*Seiji walks in......alone. He is smiling as he strides in non-chalantly and sits down on the couch. He grins and holds a handful of questions in his hand.*

Seiji:   Hey! Welcome to the Question Room everyone! Today is going to be peaceful because Seijifreak is gone right now. She's busy watching wrestling or something and helping Nasutei get ready for later on. Yeah, we have a date, so I forced Seijifreak to keep out of the QR so I could get the questions done. Of course, she'll be in later on, so I have a goal tonight to get AT LEAST four questions done before she gets back. *crosses fingers* We can only hope....

These questions are from Jnala. This person asks:

Jenny: (looks at sage) Sage you don't know how many times I have tried to talk to my cousin and get her to understand that I don't want to get into show business but she is as like talking to a wall and my mom is no help either I had finally found a way to temporarily get heather to shut up which was to put Duct Tape across her mouth but my mom always makes me take it off of her mouth almost right after I get it on so I am usually right back started. and so I am glad that perhaps heather will be able to hook up with Naaza. oh and sage tell Naaza. that heather said that what ever time he wants to meet her is fine because aside from my making my life a living hell she has nothing to do. (<---- that is what she told me to tell you to tell Naaza.) oh and tell Ryo he can go out with my younger sister amber when ever he wants. because she thinks he is hot stuff and she has told me; though I don't know if it is fact or not that she and Ryo went out together Just a couple of days ago and what is funny is that she came home from that date perfectly sane where as my sister Jessica came home as nutty as a fruitcake. sage I am afraid I have on more favor to ask of you. my cousin Kelly is here with me this week and she is crazy about both Rowen and Dais and I was wondering if you could set up a time for her to meet either of them? I will let Kelly talk for a while.

Kelly:(is extremely hyper) Hi sage It is nice to meet you. I was wondering could you tell Rowen something for me tell him that if he decide not to even meet me that I will find away to find him and when I find him I will cut all his hair off and use it to stuff my pillow and then will take embarrassing photos of him and show them on public television. and Tell dais the same thing. oh and sage for dais I don't need embarassing photos. because I remember the time dais went in public wearing my shower cap on his head and he was singing a song from "The sound of Music" and Sage here is a question. Does Cale think he is strong? because if he does maybe he and my dad should fight I mean my dad is a pro at boxing and all kinds of fighting that ever has been and I say my dad could wipe the floor with Cale.

(Kelly leaves the room)

Jenny: Sage I am sorry for my cousin Kelly's behavior she just loves Rowen and Dais and loves competition even more. unfortunately I have a bit of bad news for you my other cousin Tammy has a hugemongous crush on you and told me to tell you that she plans to kidnap you and take you to desert island where you and her can spend the rest of eternity. but I advised her to put the idea out of her mind because I figure you and Nasutei probably have a very strong relationship and that Nasutei would probably not give you up with out a fight and that if Tammy tried to take you she would more than likely end up with more than a few broken bones but she said she didn't care. So don't be surprised if one day you find your self on a desert island with Tammy at your side because usually when Tammy sets her mind to something she usually accomplishes it but I will keep trying to convince her to leave you alone. which brings to mind one other question. If one day you found yourself stranded on an island all alone with out anyone including Nasutei what would you do?( aside from the normal reaction that anyone my self included would do which would be to panic)

would you...
A. try to swim back to civilization.
B. accept that you might end up dying on this island all alone with out any friends around you at all.
C. try to find some way to end up being rescued...
D. none of the above.

