot of food and drinks.

Lady Krista: Where have you been? Do you realize that we had to get Vegeta and Sosai C to bust down that door to get you to come out of your room?

Angewomon: Cytelle tried to force me out of my room by annoying me but it didn't work. Then she and Kayura made me believe that LadyDevimon is with Angemon.

Goten: I'm glad to see you out of your room, Angewomon! It wouldn't be a party without you.

Touma: Yeah, Angewomon! Have some fun.

Kayura: Hey at least you can join everyone in Lady Krista's party.

Nefertimon: Yeah, Angewomon.

LadyDevimon: Bullshit.

Angewomon: Damn! LadyDevimon, this is the first time that I'm glad to see your sorry ass.

LadyDevimon: Bring it on Bitch! Blackness Wing!

Angewomon: Celestial Arrow.

Lady Krista: Hey Devil Lady eat this. ***Reveals the Moon Heart Kaliedescope*** Sugar Heart Therapy Kiss strike!

LadyDevimon: That's LadyDevimon for you blondie.

Lady Krista: Bite me Devil Lady.

***LadyDevimon flys off angry at Angewomon and Lady Krista***

Lady Krista: That'll teach her to not barge in here again.

Satsuki the puppy and Salamon: Yeah stay out Devil Lady.

Kayura: TOUMAAAAA, Seiji says He hates me and doesn't miss meeh. WAHAHAHA.

Kento: It sucks being in love Touma cus I have to put up with Cytelle and marry her too. Though I love her a lot! Anyway if you had anything to say to the war loving, Benito Mussolini, and hightailed it outta there, what would it be?

Cytelle: Rot in hell with Hitler, you bastard!!!

Lady Krista: If you would be given a chance to tell Jun (Yuli) off, what would it be?

Angewomon: And tell off Anubis (Cale) what will it be?

Goten: Bura and I are getting married and I just want to ask you if you and Nasutei are coming with Kayura and Touma and Kento and Cytelle, including everyone else.

Lady Krista: Thats it for all of us.

Everyone: Bye Seiji and Nasuti. Have a nice day!

Seiji:   *smiles* Oh! Angewomon! You finally came out of your room! I'm glad you are alright and it's good that you came out. Whatever the problem was, I hope it's taken care of.

Seijifreak:   That's a very colorful letter.

Seiji:   Kayura, you should be used to hearing me say you hate you...

Nasutei:   *sitting in Seiji's lap and glaring at letter* What is KAYURA doing in here?

Seiji:   *patting Nasutei on the stomach* It's okay, it's okay. Everything is cool now. Let's just answer the questions.

Nasutei:   *still glaring*

Seiji:   *quickly changing subject* ANYWAY, I really don't know who that Mussolini is because remember, I'm not from America. And even though I try to keep up with American history, I don't know everything.

Seijifreak:   And you're supposed to be so smart....

Seiji:   *ignoring Seijifreak*


Seiji:   That's right honey. I would never yell at Jun. *quietly whispering to Angewomon and Friends* I would tell that little bastard to play in the street.

Nasutei:   *smiling* Isn't my Seiji-kun adorable?

Seiji:   *grins*

Seijifreak:   *rolls eyes* Talk about wrapped around a finger....

Seiji:   Oh, and Anubis and I fight everyday, and I always kick his ass, so there is no need to try and set up a date to fight him when I do it everyday anyway. And we'd all LOVE to come to your wedding. Give us the date and time and we'll be there.

Seijifreak:   Hey, we can always sponser the wedding right here!

Seiji:   Are you crazy?? They want a REAL wedding. Not some cheap stunt pulled off by you.

Seijifreak:   Are you saying that I put on crappy weddings?

Seiji:   Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying.

Nasutei:   GUYS! Next question please?

Seiji:   *glares at Seijifreak*

These questions are from Ex-veemon. This person asks:

            Hiii! It's me! Ex-Veemon! Touma is STILL in the Digiworld, BUT PM & PSL are going to try and get him out.

PM: What I want to know is, HOW DID HE GET THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE??? I'm a guardian of the dimensional portal to there! EX-VEEMON!!!!

Ex-V: I, uhhhh...took him in with me? He was begging to go, so I let him go with me and the others.

PM: You're supposed to ask permission to take someone from another dimension from either me or PSL!

Ex-V: ANYWAY...My question goes to Seijifreak: Is there going to be a question room on your Piccolo site? BTW: TELL URANUS TO GET A LIFE AND QUIT INSULTING YOU!!!!

Seiji:   Touma is such a loser.

Seijifreak:   Is there going to be a QR on my Piccolo site? No way! For one thing, Piccolo is even more stubborn than Seiji. He'd NEVER answer questions. And plus, I haven't even made my Piccolo site yet. But I'm glad you like the QR so much. Oh, and Uranus doesn't insult me, she insults Seiji. And he's a fool for punishment.

