Youkai Fire Fox

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The after noon of the following day Nasuti received a phone call at the University, in the ancient history department.

"Yaguy-san?" said the secretary.

"Ee, Yui?" came the annoyed reply. She was busy looking up the latest discovery. An ancient poem, believed to be about Susano, the Storm God, second son of Izangai and Izanami.

"There's a young man on the phone Yaguy-san. He wishes to speak with you," her tone was apologetic. "I told him you're busy, but he insist that it is important, a must."

"Who is it, Yui?

"I'm sorry, but he would not say."

"So desu, put him through." Her voice shook a little, wondering who could be on the phone.

"Will do Yaguy-san."


"Ee Yaguy-san?" was the humble reply.

A flash of humor crossed Nasuti's face. "Yiu, stop being so formal. You make me feel old. For crying out loud, you're my friend, not my slave."

"As you wish Mistress Nasuti," she teased.

Nasuti clicked one of the buttons on her phone for the incoming phone call.

"Konnichi wa. Yagyu Nasuti desu. How may I help you?" She spoke eagerly.

"Nasuti-san," the voice was velvet-edged and strong.

"SEIJI! Is that you?" the heavy lashes that shadowed her cheeks flew up instantly.

"No, it's Brad Pitt." He drawled with distinct mockery.

"Seiji where the HELL have you been? You have not called me in a long time or write. When was the last time I even saw you?” she paused, “Two years ago?"

Awkwardly, he cleared his throat. "Technically, it’s been three years. Nevertheless, right now that does not matter. I need to speak to you in person."

A quick and disturbing thought entered her mind.

"Seiji, are you okay? Is something wrong?" she thought that perhaps Seiji was disturbed with personal matters at home.

"Nasuti-san, it's not as bad as you think. I'm not disturbed, I just need some assistance with something." he soothed her in his calm tone.

How did he know I thought he was disturbed? She wondered.

"What do you need help with?"

"Well, I will tell you more about that when I see you. It’s really nothing, just needing you to look up information, that's all." Seiji realized how hard it would be to tell her the whole story. He will just take his time; maybe she would not have to know about his entire situation?

"Oh, okay. Um, you can come by later tonight, at my home? Around eight or nine, sound good? "

"8:30 should be good for me. Thank you Nasuti-chan."

"GREAT! I can make us some dinner. You liked my Udon soup, right?" she was refreshed with excitement.

The thought of one of her home cook meals tore at his insides. He will never be able to eat food like that without having a knife rip through his stomach.

"No thank you, Nasuti. I just had a big meal not to long ago, but thank you for your kind offer."

"That's okay, Seiji. I did not want to cook anyway. Shu kind of took it out of me." She exasperated.

He exhaled a long sigh of contentment.

"I'm amazed you ever want to cook," he laughed, “I have to go, Nasuti. I will see you tonight. Have a good day."

She flushed. "Thank you, Seiji-kun. I will see you. Sayonara!"

They hung up.

Seiji never had heard Nasuti call him Seiji-kun before; he liked it, made him think that he was human and not a vampire who walked in his shadows.

"What do you mean, you can't see me after class tonight?"

Raphael Frontvilliers stared at her, his brow furrowed, his eyes mirroring his confusion. He was a handsome young man, tall and lean, with inborn grace of a Viscount. His hair pigment was tawny blond, eyes the color of mint green; his lips were full and sensual. His distinct accent is from France, were he was born and raised. He is one of Nasutie's partners in the study of Ancient Asian mythology. His family owns a museum dedicated to such studies in France.

"I have an appointment," Nasuti replied.

"An appointment? With whom?"

"I do not believe this. It is like the twenty question show.” An exasperated sigh escaped her lips. “An old friend and if you must know, I'm meeting Seiji. I told you about him and the guys who use to live with me."

Understanding replaced confusion in Raphael's eyes, but only for a moment as jealousy quickly took its place.

"I would like to come with you," Raphael insisted.

Nasuti was curious, seeing the change on his face.

"Monsieur, don't be silly." Nasuti lauded as if sincerely amused.

Raphael laid his hand on her arm. "Mademoiselle, I insist." He forced a smile.

"Au revoir, Raphael."

"Au revoir, Mademoiselle?"

She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before leaving.

"Oui, au revoir, monsieur." She replied at the door.

"Tomorrow?" He pleaded.

