The Dragon Talisman
Part I: Ryo
First chapter

“Ryo…” Nasuti called. Touma poked his head in, “Ryo’s busy, how can I help you?” “Try this, it’s for dinner,” Nasuti said, shoving a spoon of something warm in his mouth. He swallowed it, looking at her black eye. “So, what do you think?” Nasuti asked, avoiding the question in his eyes. An, “It’s good.” And a concerned look were the only responses she got. … How did you get that… Nasuti loved to hear Touma mind speak. It was like a wind whisper. “It… It’s nothing Touma…” …Seiji did you see-… …I saw, Touma. She has a hand print on the small of her back… Touma looked at her, and then the truth seemed to suddenly dawn on him. “Ryo…” He whispered. Nasuti looked away. Suddenly, they were on the floor. Luckily, they were up in an instant.

Meanwhile, in the basement:

The guys had finished their pool game, and Ryo went upstairs. He found Nasuti leaning against the counter. He could tell what had happened. He said nothing; it had obviously been an accident. Ryo could not have known that one among them was reading his mind, and was concerned. … I hope he keeps that frame of mind when we get home from the New Year’s Eve party at Shu’s…

“When they got home, Nasuti went to shower, making sure to open her window, activate the portal (it would lead straight to Seiji and Touma’s room). She could get there quickly, if she was lucky.

End of Chapter One