Mia vs. Mina

Back at the studio………

Kento: Welcome back to Girl vs. Girl.

Cye: The next round is the round of the poofs.

Kento: Let's see or competitors.

Mia and Mina step into the ring. The bell goes off and they begin to fight, with pompom balls.

Kento:Oooooow! What a match! Oh and by the way whoever falls out of the ring loses and who ever is still in the ring wins.

Cye: This might take forever! See these girls.

(You see the girls punch in, hiting, pulling each other's hair)

Cye: Gee. I hope any kids under 18 aren't watching this.

Kento: Cye! Cye! Cye!

Cye: WHAT!

Kento: You just missed it!

Cye: I missed what?

Kento: Mina knocked Mia out of the ring! I'll show you in slow motion what happened! Rolling tape!

Mina takes her left pompom and pushes it into Mia's stomach. Knocking Mia out of the ring.

Back at the studio……..

Cye: What! Mina won! How will this effect Sage?

Kento: What don't you ask him.

Sage: (enters scene)

Cye: Sage! Mina Won! How does this affect you!?

Sage: In no way at all.

Cye & Kento: What!

Sage: It was all a misunderstanding. Mina was just using me, but she asked. When she thought that person was coming out she pretended to kiss me. But Mia came out instead. And she made Mia jealousy instead.

Kento: Who was she trying to make jealousy?

Sage: Cye. She has a crush on him and wants him to notice her. And I found out today from Ryo that Cye has a crush on Mina!

Mina enters the scene. She snatches up Cye and kisses him. Then throws him back in his chair and sit s in his lap! Then Mia comes in and sits on Sages lap.

Mina: Sorry Mia for the misunderstanding.

Mia: It is ok. Sorry about the misunderstanding also.

Mina: It is okay (puts on a sly smile) Mia I forgot what was today was, but now I remember. Do you know what it is? And do the guys work?

Mia: NO I don't know what tomorrow is. And yes the guys do work.


Sage & Cye: Nooooo!

So Mia and Mina drag off Cye and Sage to the princess festival. On the way out Cye and Sage seem to be praying.

Kento: Join us next week on Girl vs. Girl!

End of chapter two.