sage tell shin to get me all call sometime next week and we can set up a time to get together and that I look forward to going to California with him this summer. and that he is right we probably will spend a lot of time at the beach because one of the reasons I go to California out side of the fact that most of my relatives live there and aside from the fact that California has really incredible theme parks one of the main reasons I go to California is to relive some of my fondest memories from my childhood many of which revolve around the Californian beaches though most of the time I could not enjoy the beaches properly because when I was young I usually went to California for eye operations because when I was little my I was cross eyed which means I had trouble seeing. The optometrists and ophthalmologists I had gone to said it could be fixed but it took seven different operations to do it. can you believe it seven different operations Just to fix a small problem like having crossed eyes? sometimes I would wonder why I would put up with having those operations. oh and sage my of cousin Christine asked me to as you if you could arrange for her to go on another date with Cale. she said that a few months ago she went out to lovers lane with Cale and had the time of her life and wants Cale to take her out again so could you see what you can do to make Christine's dreams to come true? Oh and Sage don't worry my life is not usually this hectic but we just had a family reunion and most of my cousins decided to stay for a couple of weeks past the reunion but hopefully my life will be back to normal next week. I can only hope and pray. Oh and sage here is one more question.

what would you do if you thought the moon was going to fall and end the world in just three days and realized that you and all your friends had only three days left to live?

Would you...
A. panic and have a nervous breakdown.
B. Just accept it and realize that there was nothing you could do. (in other words would you give up)
C. Thank God that you had lived a somewhat good life and that your life had been somewhat fulfilling.
D. Try find a way for you and all your friends to escape from the falling moon.
E. All of the above.
F. None of the above.

(I would probably pick the obvious and panic but every on is different)

            Thank you for answering my questions I will be back when my cousins have returned to where they belong.

Seiji:   *sweatdrop* What a hectic weekend! You sure do have a lot of cousins. Hehe. I'll be sure to tell Cale about your cousin's need to see him again and I don't think your other cousin has a chance with Touma. I'll tell you that even though it doesn't look like it, Touma and Kayura are very happy. In fact, the other day, he went on an anniversary with her. I don't know what anniversary, but it was some kind of dating or meeting anniversary. Whatever. Anyway, tell your cousin that her hope of ever hooking up with Touma is slim. Also, Dais might work out, I'll see what I can do. Oh yeah, I'm not available either. Tell her I'm sure she's a nice girl and everything, but I am not interested and am already taken. I'll have to tell everyone out there that I'm taken, and that I'm sorry. I wish you all the best in your chances with love. Oh, and for the first question, D, and for the second question, E. Shin has actually been asking for your phone number. I'll be sure to give it to him and have him call ya'. Thanks for the questions! And I hope your hectic weekend with all your cousins calms down soon. *smiles and waves*

These questions are from The Outer Senshi And Friends. This person asks:

*Neptune bursts into the room and runs up to Pluto* (yes she came OUT of the bedroom)

Pluto: Neptune! you came out!

Neptune: *looking really scared* Hide me!

Saturn: Why?

Neptune: because Uranus has officially lost it!

Pluto: What re you talking about?

Neptune: She drank fifteen cups of coffee and now she's on a caffeine high!

Pluto: Oh Lord...

Uranus: *in a VERY overly hyper voice* I've found you! Oh! Hi Seiji! Can I borrow your nodachi? I think it's PRETTY! And Shiny! and sharp and pointy! AND I LIKE IT! As a matter of fact, I like all sharp and point objects! maybe i'll ask for a blow torch for my birthday!

Saturn: Uranus?

Uranus: HI SATURN! *grabs Saturn and squeezes her in a VERY tight hug*

Saturn: *gasping* Uranus...Your cutting you my resperatory system... *Suddenly Gene Starwind and Jim Hawking tumble in the room*

Uranus: *drops Saturn and notices Gene's unguarded gun* Ohhhh! a gun!

Neptune: Don't touch THAT URANUS!!!!

Jim: Oh! hi girls! *notices that Uranus is pointing Gene's gun at him*

Uranus: Now how does this work...

Gene: PUT THAT DOWN!!!!! *jumps ontop of Uranus adn wrenches the gun out of her hand*

Pluto: *laughing* Gene! Do you know what that looks like?! Hahahahahaha!!!!

Gene: Shut up Pluto! *gets off of Uranus and ties her to a chair*

Jim: With that problem solved...Oh! Hi Nasutei! Hi Seiji&Seijifreak!

