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Chains Unleashed
Youkai Fire Fox

Nasty walked into her room very quietly, her bare feet moving delicately on the carpet. She had a lot on her mind lately and not much time to think about it. Nasty would walk into her room to think or go outside for the fresh air, hoping that she could clear her mind, but it never seemed to work. It could have been because she really didn't have much time to analyze it. The Troopers were preparing to fight again. Nasty knew why she couldn't set her mind free of the burdens that were draining her and it wouldn't matter if she had all the time in the world. In the end her crises may never be solved unless she stopped thinking and started acting.

It's been two years since the Trooper's last battle. After that it seemed the guys would never have to fight again, so she had hoped. Down deep she knew the the guys would face a new enemy. The guys were supposed to move back home this week, but since a new enemy showed up it seemed their plans had been delayed, for the moment.

Ryo 'was' going to leave with Shin in a couple of days to meet up with Shu. Shu was planning to move two days ahead of Ryo and Shin so he could get everything ready. The three Troopers all decided to live in a apartment together. When Nasty heard of their plans she nearly gagged to death on the meal she was eating. Nasty thought Shu and Shin were going to be roommates, but it seems they have a third wheel.

She could see it now:
Ryo threatening Shu and getting flamed for it, Shin yelling at Ryo, being the big brother he is, while fighting off Shu from the kitchen.

It was one thing when all the guys lived with her in a big mansion of her grandfather's, but another for three of them to shack up in a small apartment where there was no where to hide.

Next was Touma. He wanted to travel the world or at least some of it. His goal was to see what others have not and maybe even become wiser, if that was possible for him. Touma wanted Seiji to go with him, but Seiji asked for a rain check. Seiji was under just as much stress as Nasty was, if not more. His family have been pressuring him to take over the dojo and take wife. Seiji's family needed another strong son and they made it clear that it was coming from his jeans. His family even went to the length of offering him several suitors that they felt were excellent to bore children.

Nasty remembered Seiji's family or at least his mother. 'Mrs.Date, AKA matchmaker.' She came by her house one day to visit her son. The older woman was surprised by Nasty. She came straight out and told her that she assumed Nasty was older. Nasty felt a little strange with the older woman. She didn't dislike her, in fact she loved her, that wasn't the problem. Seiji's mother would scan Nasty from head to toe every chance she got and then looked at her son with some kind of approval. Not something that many people would feel comfortable around or understand. Nasty never gave it a second thought.

Nasty walked towards her window to lean against it. She was hoping she could find the solution to her problems. She knew what the answer was, she just wasn't sure how to go about it? She had to tell him, she knew she couldn't let him go without letting him know how she felt, could she? In the last couple of years he was all she could think about. Nasty would be asked to go out on dates with other men only to reply she couldn't. Now, in a day, he and the rest of the guys are going to leave and confront a dangerous battle. They were going to war and she didn't know if they all would come back. Well, maybe she did. After all, they were the Samurai Troopers and with the help of the Masho she was sure they were going to win. That wasn't the point, all she had been through, all the pain and lost, she was going to repeat once more if she didn't do something. She would be in pain if she didn't tell him, she would lose by letting him go.

{I can't let that happen!}

Nasty left her spot from the window frame in a flash and headed out of her bedroom.

{No way in hell am I goanna let that happen!}

She was going to tell him, if he liked it or not. If she could stand through Arago's wrath she sure could as hell stand through that. What's the worst that could happen? Would he send her away or never speak to her?

Nasty stopped right there, right in front of his door. She never thought about what he would say. Her jade eyes fixed on the solid wood door, quiet, withdrawn, and worries weighed upon her.

{Bad idea, really bad idea! What the HELL was I thinking?}

Just as Nasty was about to retreat to her room, his door opened.


"Nasty?" he looked at her, disoriented.

"Seiji! Oh, hi, how are you? Um .. .you know what? I think I forgot to um . . . do something important?" she colored fiercely.

{What a dope, Nasty. Way to go girl! Not only did you make a bad move, but you came up with one of the stupidest excuses.}

She was crimson with resentment and humiliation.

"Nasty, you okay?" Seiji's smoky eyes showed concern. He moved his large hand from his side to rest snugly on her shoulder.

Nasty's head flew up, a sense of urgency drove her.

