Sage Is Too Smart Ch 3
Rowens POV

Rowen (I can’t believe Sage has an higher IQ than ME!!!! And look at him he is over there on my computer playing a GAME!!!! I hope this doesn’t go to his head.)

Sage: Rowen can you help me with this?

Rowen: Sure what do you need help on?

Sage: It is this problem and I can’t figure out the answer.

Rowen looked at the problem and when he did he felt his brain fizz out.

Rowen: the um….. um……um/…… answer is.. um….. 5:15!!

Sage: Really? Thanks rowan!!!

Rowen: (Why he!!! I can’t believe that he made me stumble on a soooooo easy problem. Well I'll get him back and I’ll show the world that I AM THE SMARTEST KID IN THE WORLD!! MWWMAMWAMWMAMWMAMWMAAMW!)