Saturn: Why won't you let us kill Yayoi???!! Please Seiji, we won't make her suffer!

Neptune: Hi Seiji...How are you? Hi Nasutei!

Pluto: Are you okay Neptune?

Neptune: Yes I'm fine! Seiji, I'm sorry I acted the way I did...I just like you alot...If you could EVER forgive me I'd be very happy.

Uranus: (Still in a way to hyper voice) Let me go! I don't like being tied up! But I do like Sharp and Pointy objects! Lalalalalalalalalalalal!

Jim: Is she okay?

Saturn: No.

Gene: Seiji, do any of you Troopers sing or play musical instruments?

Saturn: and do you ever listen to American music. Like the Backstreet Boys or N*Sync?

Uranus: I don't think Zechs is stuipd! He's got cool guns! I LIKE GUNS!!! Lalalalalalalalalala! Hey! Jim and Seiji have the same hair color! Lalalalalalala!

Pluto: Shut UP Uranus!

Uranus: *Eyes start to water (and she's still talking in that WAY to hyper voice)* You don't like me anymore! WAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Neptune: Someone knock her out until the Caffiene wears off.

*Gene hits Uranus over the head and she falls unconscious.*

Pluto: Now that you've met the Gundam Pilots, what do you think of them?

Saturn: Duo, is so cool!

Jim: It was nice to meet you Seiji, and Nasutei and Seijifreak! I've gotta go. Outlaw Star needs to be fixed. And I certainly can't count on Gene to help!

Gene: What's that supposed to mean you little twerp!

Neptune: Bye guys! Next week, the Gundam Girls will be joining us!

Saturn: See ya!

Pluto: Ciao! Oh, and who would you rather be locked up with this time? Uranus on a caffiene high, or a very angry Kayura! See you later!

Seiji:   *sweatdrop* Oh dear. Um, Uranus, a little advice, never eat sugar AGAIN. EVER. I think you'll be better off. And don't choke Saturn. Oh, and I hope you, Gene and Jim, are enjoying your stay. I really like your show. The guns are really awesome. Too bad Seijifreak isn't here, she LOVES you guys. Anyway, Neptune, I'm glad you came out of your room. Isn't it better being out in the open? I do forgive you. I was never really upset at you to begin with. *smiles* I don't listen to American music, at least, not very much. I have been listening to some Rock N' Roll music; mainly from Seijifreak who's OBSESSED with 80's Rock N' Roll. I have heard the Backstreet Boys, and I think they suck ass. Oh, and don't EVEN get Seijifreak started on the Backstreet Boys; she hates their songs and their voices with a PASSION. Um, I think I'd take my chances with Kayura rather than Uranus on a sugar-high. The Gundam guys are pretty cool, but I don't care for Wu Fei or Heero. They are......strange. Um, well, I do sing sometimes, and I can play the flute, and I'm not telling about any other instruments that I can play. YOu can't kill my sister!!!! It's a NO!! She's my sister and I love her dearly. I didn't say that! Oh, and Uranus, YOU CAN'T HAVE MY PRECIOUS, BEAUTIFUL, AND SHINY NO-DOACHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW DARE YOU EVEN ASK!!!!!!!!!

These questions are from Sekmephany. This person asks:

            Heya! Sorry about the bet thing. Anyway, the questions this week are what was the illness or whatever that you were afflicted with as a child? And, if you were turned into any animal smaller than 3ft, what would it be? Oh, and a wierd little comment. You have my utmost respect form now on, completely and totally. I was fencing, and my hair fell into my eye (yes, the right one), and because I had my mask on, I couldn't fix it, so I lost the bout REALLY fast, so if you can do kendo or whatever (like kick Anubisu around the room) with your hair in your eye all the time, you're cool. Sayonara! (Till next week or whenever)


PS: Arrrgh! Spell Sekhmet's name right! He's not a drawing! ~_~

Seiji:   Hey Sekmephany. Sorry we spell his name wrong. It's a hard name to spell damnit!!!! Anyway, I was born a sick child. It was mainly a sickness that determined whether I would live or die. I had problems with weakness and was in the hospital a few times. Think of what Sailor Saturn had when she was sick. It was similar to that. Anyway, if I had to be an animal smaller than three feet, it would be a bird because they can fly and are cute. Hehe. Don't tell anyone I said that either. Oh, and thanks a lot. It is hard doing ANYTHING with your hair in your face, but I'm used to it, so it doesn't bother me much. I'm sure you'll get much better at Kendo though, so don't give up! Later!