{Okay girl. You can do it. Just tell him and run like the wind as your life depended on it. Yeah, that's it! Give him the shock and take off before he can reply. Stupid, yes, but it's the only thing you can do.}

Her hazel jade eyes captured his. She took a deep breath in.

{Here goes nothing!}

"Seiji, I'm in love with you and have been for a very long time. I have no idea why I am telling you, but if I don't I know I could never live with myself. I just had to let you know before you left. You don't have to say anything, please don't. Just something I had to get off my chest. I'm gonna leave right now and run like the wind. If anyone needs me I'll be in my bedroom looking up information on the computer about our enemy. BYE!"

Just as Nasty was about to make a dash for it Seiji pulled her roughly, almost violently, to him.

{Oh, man, not going like it should! Okay, be ready for the worst put down in history. And what ever you do, don't cry. You already knew he didn't want you so don't even think...}

Nasty never got a chance to finish her thought.

"Nasty" he sighed. "Why?" his eyes locked onto hers, sending chills down her spine. "I don't know why you even give me a second thought? With they way I talk to you and ignore you I would think you would hate me for my coldness. So, whatever I did to earn it, I'm sorry. It's not that I don't care for you, I do, it's just...well."

"SEIJI! You Baka! How can you say you're sorry for me. Is loving someone 'BAD'!?!" Nasty punched his shoulder, a hot exultant tear trickled down her cheek. A stab of guilt lay buried in her breast. "Just tell me you'll stay," she whispered. "Just tonight, with me." In work she found a mildness solidity that helped camouflage the deep despair of loneliness.

Seiji sighed heavily, he should have said no. He should have walked away and ignored her. He should have never grabbed her arm in the first place, but then he'd never been very good at doing what was right when it came to human emotions. He couldn't look into her teary eyes and say no. He didn't want to hurt her, but it looks like it's to later for that. Why didn't he want to hurt her? Why did it matter?

"You shouldn't want me," he murmured, amazed that she did.

Nasty raised a hand and pressed her fingers to his lips. "Don't tell me how bad you are, Seiji. Or how I don't deserve you. Show me how good you can be."

He closed his eyes against a wave of pain, leaned down and brushed his lips against her cheek. His heart was thundering. It was as much of an answer as Nasty needed. She dropped her chin on his chest with a sigh of pleasure. She whispered, her breath hot against his chest.

"I love you and don't you even think your not worth it because, you are, so live with it and suck it up like the Trooper you are." Satisfaction pursed her mouth. She was both excited and aggravated at him, but that's what made her love him.

His anguish peaked to shatter the last shreds of his control. Taking her by the hand, he led her back into his moonlit room. Seiji lifted his hand and cupped her cheek, the fire in his eyes softening to tenderness.

"Seiji, let yourself live a little bit," she whispered. "Live. Not for work, not for somebody else's cause. For the moment. For yourself. Reach out and take something you want for once."

He seemed to be piercing at her intently. "Nasty, for once in my life... I'm happy to see you're still the most stubborn woman I know. I wish you would stop getting in the way and do what you're told," There was a softness in his voice.

She bit down hard on her lower lip. He stared at her tense body and deepened a sly smile. He slipped his hands up her arms, brining her closer and bent down to whisper in her nutmeg hair.

"I wouldn't want it any other way, Nasty, my Nasty." Her heart turned over in response.

{Seiji, you flirt.} She mocked to herself.

{Seiji, a flirt? Yeah, that'd be the day.} She resurrected herself.

Then he lowered his head and kissed her, softly, gently, experimentally. His lips, firm and smooth and oh-so-clever, moved against hers, rubbed over hers, seduced her into softening and responding. He inched a step closer, raising his other hand and sliding his fingers back into her silky hair.

"Please, Seiji. Don't leave me, stay with me. I need you and you need me" she sighed.

{Don't you dare leave! I mean it Seiji. If you walk away from this, I swear I kick the crap out of you! If I can't, I'll tell Anubis you called him a damn DOG!}

Hesitantly, he relaxed his lips beneath hers. Her fingers curled into fist, gathering the fabric of his shirt in bunches. Then he slid his arms around her, anchoring her against him, holding her safe and secure as she opened to him. Seiji groaned at her etermination and deepened the kiss.

"So, stubborn." He brushed his lips against hers.

"So brave." his lips made a low sensuous stroke.

"So . . . determined," he breathed in her vanilla scent.

"Perfect." his tongue eased into her mouth, probing deeply, suggestively.

