Mia vs. Mina

At the studio…

Kento: Hello fans. Kento Fung & Cye Mouri here. Live at Girl vs. Girl.

Cye: Today's girls are Mia Koiji and Mina Misimi.

Kento: You might not remember what started this war.

Cye: So lets show our viewers what happened last time.

Roll tape!

Rolling tape!

Sage: Mina I don't want……

Mina: Shhhhhhh! Don't say a word! I want to give you something.

Sage: What?

Mina kisses sage on the lips. For a long time until……

Mia: (enters scene) Sage….. Sage!

Sage: Mia!

Mia: I can't believe you! (Runs away)

Sage: * speech less *

Mina: Sage don't worry. You don't her want anyway. You have me now.

Back to the studio……..

Cye: ouch!

Kento: Ouch is right! but that isn't all that happened!

Roll that tape! Babe!

Rolling tape!

In the library….

Mia: Mina

Mina: Mia

Mia: Sage isn't big enough for the both of us!

Mina: You're right. But I already have Sage! So you can't win! Hmph!

Mia: Oh yah! I challenge you to a girl match. And the grand prize is Sage. So what do you say, winner takes all.

Mina: you're on!

At the competition. Mina is in the head lead. Which is leaving Mia steamed. But in the second round the girls are tied. But next is the third and the last round! Who will win?! Find out on the next episode of Girl vs. Girl!

End of chapter one