These questions are from Princess Karebear And Friends. This person asks:

            Dear Seiji and Mia (sorry I forgot to spell you name the right way :(, Hey guys! We're back! I've decided to send this video letter from in the closet so as to not have any RUDE interruption....

            KareBear is in a tight closet. Inside are coats, shoes, and tons of other things that have been forgotten throughout the years.

KareBear: "I would just like to apologize for not sending you that fanfic. I'm gonna get that to you soon, it's just been really busy for me lately. I've had a ton of test to take and other school work to do. You noticed I didn't write to you last week, well it was because of all these test." *grumbles*

KareBear: "Oh! by the way Tako's here. Say hello Tako!"

Tako pops up on the screen making KareBear lean back.

Tako: "Meow!"

KareBear leans back more bumping into something. KareBear looks up to get a falling broom right on her head.

Tako: "Meow!!"

KareBear looks up from her painful state to see coats start to fall on them. The things on the shelve start to move toward the ledge.

KareBear: "Avalanche!!"

It all comes down....

KareBear: "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!"


*Outside the closet*


* * *

Rita is floating downstairs when she hears a large bang from upstairs. She starts her way up the staircase to see what it was.

*Inside the closet*

KareBear and Tako are buried in a mass and closet objects. The laptop was on the floor and the only thing that could be seen was the faces of the two unsuspecting victims.

KareBear *spiral circle dizzy eyes* : "I.....knew....we....should....have....cleaned...this...thing...out.....ahhhhh

"KareBear feels her head which was impaled with a large dictionary. Tako is on his back doing the "Rig a morous" pose with dizzy spiral eyes (he was hit on the head with a baseball, but he was lying on the floor with a coat over him)

Tako: "Me....owwww..."

KareBear: "THE LAPTOP!!!"

KareBear crawls on her stomach to the compture. She was still buried under 50 pounds of stuff. Tako got up from under the coat and walked over to the computer.

KareBear: "We're really sorry this is happening. I never have any luck...." * KareBear puts her head. Tako pats her on the back, trying to make her feel better*

KareBear *lifting head up* : "We do have a question to ask you guys. *coughs before starting* We know how Anubis became a Warlord, but how did the other Warlords become part of the Dynasty? It's something that's been bugging me for a while so I thought I ask. Well, I better go now before....."

The door opens. KareBear looks up to see Rita looking down at her. She starts laughing like crazy, but then notices the computer on the ground.


KareBear gives a nervous as the angry takes the computer off the ground.

KareBear: "GIVE THAT BACK RITA!!!!" *devil horns and fangs"

Rita give a little evil laugh before shutting the door, not fast enough though to lock Tako in. Tako runs out just in time. KareBear tries to get up, but the stuff is too heavy. There is loud banging, slamming, and BLASTING coming from the closet.

*Outside the closet*

Rita: "Hello Seiji...." *seductive smile*


Rita turns around to see a large cloud of dust. After it clears, KareBear stands with a coat on her shoulder and a scruff on her head. KareBear runs and tackles Rita making her send the computer flying. The two look as the computer starts downward.

KareBear and Rita: "NOOOOO!!!!"

Tako flies up and catches it just in time. The two look at each other and continue fighting. Tako sets the computer down and looks back at the "cat fight". She turns back at the computer screen.

Tako: "Meow Meow Meow.....Meo Meow. Meow Meow Meo Oww. Meow Meo Meow!!"

Translated: "Well those to...are gonna be awhile. I better do it for them. Bye Bye from the KareBear Gang!"