{When this is all over, I plan to find out exactly where you learn to kiss, Mr.!} Nasty answered him with a tentative foray of her own, her tongue tracing his lower lip, dipping inside his mouth.

He wanted her, had wanted her from the first, this angel with her alluring combination of fire and fragility. Without breaking the kiss, he guided her down onto the bed, placing her hands down his waist and abandoned them there as he shrugged his shirt off and tossed it aside. He gasped a little at the feel of her hands, so cool and soft, gliding back up his chest. Nasty explored the smooth, hard planes and ridges of his body, marveling at the strength there, marveling at her own response to his fever-hot skin. When he lifted the hem of her top, the sound she made in her throat wasn't protest, but eager anticipation of pleasure. Naked from the waist up, she moved into him, what was left of her breath vaporizing in her lungs as her breasts flattened against him.

Seiji growled low in his throat as he kissed her. Like a sculptor admiring a work of art, he traced his hands down her back, caressing, exploring, interpreting every graceful curve, every plane and hollow. Lifting her into him, letting her know his arousal, letting her know how badly, how urgently, he wanted her. He felt her tongue dip into the hollow at the base of his throat, and the flames of desire licked at his sanity.

Need making his fingers clumsy, he fumbled with the rest of their clothes, undressing slowly, worshipfully. Once he was done with the disposal of their garments he moved back a little. Seiji admired her feminine curves, drinking them in. A delicate blush rose up her neck into her cheeks as he studied her, as if she was afraid he would somehow find her lacking.

"Come here, goddess of the sun," he whispered, holding out his hand to her. "Come here before your beauty undoes me."

He pulled her tight against him, kissing her greedily, hungrily, letting her know his words were more than just that.

"That was very corny, Seiji, my Seiji-kun," she sighed in pleasure as he bit her earlobe.

He smirked. "And the way you just said my name wasn't?" He traced his fingertip across her lip. Nasty reached up, pressing fervent kisses to his chest. eiji's control broke at the feel of her small taunting kisses. He tumbled her back on the soft bed, pushed her lips away with his and guided himself, squeezing his eyes shut as he eased into her. She closed her eyes and wrapped her arms and legs around him. He kissed her deeply, then playfully. He nipped the side of her neck, murmuring loving words to her as they moved together. They both breathed in deep soul drenching drafts as their bodies moved in exquisite harmony with each other. Involuntary tremors of arousal began, taking both of them over the edge, soaring higher. Exploding in a downpour of fiery sensations, Nasty felt the awesome, shuddering ecstasy as she shattered into a million glowing stars.

They laid still, panting from lack of breath as their bodies were naked and still moist from their lovemaking. Finally Seiji moved to Nasty's side, a moan of ecstasy slipped through her lips. He sighed in pleasant exhaustion and gathered her into his arms, sweetly draining all her doubts and fears. She settled back, enjoying the feel of his arms around her. Nasty's head fit perfectly in the hollow between his shoulder and neck. Seiji bent down to touch her temple with his lips. His mouth curved into an unconscious smile, a slight amused laugh rumbled in his throat.

"Seiji?" she looked into his mysterious eyes, pushing back his honey blond hair.

"You know what, Nasty?" he smirked mischievously. "Mom was right when she said I had it bad for you." A great peal of laughter left his lips.

"Seiji!" Nasty hit him over the head.

"Your mother knew you liked me and you didn't even bother to listen to her!" Nasty glared at him. And you call my stubborn!" She fumed, landing over Seiji's chest, laughing in sheer joy.

"I guess we're two peas in a pod? And might I add, two good looking peas." he mocked.

"I think you lost it. What would the guys think when I tell them about your new sense of humor?"

"They would think you've been spending WAY too much time at the computer." His eyebrows arched.

Both of them broke out and rolled their eyes. Nasty leaned up a reclaimed his lips, crushing him to her.

"Seiji? Promise me you will come back in one piece." her lips brushed against his.

"I have to. If I want to take over the dojo and teach you a thing or two about being a respectful member in my family." He smiled against her lips, then recaptured hers, more demanding this time.

"I have to." Her breath caught as he shifted his hips and eased into her again.

{Yes Seiji, you have to.} She thought. She arched her hips against his, closed her eyes, and held onto him tight for the return trip to heaven.

{My chains have been unleashed, under the cherry blossoms.}


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