*Seiji walks into the room quickly. He has a list of questions in his hand. He sits down at the table and clears his throat.*

Seiji:   Welcome all to the Question Room! This is the place to get all your burning questions answered! We have quite a few today, so let's get started. *picks up questions* Now....

Seijifreak:   WAIT!!!!!!! *Seijifreak burts into room gasping for air* Don't start without me!!!! *pant* I *pant, pant* got here as quick as *gasp* I could.

Seiji:   DAMN YOU SEIJIFREAK!! How the hell did you get here? I thought you were busy cleaning up the mess Touma made in Nasutei's kitchen after he tried to cook Ramen Noodles!!!!

Seijifreak:   *pants* I was, but Nasutei came in and realized that I had questions to do, so she told me to go ahead and she'd take care of the mess. I really owe her *breathes deep* for that.

Seiji:   *rolls eyes* Good lord.

Seijifreak:   What are you trying to do? Start without me? *begins to whimper*

Seiji:   *smacks forehead* Of course I am! Think Seijifreak! Everytime you're hear, a disaster occurs!

Seijifreak:   No it doesn't. You're exaggerating.

Seiji:   You sure have selective memory.

Seijifreak:   Just read the damn question!

Seiji:   OKAY!!!

This question is from Venka2. This person asks:
"Can you, in detail, describe what your sisters look like?"

Seiji:   Ah. Another question form Venka2. I'm always happy to answer her questions. She's soooooo cool.

Seijifreak:   Yeah, she always asks the coolest questions.

Seiji:   *clears throat* Okay. Well, my younger sister, Satsuki, is really beautiful. She has beautiful semi-long black hair, and beautiful crystal eyes, and really her personality makes her even more beautiful than she already is. All in all, she's a wonderful and beautiful person. She's pale like me, but her eyes are kind and warming unlike yours truly's eyes which scare people. She's pretty tall for her age, almost as tall as me. Satsuki likes wearing purple and blue and green and just about any color. Also, she wears a flower in her hair on the right side of her head just above her right ear. I wish you could see her.

Seijifreak:   Satsuki is really cool. I wish I could talk to her more. She's really nice to talk to unlike some people! *eyes Seiji*

Seiji:   Whatever. Anyway, my older sister is pretty too.

Seijifreak:   Pretty ugly.

Seiji:   *snickers* Yeah, but seriously, she looks somewhat like my sister, but much more plain. Her hair is rather flat, and her eyes are a boring dark blue. She has a wicked smile and she uses it to scare kids younger than her.

Seijifreak:   *laughs loudly* Hahahahahhahahaha!!! Someone should have told her she didn't need to smile to scare people!

Seiji:   *laughs histerically* No kidding! She is also pale and tall like Satsuki and me, but if you ask me, she's nothing to scream over. She'd be prettier if she had a better personality.

Seijifreak:   You mean if she had one.

Seiji:   *grins* Well Venka2, I hope I answered your question the way you wanted it. Please, if you have any more questions, send them on it. *smiles* Now, on to the next question.

This question is from Black Lion. This person asks:
"Dear Sage: I may have a theory as to why your hair doesn't ever get messed up! You're really bald and you wear a plastic wig!! Is this true?!?"

Seiji:   *begins to choke* WHAT??!!?? A PLASTIC WIG???? What's the MATTER with you people?????? This hair is natural . I DO NOT wear a plastic wig. My hair is never out of place because....

Seijifreak:   ....of all the thousands of hair products you use!!! *laughs histerically*

Seiji:   You buttmunch! My hair is natural!

Seijifreak:   Your hair is natural alright. Natural Herbal Essence shampoo, Natural Herbal Essence hairspray, and....

Seiji:   I have NEVER used Herbal Essence shampoo!!!!!

Seijifreak:   Sure you haven't. *grins*

Seiji:   I swear...

Seijifreak:   *taps foot impatiently* What's the next question?

This question is from BUM. This person asks:
"I do have a question for Seiji. Why do you put up with Yuli, I mean, he needs to be smacked almost as much as Seijifreak?? I expect to see that question printed in its entirety or there will be such a beating!!! LOL, the BUM."

Seijifreak:   *coughs and spits everywhere* WHAT THE HELL? Where did that question come from? I don't remember getting that question in my inbox! Did I just get it today? What's going on? Who the hell let that BUM send me a question! BUM, this is war!!

Seiji:   *laughs histerically* You got that question the other day. I checked your messages first though, and I knew you would delete that message if you saw it. Soooooo, I decided to post it up in my e-mail inbox.

Seijifreak:   You little bastard...

Seiji:   Oh and BUM, that's an EXCELLENT question! You've got the right idea. Both Jun and Seijifreak need to be smacked. Oh, and BTW, I think you make a great big brother. *grins*

Seijifreak:   Great big brother my butt! He's gonna' be a dead big brother when he gets home! Blast you BUM!!!!! I'm going to beat you within an inch of your life! You know what, I'm not even going to leave you that much! You don't deserve that much! Why I...

Seiji:   Hehe. Well BUM, to answer your question, I hate that little brat Jun, and I would love to smack him around a few times. Unfortunately, Nasutei likes Jun and she's told me that I have to be kind to him, or else I'm sleeping on the couch.

Seijifreak:   *still carrying on* Behold all the wrath of Seijifreak! Judgement day has come! BUM, prepare for the end!

Seiji:   Oh shut-up Seijifreak. Your brother isn't scared of you. Besides, isn't he like, twelve times bigger than you?

Seijifreak:   That doesn't matter! I am immortal! Muhahahahhahahahaahahaahahahah!!!

Seiji:   *anime sweatdrop* Yeah, okieeee.... Well, um, while Seijifreak carries on like the child of Satan, I'll say the goodbyes. Thanks to everybody for your questions. I always enjoy reading them and I always enjoy answering them. If you have any questions, remember to send them in here. Thanks again and I'll see you guys next week. LOL!

Seijifreak:   No one shall be spared!!! Muhaahhahaahhah!

Seiji:   *leaves room*