Tako a button and the screen shuts off.

Seiji:   *yet another sweatdrop* Okiee...... *sobs* IT'S JUST NOT THE SAME WITHOUT SEIJIFREAK HERE!!!!! I NEED SOMEONE TO INTERRUPT ME....

Seijifreak:   *barges into room*

Seiji:   Speak of the devil.... *rushes over to Seijifreak and gives her a hug* Seijifreak! I'm so glad you're back!!! Things just haven't been the same without you!!!

Seijifreak:   *grins* See, I knew you'd miss me.

Seiji:   *rolls eyes* Don't push it. *grins* How's Nasutei?

Seijifreak:   She's fine. She's all histerical though because Anubis busted into the house while she was busy.....nevermind.

Seiji:   *grabs Seijifreak's shirt* WHILE SHE WAS BUSY DOING WHAT?

Seijifreak:   *sweatdrop* Uh, nothing, nothing.


Seijifreak:   *gives puppy-dog eyes* But.....you'll get mad.

Seiji:   *takes a deep breath* I promise to keep my calm. Just tell me what happened.

Seijifreak:   Okie......... Well, um.......... Anubis walked in on Nasutei while she was........um......dressing. I was in there too, of course, helping her pick out clothes and such, but Nasutei screamed and I hurled the heaviest thing in the room at him.....that is, the heaviest thing I could pick up. *runs and hides and takes cover*


Seijifreak:   I knew he'd never keep his calm.

Seiji:   *doing breathing exercises to calm down* Okay, one, two, three, four. *clears throat* SEIJIFREAK! Sweet little girl, where is Anubis? And I mean where is he NOW!!!!

Seijifreak:   I think he's still at Nasutei's house trying to apologize....

Seiji:   *storms out of the room and slams the door behind him*

Seijifreak:   I'll be damned.....now I have to do this dumb thing myself. *sighs* Okay guys, here we go. Um, what was the question? Oh yeah, um, Anubis became a Warlord pretty much the same way. He was just some fighter who Arago wanted as his slave. So he brainwashed him and took him under his wing so to speak. Sorry Seiji isn't here to answer the questions. He MIGHT be back a little later. And if he is, he'll be pissed off, so don't expect him to be in a very good mood if he does come back. Um, why don't we just go and get on with the questions. *looks at questions* Damnit!! We can't answer any more questions until they get back! *grumbles* As if I'm not already in a bad enough mood.... I have to shut down the Question Room, Seiji is totally pissed at Anubis and this will start yet ANOTHER war between them, and Nasutei is going to get mad at Seiji for not controlling his temper and he'll have to sit on the couch for a week and then Seiji will blame that on Anubis and that will start another war all over again!! *screams*

Seiji:   *bursts into room with Nasutei*

Nasutei:   That Anubis is such a bastard!

Seiji:   I told you he was.

Nasutei:   Even after Seijifreak threw a chair at him, he didn't leave. PERVERT!!!!

Seiji:   Yeah well, I took care of him.

Seijifreak:   What does that mean?

Nasutei:   *glaring at Seiji* Well, Seiji was mad so he came in and punched Anubis in the jaw even though I told him to calm down.

Seiji:   *puts hands on hips*

Nasutei:   Then he threw him out of the house and slammed the door in his face and threatened that if he ever thought about thinking of me, he'd kill him.

Seiji:   *grins* You exaggerate too much.

Nasutei:   *stares at Seiji*

These questions are from Smiles. This person asks:




Seiji:   *gasps* What do you mean how do I put up with Nasutei!! Nasutei's my girl! I love her! Of course I'm going to put up with her! Besides, I'm short-tempered too, at least I can be, and I'm sure I'm a handfull to deal with sometimes too.

Nasutei:   *leans head on Seiji's shoulders* See? He loves me! And nothing is bothering me. I might just be having a bad day or something. *smiles* And I'm never worried about anyone taking my Seiji-kun away because he's loyal only to me!