Seiji:   I just don't like to be rude to women.

Seijifreak:   But you're rude to me!!

Seiji:   Yeah, but you're a little annoying tomboy, not a woman.

Seijifreak:   Grrrr...

These questions are from Rei. This person asks:

            Okay, I admit it! The whole "body stealing" thing was a hoax, I have a talk typer, and I just now got over a !REALLY! bad case of strep and horseness. BTW: Kaie is a very good friend of mine. Okay: Seijifreak, in the actual Japanese pronunciations, you've got Date wrong: Japanese vowels are very similar to Spanish ones. Dah- Tay, meaning "gentleman-like" Seiji, did you know that your name (in literal translation) means "Spirit Child"? How odd... As of in most fics you are considered "psychic". Also, Your sister Yayoi's name is translated, "March"; while Satsuki means, "May". Neat, huh? *Obaa Hino* Oh, Reiki-chan, are you writing to that... what you call it... "lesbian" couple? *Rei* No! I'm writing to Seiji and Nasuti! They're not lesbians! In fact, one of them is a male. *Obaa* Ohh. Date Seiji? As in Date Akiri's grandson? Ahh, that man wanted a son so bad... Eldest daughter darn near killed herself when she got pregnant with Seiji. He didn't want to live, you know. Does Seiji remember any of that? *Rei* Yes, Obaa, I was quite aware of that. Sorry about my grandmother, she can't see to read! Oh well, just don't kill me because of my grandmother.

Seiji:   Rei! I wondered what happened to you! It's been a while since I heard from ya'! I'm glad you are feeling better. Everyone in the QR knows the feeling of just getting over a sickness. The QR had a plague of it's own just a few weeks ago! Anyway, we're glad you're back. No, I didn't know that my name means 'Spirit Child.' That's very weird and creepy. Um, I don't know much about my Grandfather's problems with having a son or whatever. My family is really.....weird, so I try to stay away from new information about them. Welcome back!

These questions are from Susan. This person asks:

            This is not about you, its about Cye. You know him really well, so does he faint at the sight of sea food? I read somewhere he did.

Seiji:   Actually, yes, he does, he has fainted before at the sight of seafood. Whether he does all the time, I don't know.

Seijifreak:   *laughs* Shin is a total LOSER!! Hahahahah!

Seiji:   *rolls eyes*

These questions are from The Outer Senshi (And Gundam Pilots). This person asks:

            *Uranus, Pluto and Saturn walk in. Uranus has a bandage on the said of her head and a broken leg and arm. Saturn isn't much better. Following them are the Gundam Pilots.*

Pluto: See the mess you two got yourselves into? If you didn't fight so much then this wouldn't happen, would it?

Uranus: *glaring at Pluto and Saturn*

Wufei: Shut up onna! You act like thier mother!

Pluto: And who do you think you are? God????!!!!!!!!

Wufei: Everyone knows that men are superior to women!

Uranus: If I weren't in these bandages I'd...

Wufei: You'd what?

Uranus: Kick your butt at racing and then pilot your stupid Nataku better than you!

Wufei: How DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Quatre: STOP!!!!!!!!! We shouldn't be fighting at all!

Duo: will you shut up with that cliche?! Hi Seijifreak! Seiji! Nasutei!!! Hey! She's cute!

Heero: You've got Hilde, remember?

Duo: Yeah, and you've got Relena! Even though you won't admit it, the whole world knows you like that annoying freak!

Pluto: Has anyone seen Trowa?

Wufei: He's probably embarrassed to be seen with women!

Uranus: SHUT THE HE** UP BAKA YAROU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wufei: *growling*

Trowa: *quietly (what a surprise!)* I'm not too sure I want to come in there...

Saturn: How come?

Trowa: That girl Seijifreak seems...ahem...strange.

Saturn: *Rolls her eyes*

Heero: Omae o Korosu Duo Maxwell!

*Heero points a gun at Duo's head for about the thousandth time that day*


Everyone else: yes ma'am.

Duo: *still eyeing Heero's gun* Seiji, do you like Outlaw Star? It is the best show! They've got the coolest guns!!!

Uranus: And Nasutei, I will try VERY hard not to trash Seiji? Happy now? Seiji, I AM NOT OBSESSED WITH 'IT'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just like to embarrass you!

Saturn: Neptune locked herself in her room because she is convinced that if you don't like her then she has no point in living!

Uranus: Reminds you of someone, doesn't it?

Saturn: *glaring*

Quatre: Nasutei-

*is cut off when Zechs bursts into the room*

Zechs: Heero Yuy! WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY SISTER????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Heero suddenly looks scared*

Trowa: Nothig to get upset over...Except that he hit on Relena last night.

