Youkai Fire Fox

Night of eternal darkness . . . night of the Nightwalkers . . .

Dawn of the Dark Ages is the setting of this old classic tale of the Nightwalkers. The silver wolves and vampires, hunter and hunted. They are the beasts of the night stripped of their souls and innocence lost. The night has rhythms of its own. Rhythms that resonate in the flesh, blood, and bones of all earth’s creatures. Man, alone, has forgotten them, forgotten they ever mattered.

Watching the brutal occurrence through clear violet eyes tinted with gold afire with curiosity and wisdom is Seiji, a vampire unaware of his supernatural abilities. However, the fearsome Nightwalker is about to be reborn from his ruins.

The adventure he embarks will lead him farther than he can imagine… to the gates of mysterious secrets-to the gates of forgotten emotions of his very soul . . .

Readers of the night . . . Beware of the Blood Moon Rising!


Authors Notes: I do not own YST/RWs, blah, blah; yata, yata and you don't even care what I say and neither do I. This fiction is under a supernatural category, not your average YST/RW plot. I don't have all the characters from YST/RW in here, maybe a guest appearance, but that's all. Main charter is, Seiji and that is all I am saying. =0_o= Not much action, but there is plenty of mystery. I hope you enjoy my writing, don't be afraid to send replies, good ones or baddies. Though if I get a flame, I'm sending a cannon flame ball right back at you. *G* Cara mia . .


"You will regret this, Seiji," she had told him on what he had thought would be their last night together.

He did not believe her and went home to his apartment.

Then one night Jacqueline appeared in his room as if by magic.

"I came to give you what only I can give, and the price is very dear, Seiji, my Gabriel," she had promised in her soft, silky voice.

"Jacqueline, I don't know how you got here, but I want you out. It's over, there's nothing between us, and never was." Seiji was amazed at how cool he was behaving; he always was one to control his temper. However, this was the last straw, he was going to let go of his rage, and he had enough. "OUT! JACQUELINE!"

"My dear Gabriel," she had whispered.

"I don't know why you insist that I'm Gabriel, but I want it to stop! I'm not him! Never was and never will be!"

"Cara mia, it's not too late," she had said "Only say you will be mine for one night. I will restore your dreams, Gabriel, and give you riches beyond your wildest dreams."

"Too late," he had snapped.

As soon as he had given Jacqueline his last words, a change had come over her. All softness seemed to vanish from her face, her eyes now glowed with a fierce and terrible light.

She sat down beside him on the bed, drew him into her embrace, and kissed him. Her lips had been cold as the grave, and then when he tried to pull away her arms tightened around him as she laughed coldly, a dry sound, like old bones rattling. He had thought to call his armor of Yoroi, but something prevented him.

Fear had shot through him and he struggled harder to escape her, but was unsuccessful. His strength was nothing compared to hers.

With ease, she held him down as her body covered his she kissed his cheek, his mouth, her lips burning a path to the side of his neck.

He gasped when he felt her teeth prick the skin, the sensation one of horrifying pain. Then he had felt himself drowning, suffocating in darkness and fear. His skin grew cold as a winter night, and he knew his breathing had grown shallow and labored. He felt as though he something had swallowed him up and covered him in terror unlike anything he had ever known or imagined.

He looked at her blankly, not comprehending, as she bit her own wrist and pressed it to his mouth.

As if from far away, he heard her voice.

"Drink, Cara mia."

He had been too weak to resist when she pressed her bleeding wrist to his mouth. "Drink, Seiji, drink my Gabriel!," she urged, again.

He obeyed because he lacked the will to do otherwise. Like a river's tide, life flowed back into him, filling him. He closed his eyes tight, as he suck and drank.

When she took her wrist from his mouth, he opened his eyes wanting to ask for more. Then he saw Jacqueline move closer to him, her lips stained with his blood.

He stared at her in horror. "What have you done?"

She smiled at him, with long and sharp canines.

"I have fulfilled my promise," she said. "I have given you more power with immortality and the ability to gather the wealth of the world."

Rising to full height, she pulled a white handkerchief from her pocket and delicately wiped the blood, his blood, from her lips. He shuddered with revulsion when she used that same handkerchief to wipe her blood from his mouth.

She remained at his side while his body cast off the last of his humanity. His senses, now sharper than before, were bewildering, frightening. Colors had been brighter, the candlelight hurt his eyes, and the slightest sound bruised his ears.

She told him, in a voice empty with emotion, that he must have blood to live, food would sicken him, but he refused to believe her.

With amusement, she left the room, returning a short time after with a handful of juicy strawberries. To prove her wrong, he ate them all. A moment later, pain knifed through him and he dropped on his knees, his stomach retching violently.

"It's almost dawn," she said, her gaze darting to the window and back. "You can go out in the sunlight, but you must be able to control your atoms, make sure they are under control. Our minds can cause them to separate, without destroying us. Our minds stay intact, though the atoms scatter and will permit you to walk in sunlight. However, you must take a rest now and then, or you will be too weak to move, and you will not be able to control your atoms. If that happened, then yes, you would burn in the fires of the sun.

He stared at her, not believing her words.

"You are a Nightwalker of the shadows now," Jacqueline explained. "You can not die. However, there are some ways to shorten your life. If you forget to control your atoms, the sun will kill you. Holy water will burn, but not mark your flesh. You can procreate if you wish, but you are also able not to if you desire. Crosses do nothing, those are fairy tales, but it is fun to pretend that they have some affect on you. What fools these mortals are." Her laugh was cold and vicious. "Cara mia, I promised you would pay, my dear."

Now Seiji stood in the shadows of the café, watching Nasuti. He needed her help, if no one else could, she could. He has not seen her in three years; never did he write nor call. This was the time to put an end to it. She might be frightened, so he will not tell her about himself fully, unless it is necessary. There will be time for that later. She would be curious, but respectful. That is what he needed.

He could have contacted the guys, but he didn't. He has not even seen them for a while, except for Touma. Thank God that Touma is out of the country.

Ryo is a grand leader, but too hot headed to listen. Shu is strong as no other and right now Seiji is stronger so there is no hope in him. Shin would comfort, that is not what Seiji needed. Touma would have been great but Seiji could not bring himself to tell him. If he told one then the rest would find out that is too dangerous for them. He might be able to protect one, not all. That is why Nasuti was his final hope. He needed to figure things out, find a way out of this mess. Moreover, most of all get away from Jacqueline. He knew she would kill him and anyone who came to his aid for she had told him. He hoped her jealousy would be the end of her. Hope. Hope no longer existed. He has to stop Jacqueline before something awful happens. She said she would go after his family if she had too, and he knew she would if she wanted. Before he went to task, he must first find a way to free himself. Nasuti was all he could look to for hope. She was smart, understandable, helpful and most of all, she was his savior. How she would love to hear that that. He laughed to himself.

He remembered how angry she would get during the wars with the Dynasty. They would order her to stay away; she could only make it worse if she tried to assist. Her reaction was to give them a full lecture about how wrong they were. She hated them when they had come to her aid. She cussed at them for treating her as though she was a weakling; now was her chance to prove herself.

He will come to her, but not now. He needs rest and a meal. Kami-sama…a meal! He could not kill an innocent human. It was hard enough to live off live rats and chickens, but a real human. No! Seiji was one with nature; he had to find another way. Maybe Nasuti would help him- CHRIST NO! Did he just think about taking Nasuti's blood? There has to be a blood bank near by, which would work. He could sneak in unnoticed. That was one of the grand’s about being a Nightwalker. People did not notice you for all they see are a shadow.

Yes… that was what he was; a shadow of the night.