Seijifreak:   *pretends to hurl*

Nasutei:   Shut-up Seijifreak.

These questions are from Princess Mercury And Friends. This person asks:

Princess Mercury: Hellooo, Seiji!

Princess Small Lady: Whatcha doing?
Ex-Veemon: Wassup?
PM: *shakes head* Oh, brother. Here's a question for you, Nasutei. If you could be any animal, what would it be and why? Personaly, I'd be a cat or a dragon. They're both sooo cool!
PSL: What is your favorite vidio game, Seijifreak?
Ex-V: I've already sent my question in. Hey, you two, aren't you supposed to be rescuing Touma?
PM: We will! We just needed to get our questions out of they way first!
Ex-V: Touma got out...finally.
PM: But a certin somebody let him back in! *looks at Ex-V*
Ex-V: IT WASN'T ME!!! Tai let him in. I pounded Tai already.
PSL: *gets angry*   Bushhead is going down!
Ex-V: Just how are you going to get to the Digiworld?
PM: Simple. I'm the Digimon Queen, aren't I? *holds up a pendent* Dimensional Port, open!
     * the pendent starts glowing and PM and PSL are zapped to the Digimon deminsion. Ex-V looks bewilldered.*
Ex-V: * recovering from shock* Maybe I should have told them that Talpa went there as well...

Seiji:   *laughs* You can always count on insanity from these guys!

Seijifreak:   *deep in thought* That's a very colorful letter....

Nasutei:   Ohhhhhhhhh! If I could be any animal? Probably a bunny rabbit or a cat! Yeah I love cats too PM! *smiles happily*

Seijifreak:   Foxes are the best....

Seiji:   Tai is such a loser.

Seijifreak:   What are Samurai Trooper people in the Digiworld? No offense, but Samurai Troopers is soooooooooo above Digimon.

Nasutei:   Foxes are cute.

Seiji:   Why are all of our conversations just completely pointless?

Seijifreak:   I love any and all videogames. But my favorites are the first Final Fantasy, which is the one for the OLD Nintendo, any Legend Of Zelda game, and probably Metroid. Those are my favorites. Plus, how can you forget Super Mario Bros. 2 for Nintendo? All those games are awesome!!

Seiji:   Videogames rot the mind.

Seijifreak:   *stares at Seiji* And your point is?

These questions are from Ex-veemon. This person asks:

            Hi! Ex-veemon here! Yes, Touma is finally out of the Digiworld...although PM turned my legs to ice for pun-pun-PUNACHOOOOOOO! Punishment. Sorry about that. My question this week goes to Nasutei: Who would you root for in a fight: Serena/Sailor Moon or Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls? I'll bring Buttercup in next week if that's okay.

Seiji:   Buttercup or Sailor Moon? No contest!!

Seijifreak:   They didn't ask you, Seiji.

Seiji:   Well nobody asked you either, Seijifreak.

Seijifreak:   Don't make me....

*Seiji and Seijifreak get into yet another argument. It carries on for several minutes.*

Nasutei:   *sweatdrop* Right. Well, anyway, Sailor Moon is a ditz and a clutz, so I'm going for Buttercup. She would definately win. Oh, and if there was going to be a next week any time soon, I'd say yes, but since next week probably won't be for several weeks, I wouldn't worry about it. If you remember, you can bring her in when we re-open, okay? *smiles sweetly at Ex-veemon* Thanks for your question!

Seijifreak:   You make me sick Seiji!

Seiji:   Me? Make you sick? Ha! You've got that one cornered!

Nasutei:   *rolls eyes* Oh brother.

These questions are from Lady Krista And Friends. This person asks:

Lady Krista: Hey Seiji! OH No! Angewomon locked herself in her room again. She wouldn't come out unless we knock on her door.

Satsuki The Puppy: Yeah and at times she refuses to come out of her room.

Touma: It sucks that I got sucked into the digiworld by that damn computer.

Lady Krista: Is there times where you can't stand Kayura?

