*The door opens. Seiji walks in with letters in his hand. He takes a seat next to a girl and begins sorting through a pile of letters.*

Seijifreak:   Week 3 already! Can you believe it Seiji? We've already answered two weeks worth of questions! Where does the time go? Time sure does fly when you're having fun! Right Seiji? *grins*

Seiji:   *rolls eyes* Save your crap Seijifreak. If you laughed a little less and listened a little more, you'd realize that these past 2 weeks have been total disasters. I mean, just in two weeks I've been embarassed with these people's questions, zapped by Kayura's staff, and yelled at and almost slapped by Nasutei all because of you and you're dumb idea to answer people's questions.

Seijifreak:   You're still together aren't you? And would you stop complaining? The more you answer, the sooner you can leave. Now, just read the first question.

Seiji:   If we don't get interrupted first. Every week we have another surprise pop-in by some crazy person.

Seijifreak:   Hey! That's not my fault. Besides, they're your friends Seiji. Remember, you're practically the only Trooper I really like. Now come on, answer the questions!

Seiji:   Okay, okay!

This question is from Venka2. This person asks:
"I have heard that Satsuki has a crush on Rowen/Touma, and I know you and Rowen, or should I say Touma, are close friends. So, what are your opinions on that? And just how close is your friendship with Touma? From what I have seen your friendship is some what like a sliding scale. Sometimes your just best friends; other times you seem like twins almost, like Rowen is the only person that understands you (besides your parents, grandparents, sister, and the bitch from the 7 gates of hell). And then there are times where one of you practically goes into either depression or near hysterics when something very bad (i.e. kidnapped by the Dynasty, etc...) happens to the other. So Just what is your friendship level with Touma?"

Seiji:   *laughs* I love the 'bitch from 7 gates of hell' thing. I take it you're talking about my older sister Yayoi. God I hate her... But anyway, to answer your first question, my little sister does think Touma is cute, but she hasn't really developed a solid crush on him. I mean, she hasn't known him that long. If she did have a crush on him, it wouldn't bother me. Touma is a likeable guy.

Seijifreak:   *snickers* What does that mean Seiji?

Seiji:   What do you mean?

Seijifreak:   Oh nothing...

Seiji:   Seeing as though this is one of the few serious questions I have ever recieved, I will let that slide. Anyway, my relationship with Touma is a friendship. Its probably the best of friendships. However, I just want to clear one thing up, I haven't known Touma since childhood. People seem to think that we have, and we haven't. I met Touma when all the Troopers had to come together and try to defeat Arago. I introduced myself to Touma on that day. There seems to be a lot of fanfiction going around where Touma and I have been together since childhood. We're close friends, but we're not THAT close. Its not like we go back since before we can remember. However, we are really close and we spend a lot of time together. We hang out a lot at school. Sometimes I have to stick up for Touma because he's kind of shy you know...

Seijifreak:   Didn't you have to beat somebody up for picking on him one time? People at school seem to hate his guts 'cause he's so smart. Ironic. The most popular boy in school and the most hated boy in school best friends.

Seiji:   That's not true. Some people really look up to Touma. They should too. He's a great guy and he works hard to get the grades he does. Oh, and I did beat up this creep one time for Touma. He was being a total ass and I didn't like it.

Seijifreak:   How sweet.

Seiji:   Shut-up Seijifreak. Oh, and I do get worried if something happens to Touma. He looks out for me too though. Hey Seijifreak, you remember that one time when Touma rescued me....

Seijifreak:   Oh yeah, that was when your armor went balistik and you were under control or something by an evil force.... Um.. I don't remember. All I know is that Touma came and got you out of that mess and you said something like, 'you came for me Touma...' It was cool. Oh yeah, in case anyone's wondering, that happened in Gaiden. That was an AWESOME battle too. I'm so glad you came out okay Seiji...

Seiji:   Okay, this is getting WAY too mushy for me. I hope I answered Venka2's question. You know, this person has sent us a question before. Venka2 seems interested in my family and my friendship with Touma. I think I've read some of their fanfiction too. It involved Touma. It was good. Isn't it in your fanfiction section Seijifreak?

Seijifreak:   Yeah, it is good. I can't wait for part 2.

Seiji:   Oh God, its been such a peaceful week. I can't believe we haven't had any interuptions and we've actually had some serious questions. I am sooooooooo shocked. What's going on? Where is everybody? Its sooooo quiet!

Seijifreak:   I thought you didn't like the interuptions.

Seiji:   I know, but its sooooooo quiet. I am so disappointed.

Seijifreak:   Yeah, me too. I haven't had much fun tonight. Maybe we're all tired.

Touma:   *walks into room* Sometimes you guys make me sick. I swear, what's with all the mush?

Seiji:   I was trying to answer this person's question seriously.

Seijifreak:   *starts choking* Did someone say 'serious?' Blasphemy! Who cussed?

Seiji:   Shut-up Seijifreak.

Touma:   What was that crap about having to beat someone up for me? You didn't have to beat them up! You went balistik and beat them up even when I told you not to. Besides, I could have handled it.

Seiji:   *laughs* Yeah right. You fight like a girl.

Touma:   WHAT!!!! You're supposed to be my friend and you're saying I fight like a girl! You bastard!

Seiji:   BASTARD!! Why, I'll kick your ass you sorry son....

*Seijifreak starts to laugh as Touma and Seiji start to get into a heated argument*

Seijifreak:   Well, I guess our session is over. Our 'best friends' would say goodbye, but they're, um, how shall we say, pre-occupied. *snickers* LOL people. Send in your questions here okay? Think of some good ones okay?