This entire story takes place in the future.

The Dragon Talisman
Part One: Ryo
Second Chapter

Taking off her outer clothing, she set the shower for ‘steam’ and began to wait. She activated the trapdoor function (it would lead to where the portal was set for). She was there for about fifteen minutes when she heard the familiar knock. She unlocked the door to the room, and activated the trapdoor function. She was warped immediately to Seiji’s room. In all honesty, Seiji’s room was actually an entire wing. He had a slightly (only slightly?) annoying habit of picking up sick people who couldn’t afford Medicare and healing them. When he couldn’t cram them all in his room, he had to buy a wing from Nasuti. His family didn’t approve, but they offered to fund a little bit of it.

There were four rules in the wing: No violence, it will disturb the patients. No grudges in the top of your mind, I will pick up on them. Please be sober when you enter the wing, if you are too loud you will break two of the rules. And finally, no disturbing ME! They were posted on every door.

Nasuti entered the last door in the hall. There she found Touma, reading a book full of short stories. After reading one with him, they began to debate. After a while both could hear an enraged sound. Touma frowned. Both knew that sound all too well: someone was disturbing Seiji. And Seiji was not one to disturb when treating a patient. The sound of a door closing then, “d*mmit Ryo, how many times have I f*cking told you: Do not enter this wing if you are goshda**ed drunk!” …!?!D*m* you Seiji! Will you f*c*ing let me in this goshda**ed s*i*-house!?!… The cat’s yawn (That’s what Seiji’s mind voice sounds like) replied, …!!No Ryo, I will not. You are bad for my patients, bad for my mental health and bad for my reputation!!… Quickly, Touma shoved Nasuti under the tile in front of the window and locked the door. He climbed out, falling soundlessly to the ground, pulled a string, caught her as she fell, and sent her off to the forest. Following as quickly as he could.

[Going back, in Ryo’s point of view]
When Ryo entered the bathroom, he looked around. Knowing what was coming, he entered the ‘open’ code on the shower’s keypad. Steam hissed out, but no curses from Nasuti. He looked around, never noticing the tiny LED beside the towel holder… Once he saw the open window, he smiled, … !?What kind of an idiot does she think I am, anyway?!…

[To the Present, Nasuti’s point of view]
Nasuti threw off her sweater, she was too hot for that. She picked it up, and ran straight to the waterfall. She sat down to wait.

[Picking up where Ryo left off, from his point of view]
Instead of heading down to the forest, Ryo headed to Seiji’s wing. He couldn’t remember where Seiji’s actual room was, so he simply entered one. Seiji was inside. Ryo asked him where Nasuti was. Seiji lead him outside, closed the door, and cursed him out in hushed tones. Ryo reddened, and went past him, to the room at the end of the hall. Opening the door, Ryo went straight to the window. Smiling humorlessly, he climbed out and headed to the waterfall, !~!…Women are so predictable…!~!

[To the Future, no one’s POV]
Once he got there, he started towards Nasuti. Just as he was about to enter the water, something grabbed him, holding him back. Seiji had followed him! Twisting around, Ryo threw him down. While he was doing so, Touma pulled Nasuti towards him, in a semi-protective stance. Seiji dropped from a tree, and held Ryo back. Shin got up to help Seiji, and held Ryo back. Sending Ryo to sleep, even with Suiko’s help, was not an easy task. Finally, Ryo slumped down, to sleep off the effects of alcohol.


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