Touma: Well for one thing, LK! Its her temper tantrum. She can't control her anger at times, that I wished I would leave her for Seiji's sister Satauki Date.

Lady Krista: Yeah, Shuu (Kento) know what's it like because Cytelle is just like Kayura. I hate the fact that Angewomon and PM told about Ex-Veemon and me talking on email. Ex-Veemon I have a private email you can talk to mee on. Here a picture of Shuu and Cytelle.

Touma: I Hate U Kayura! Seiji, I think Anubis and Kayura are a better couple anyways because they have really horrible tempers. When can you hook me up with Satsuki? I'm letting her know that Kayura and I broke up.

Lady Krista: Well we have to go! We'll see you later!

Seiji:   Lady Kayura does have a bad temper, but maybe you should try and work it out with her Touma. Anyway, I'll be sure to tell Satsuki. I doubt she'll go out with you though. She thinks you and Kayura make a cute couple, and she's pretty over her crush. Now she's on some big kick over Kaji from Evangelion.

Seijifreak:   Kaji was a loser.

Seiji:   You'd know about that kind of thing, wouldn't you Seijifreak? *grins*

Seijifreak:   *glares at Seiji*

These questions are from Dragonqueen. This person asks:

            Well i got that innoying horned basterd off my back. the question is: im starting an anime shrine and i dont know if i shuld go with the wallpaper my best friend (lady switch) sugested [your hitting something with your soward] or the plain color background. your opnion?

Seiji:   It's really just your decision. Whichever you feel is better for your site. I personally think just plain colors look good on main pages, but like I said before, that's all up to you. I always think a person should save their pictured backgrounds for other parts of their site. Send us the URL whenever you get it up and running.

These questions are from Black Lion. This person asks:

(*NOTE* Everything between the * are the stuff only you readers are supposed to know. Seiji, Nasutei, and Seijifreak do not read the first half, it is just there so you know what's going on. The question at the bottom is all Seiji reads)


*Black Lion walks into the room, which is very dark at the moment because it is 1:30 AM Friday Morning, with an eye patch over his right eye*

Black Lion: Hmm..... Well, it appears as if I've miscalculated... It isn't Sage that is truly loyal to Mia, but Mia is truly loyal to him! If I truly am to double date with Sage and Raye along with me and Lita, I must first get Mia out of the picture somehow! MINI MEOW!!!

*Gray cat walks into the room, hops up onto his desk and stands right in front of monitor*

Black Lion:............. Riiiiiiight.....

*Mini Meow jumps onto Black Lion's lap, sits down, and starts purring as Black Lion pets her*

Black Lion: Now, if I truly am to drive Sage and Mia apart, the one thing I must do first is to find someone who Sage either dislikes or is indifferent toward and someone Mia has had a (does quotation fingers) "thing" with.

*goes over characters*

Black Lion: Now, let's see here... Ryo is a good candidate, for he cares about Mia and is always saving her, although he is Sage's friend... I doubt Mia would go for him, though... Cye is.... Nevermind... I don't think Mia would like Kento's eating habits either. Raye? Help me out here!

Raye: (walks into the room) What about the warlords?

Black Lion: It may work, but who-- aaaaah.................... I think we've found our answer. We shall go to Shuten's temple and ask him how he truly feels about Mia! When he admits that he loves her, we will tell him to go and declare his love for Mia and drive her and Sage apart! Then, Sage will be free for you, Raye!

Raye: Yes, but how do we know Shuten cares for her?

Black Lion: It's a hunch of mine. I have a feeling Shuten would do anything for her...

Raye: Hope you're right. I'm looking forward to dating Sage.....

Black Lion: And then, once Sage is away from the other Ronins, I will use the power of my ultimate "laser" on the moon to destr--

Raye: (Interrupting) You're dreaming again.

Black Lion: Oh... Sorry... In any case, Shuten will drive a wedge between them and Sage will be yours for the taking!!!! (Dramatic evil villainous music plays) MUAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! BWAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

The next day:

*Black Lion knocks on cottage door*

Black Lion: SHUTEN! Are you in there? (mumbles) He better not be out...Time is not on our side here!