"Maybe, Raphael. I don't know?" She flushed and then left.

Nasuti arrived two hours before Seiji's attendance was required. She bathed quickly, slipped into modest dark aqua-green pants, top, and pulled her long nut-brown hair in a ponytail. She filled a bowl with grapes and cheese, placed a bottle of wine and two glasses on the living room table.

She animated by the time she heard his knock at the door.

Putting on her smile, she crossed the room and opened the door.

He stood in the shadows, his right eye covered by a flock of honey blond hair. He was dressed in beige khakis with an open midnight dress shirt and a leather jacket.

"Seiji," she exclaimed, her voice filled with joy. "Long time no sees Mr."

"Come in." She bowed and closed the door behind him. "Let me take your jacket."

"Thank you, Yaguy-san." He added a slight bow.

Seiji strode across the hallway and went straight to the main room to sit on the far end of one of the sofas.

"Would you like something to eat?" Nasuti asked, pointing toward the kitchen. "Some wine, maybe?"

"A glass of wine would be fine," he said.

She filled two glasses, and then sat down beside him.

"So how's life been treating you?" she asked.

"Life?” His voice was calm, his gaze steady. “Hell…”

"Seiji?" she spoke in a broken whisper.

He looked at her and could not help but smile. Waving off the concern in her eyes, he continued. "The reason I'm here Nasuti, is to ask you to look up some information. You still have your connections in France and Italy, right?"

She looked up, disoriented. "Of course. My grandfather had many friends in high places."

He nodded. "Good. I would like you to look up a couple of things."

She shrugged to hide her confusion.

"Is it possible to look up a man by the name of Gabriel DeMont? His name is French, but I believe he lived in Italy or some European country, during the 1600's? Though, I believe it is most likely that he would be listed around the 1400's."

"I-I can try Seiji.” Concern irked her voice. “Who is he?”

His violet eyes darkened as he held her gaze. "No questions Nasuti. At least not now and no worries either."

She smiled and nodded her head, shaking her concern out. "Any thing else that I could assist with?"

"Hai. I would like to see some information about Vampires. Articles from about 300 yeas ago, written by common people who claimed to see these beast." He spit out on the last word.

"What an odd request, Seiji?" She laughed. "Planning to become a vampire or something? Some kind of cult, eh?"

His glare burned through her, reflecting bitterness. It sent her pulse spinning.

"Seiji, ar-are you in trouble?"

"No questions for now. It's nothing I want you to worry about."

"Maybe I should call the guys?"

"Touma's out of the Country, Ryo is somewhere with his farther, Shu is spending time with his family and Shin is teaching swimming up North." He stated with factually.

"Oh. Well, Shin is the closest, I'm sure he won't mind coming down?"

"Iie, if I want him, I will call. But there is no need for him."

"Seiji you're scaring me."

He placed a hand on her shoulder to comfort. "I'm sorry. If I do, it is not on purpose."

Biting her lip, she looked away. "Seiji, you seem so different. I know you were always distant, but something is out of place, something is gone… I think?"

He sighed, "Indeed,"

She looked up at him with an effort. "I know you won't tell me and that's okay. I respect that; just don't tell me any lies."

"I never planned to lie to you." He only hoped that was the truth.

"Ja, I'll go off and make a room for you."

Seiji tightened his hand on her shoulder in a possessive gesture. "That's okay. I plan to stay at a hotel."

"No way, you're staying right here Mr., No, ifs ands or buts." She pushed herself into a standing position.

His infectious grin set the tone. "If I stay, will you do as I ask without questions?"

"Um, okay?"

"Anything I say? Even if it makes no sense to you?"

A slight frown lined her brow. “I don’t understand.”

”It is quite simple. I’ll stay, but only if you promise to do whatever I ask, without questions, no matter how odd it might seem at the time.”

”I promise.”

”Good.” He laughed. “I think I would like to go to bed. I’ll take my old room.” She watched him as he rose to his feet.

”Good night, Seiji,” The warmth of her smile echoed in her voice.

”Sweet dreams, cara mia.”

”Cara mia?” her brows rose.

”Um, it’s Italian. Good night.” Seiji ran up the stairs, clearing his throat awkwardly.

”But . . .” Nasuti bit off the word. She would do whatever he asked, without question, just as she had promised. However, not asking questions was far harder than she had anticipated.


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