Zechs: WHAT?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEERO YOU ARE GOING TO DIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Starts to throttle Heero*

Quatre: Stop! Zechs! STOP IT!!!!!!!!!

*Zechs stops and gapes at Quatre*

Quatre: Don't kill Heero!

Uranus: GO ZECHS!!!! WHOOP YUY'S SORRY A**!!!!!!!!!!

*Zechs drags a very frightened Heero away*

Trowa: *points at Seiji* He copied my hairstyle. *Sounds as if it doesn't matter*

Wufei: Injustice! You have copied Trowa's hairstyle!

Saturn: Would you shut up with the injustice?

Wufei: Silence woman!

Saturn: *rolls eyes* oh brother...

Quatre: Nasutei, you seem like a very nice woman. Maybe you should meet Miss Noin and Hilde one day.

Duo: just don't get Dorothy started on war...

Pluto: Are you sure you don't want me to kill, obliterate, destroy and devastate Yayoi for you?

Uranus: Yeah! Forget the courtesy! Kill the witch already! Heck, she deserves it!


Saturn: Nasutei, (i'm sorry Seiji if this embarasses you) did you know that Seiji said he'd do anything for you?

Duo: Well, bye now!

Saturn: STAY AWAY FROM RYO, REBECCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone else: *sweatdrop*

Seiji:   *sweatdrop*

Seijifreak:   TROWA!!!! I LOVE YOU TROWA!!!! *jumps up and down* I'm not weird! I just think that you kick so much ass and could whoop all the other Gundam pilots! Oh, Duo, don't take it personally, 'cause I love you too!! *smiles sweetly* Trowa, you have a beautiful hair style!! I love it! You also have beautiful eyes! I love their olive color!! Could you come back next week? PLEASE?????????? I LOVE YOU!!

Seiji:   *rolls eyes* Sorry Trowa. Seijifreak is okay, she's just....excited. She really does have a HUGE crush on you. She loves how quiet you are. She's usually pretty quiet too, she's just excited to see you right now.

Nasutei:   Wufei, you are asking for it pal. If you think women are weak, then come down here to the Question Room so I can kick your ass! Go Uranus!

Seijifreak:   Zechs is such a loser. Thanks GOD Treize died though. He was getting to be REALLY annoying.

Nasutei:   Thank-you Duo. I'm flattered you think I'm cute.

Seiji:   *stepping in front of Nasutei* Yes Duo, I do like Outlaw Star. The guns ARE amazing aren't they? I love watching them blow each other away, even though it is senseless. I was sad when 'Hot Ice Hilda' died though. She was pretty cool.... Oh, and Pluto, no, I'm sorry, I can't let you destroy Yayoi for me. I hate her, but I love her. You know how it goes.....

Seijifreak:   Duo, Dorothy talks about war WAY too much, doesn't she?

Nasutei:   *blankly* When did Seiji say he'd do anything for me? I already know he would, but when did he say that?

Seiji:   Well, I think it's about time for the next question.

Nasutei:   Oh no you don't!

Seijifreak:   He said it in the QR one day while you were gone.

Nasutei:   He what? Why didn't he tell me?

Seijifreak:   Because it's Seiji.

Seiji:   And what is that supposed to mean?

Nasutei:   That's so sweet!

Seiji:   Okay, okay, next question.

Seijifreak:   Geez, Neptune needs to get a life....

These questions are from Fire Fox. This person asks:

            Hey guys, what's up! I'm in a hurry so I'll just get to the point.


1. If you (seiji) & Nasutei could go on vacation where would you go and what would you do?

2. I was amazed no one asked you what you guys did on Valentines day. So I'll ask, WHAT DID YOU DO FOR NASUTEI ON V-DAY, SEIJI?

3. Since I'm at it, I want to know what was the most romantic thing Seiji did for you, Nasutei? That question could be considered as number 2.

            Seijifreak, I have a gift for ya. I was on the web and saw a couple of pics of our girl, Nasutei. I though you might like it? It's really pretty, I know Seiji would like it.

Nasutei 1
Nasutei 2
Nasutei 3

Ta, ta! *waves good bye*

Seiji:   Vacation? Hmmm. I don't know. We always wanted to go Russia or Israel. They're pretty cool places. What we'd do? Well, we'd do a variety of things...

Seijifreak:   *coughs*

Seiji:   ....like shopping, visiting all the national landmarks, going to museums, and a number of other things.

Nasutei:   Rome is supposed to be really pretty!

Seijifreak:   What about Australia?

Nasutei:   Oh, oh, oh!!!! On Valentine's Day, Seiji woke me up at 12:00 and gave me roses, yes red roses, they were sooooo pretty! Then we went out and spent the whole, entire day together.....