Raye: Does Lita know about this?

Black Lion: I told her I would try anything to get Sage to go with you, and this is part of my plan! I shall see what happens later on. However, Shuten doesn't know that we're getting him toward Mia with the ulterior motive of splitting her and Sage apart. Besides, Mia always looked better with Shuten, not Sage!

*Door opens*

Shuten: (yawning and wearing blue pajamas with pink bunny slippers and Ancient's hat) Yes? Wha d' you want?! It's seven in the morning!

Black Lion: We have come here to ask something of you. How have you felt about Mia when you spent time with her? Hmm?

Shuten: Mia? Oh, she was cool... Now let me sleep a bit; I only got about six hours in last night!

Raye: Yes, I can see the circles... But really, she wasn't just "cool" was she?

Shuten: Well, I, eh...

Raye: (pushes Black Lion out of the way, gets into Shuten's face) WELL WHAT?!? You loved her didn't you?!? You wanted to be with her, right??? You'd do anything for her and you're now kicking yourself in the ass because you didn't admit that you loved her back then!!!!

Shuten: ALRIGHT!! I admit it! I did love Mia! She was the only companion I had back then! The Ancient gave me strength, but my love for Mia gave me more! So what? It's in the past!!!!

Black Lion: (Steps forward) So? You can still tell her how you feel, right?

Shuten: I think so...

Black Lion: I thought that as well... I'll arrange a meeting for the two of you next Thursday. She'll be in a Q and A Room and I'll make it look as if you were there by coincidence to declare your love...

Shuten: Alright, I shall be there! *Shuten slams door confidently, knocking Raye down the stairs*

Black Lion: .............. You OK?

Raye: *Grumbles* I'm fine.....

Black Lion: (puts eye patch on) Good. Now, we can finally get Mia to leave Sage for Shuten and you will have Sage all to yourself! MUAHAHAHA-


Black Lion: Sorry... Here, burn the patch if you want, I have no use for it..... *Black Lion gives patch to Raye and she scorches it.*


Shuten: Hello Mia..... I have finally tracked you down and found you. I know you're shocked to see me, but I have to tell you this. Mia, I want you to know that I've always loved you, even when I was a warlord. I've always felt care for you and my concern for you when I was the next Ancient helped me, giving me the strength I needed to save Kayura and the Jewel of Life. I would die for you, the way I did before, but I'm back now - don't ask, it's a long story... - and I want you to be with me in the new life I was granted! Please, be with me forever, my dear Mia! This comes from the bottom of my heart! I've felt this way for a long time and I've never had the courage to tell you, but now I've summed up the courage to come into this question room and meet with you and tell you that I do love you dearly! Please, I beg of you, would you be mine forever? Please, my dear Mia, be with me and I will be the happiest person alive! What do you say?

Seiji:   That little son of a....


Seiji:   *silent*

Seijifreak:   *mouth is on the floor*

*Seiji and Seijifreak sit in silence for ten minutes as Nasutei regains herself. She leaves the room extremely pissed off and not talking to anyone. Seiji, still silent with fear, leaves quickly and tries to calm her down. In the meantime, Seijifreak sits in the Question Room and eventually bursts into a laughing fit.*

Seijifreak:   Hahahahaahah!! What a scene! Nasutei has TOTALLY lost it! I hope Seiji can calm her down though. *hears a door open*

Seiji:   *sighs* Well, we'd better get out of here. What a bad way to end the Question Room. Oh well, it's been a lot of fun you guys. I hope to see you all within the next couple of weeks, okay? I love you all a lot! Oh, and Nasutei does too. Don't think badly of her. She's just had a hard day. She's going to miss all of you very much. Don't worry though, you can hear us chattering away in other parts of this site. See you guys later!

Seijifreak:   Bye you guys! Thanks for all the GREAT questions!

Nasutei:   *comes back* I love you guys. *blows a kiss*

*Everyone leaves.*