Nasuti seems to have developed suicidal tendencies.

The Dragon Talisman
Part One: Ryo
Fourth Chapter

Our Story so far…

Nasuti has come to a conclusion about her relationship with Ryo. She is about to tell him. “Ryo…”

Ryo looked up. She decided it was best if she went on, having gained Ryo’s attention. “I think it’s best if we start seeing other people…” Ryo’s face clouded. Realization dawned upon him. His face became a mask of rage. His fists clenched, but he restrained himself. “Why?” He managed to ask without sounding too drunk. Nasuti knew the warning signs but chose to ignore them, “Ryo, we can still be relatively good friends, it’s just…”

“It’s just what, Nasuti?”

“Ryo, this relationship wasn’t what I wanted. And it certainly wasn’t what I expected,” She looked pointedly at the bottle of Jack Daniels. Ryo glowered.

Shin’s book had long been abandoned, even though to all outward appearances he was still reading it. In reality, he was watching with interest. Feeling like Seiji wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, it was just sort of annoying. He wasn’t as attracted to energy as Seiji was. “Seiji’s missing a cataclysmic surge of energy. Normally, he would be watching through meditation. And sucking up the energy that was expended.” Shin frowned. “So where is Seiji?” Slap! Shin heard the sound of flesh striking flesh. He looked up from where he had been pretending his book. It was as if time had slowed down. He could see Ryo hit Nasuti again. He realized he couldn’t move. His last thought before the moment Shuu arrived was, “Oh God, she’s too close to the window!”


Okay… I know this was short. But I wanted suspense. I bet you can guess what’s about to happen: Nas-chan falls. I admit it. But you don’t know if she lives or not. I do. And I am not a sucker for happy endings. What if Ryo killed her? How would Touma react? How would Seiji react?