Seijifreak:   *makes puking noises*

Nasutei:   *ignores Seijifreak* ....we went shopping and ate a lunch fixed by Seiji himself which WAS good, and then we went out and ate dinner at the most wonderful restaurant in town. Then we went to a ballroom dance with Kayura and Touma and we had a wonderful time. He also gave me a special gift that I'm NOT telling you and then the rest of the day is confidential. *grins*

Seijifreak:   *rolls eyes* SOOOO confidential....

Nasutei:   What's the most romantic thing he's ever done? Hmmmm. *thinks* Well, there was this one time when he blindfolded me and said we were going to a special place and he took me in his car and we went driving through the countryside because he took off the blindfold from time to time, and then we went all over these restaurants and tried out really delicious sweets and other foods and then we went to the beach and he told me he loved me by the ocean. *smiles* Isn't he the greatest??

Seijifreak:   *pretends to snore on table*

Seiji:   *beet red from embarassment* Oh God...

Nasutei:   *grins and hugs Seiji* It's so easy to embarass you.....

Seiji:   *groans*

Seijifreak:   *grins* What do you think of the pictures, Seiji?

Seiji:   *smiles back at Seijifreak* They're beautiful, of course.

Nasutei:   *laughs and hugs Seiji*

Seijifreak:   Too mushy for me. Next question.

These questions are from . This person asks:

Hello Seiji,

            Sorry about last week, our phone line was messed up. Well here is my question for this week: If you have a favorite Basketball team? If you have one.

Princess Small Lady

Seiji:   *still recovering from embarassment* Hey PSL. Um, no, I don't have a favorite Basketball team. I'm not that into sports. The only sport I like is Kendo.

Seijifreak:   I like Hockey.

These questions are from Black Lion. This person asks:

Black Lion: Well, alright, Sage, I guess you don't want to go out with Raye here... It's too bad, because she was looking forward to it!


Black Lion: Eh, don't mind her! She's a little pissed..... But don't worry, she'll get over it.

Raye: No I won't! Sage, come on! How could you be dating Mia?!? She's gotta be at least five years older or something!!!!!

Black Lion: Hey, don't get pissed off! I think they'd be great together!

Raye: HEY, I thought you were supposed to be supporting me!!!

Black Lion: I am, but Sage made his decision!!!!! Why don't you go out with Ryo? You both hold flame attacks!

Raye: Ryo's boring and he sounds like a tired Rod Stewart! And I won't even get INTO that Tiger of his!!!

Black Lion: Oh, well... How about Tenchi?

Raye: He's already going with SIX women! He doesn't need anyone else breathing down his neck!

Black Lion: Then how about... Rowen?!?

Amy: Oh, Rowen! Can I go out with him?!?

Black Lion: Well, the question room IS for Sage, but I guess Rowen can answer something...

Amy: Hey, Rowen, Greg isn't in town and I was wondering if YOU'D take me out on a date! We're both associated with blue, and we're both very brainy!

Lita: Hey, Black Lion, we're still on, right?? *Stares angrily*

Black Lion: Of course! However, I'm trying to get a double date going here. I'd wanted it to be with Sage, since he's the best of the Ronins! However, he's going with Mia...

Mina: Someone called?!? OOOOOOOH, is that SAGE?!?!?

Black Lion: Eh, good luck Sage..... You're going to be the next Tenchi if these girls keep going for you! By the way, I hear Kayura likes you too! Could you see if Rowen could go with Amy? Lita really wants this double date!!! Good luck with all these women. You should watch Tenchi. You know, research.....

Seiji:   Well....

Nasutei:   What do you mean 'How could he be dating me?'!!! He LOVES me that's why! Age doesn't have anything to do with it! Look at your annoying little friend Usagi! She's what, fourteen and dating Mamoru who's what, twenty? Don't EVEN talk about my Seiji girl!

Seiji:   *eyeing Nasutei* Right. Uh, I don't know about Kayura. She always acts like she hates me. She's a little pissed because I didn't pay her attention in the Nether Realm.... Oh well, and uh, I think you'd better stick with Greg, Amy, 'cause Kayura, although fights with Touma a lot, does love him, and won't give him up. Oh, and I've watched Tenchi. Poor guy....

Seijifreak:   Yeah, Ayeka is a loser.

Seiji:   Is everyone a loser to you?

Seijifreak:   Pretty much.

Seiji:   *rolls eyes* Oh brother. Well, thanks a lot you guys for all your questions. Remember, send in all your questions for the QR for next week here. LOL!

Seijifreak:   Yipeeeeee!!! You get to carry me out on your back again!

Seiji:   Oh no you don't! *starts to run*

Seijifreak:   *chases after him*

Nasutei:   *smiles* Bye everyone! *walks out of QR and locks door behind her*