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Author Notes: Your reviews are so sweet! Flattery will gain you more chapters! I was not planning to continue chapter VI until…*thinks*, well, let us just say not for a while. -_-Looks like the while is up. I myself am a lil’ anxious to heat & steam up my plot.

I have read over the replies that were wondering about certain aspects of my story:

Is Natrainia Nasuti: I never thought about this. From my response, you can tell I did not consider Nasuti and Natrainia one in the same. Now that this caught my attention, you will just have to stay tune for the answers. *evil laugh*

Will the other YST cast members show up: I am thinking about one (or two) of the Troopers. I am afraid if I bring them all it would interfere with my story line. Too many characters are hard for me, I enjoy giving everyone a good part, and this would limit their space.

Is Seiji the reincarnation of Gabriel: There are two ways to look at this. One: Jacqueline is nuts... The first blond man she sees and she yodelers. “Whoop, there he is.” Second: Gabriel is either a distant Foreign ancestor or Seiji really is the recreation of Lord De`Mont. I will let you the readers decide on this. In my opinion, I always wondered why the Armor chose those young men. The Ancient created the Elements of the purist emotions many decades ago and defeated Arago at one time. Did the armor have previous wearers? I would like to think the armor never chose the men. The Samurai’s were merely heirs to its power. After all, Seiji found his armor in his basement of his house, obviously his family protected Korin until Seiji could inherit it. “I’ll shut up now and write the story. Like anyone is really going to read A/N notes.” *rolls eyes*


“What is it Raphael?” Nasuti asked. “You look as if you’ve seen a ghost.”

“Yaguy Nasuti. . .” He stumbled into her home; the fear had choked him at his apartment still strong.

“What do you have in your arms?” she asked.

“Stakes, silver bullets, garlic, holy water and um…a cross.” He said as though it was a normal thing for a man to carry. “It’s really nothing.” He muttered, too agitated by what had happened at home to be concerned with his appearance.

I cannot believe I thought this man was actually normal and appealing for me to hang around. He is just as bad as the boys are…

“Christ the Lord and Saints above, Nasuti, he’s a monster!”

Exasperated, she closed the door, and then drew her nightgown more tightly around her. “Have you been drinking? Is that why you got me out of bed at this hour of the night-no-morning? To tell me that, let me guess…Seiji is a monster?”

“It’s true. You own grandfather knew about them!”

“Excuse me?” she gasped. With his free hand, he manages to pull three discs from his pocket.

“Here’s some chiberish about Samurais and um…well, you know what’s on it. Doesn’t matter.” He sputtered out. “All the more reason for Date Seiji to be a monster. I have been having these dreams for a while and tonight I had it again…I saw something…a skull, then a woman. An..and this woman came to my dreams…told me about Seiji and by God I nearly thought I was going in sane!”

"Not only that, you have no respect for privatize!” she seized her grandfather’s disc.

“How could you!”

He looked at her confused. “Easy, you just hack into a computer and...”

“I know how to steal data. Quit being sarcastic on purpose Ralph, I meant how you could do something like this personally to me.”

He ignored her outburst. “I felt…evil. Nothing in all my life have I felt evil. You have to believe me. He’s unholy.”

“Urg…you’re not making sense.” She shot back. “For god’s sake, sit down. You’re scaring me.” Calmly she smiled to reassure him his safety. What safety. I plan to kill him after what he did to me. See if he can live through a Yaguy lecture on discipline. “I’ll get you a glass of hot milk.”

With a weary nod, Raphael sank down on the sofa and closed his eyes. “Make that brandy.” He could not forget the horror that had surrounded him in his apartment, the terrible sense of evil, of danger. And the dream he had of death.”

"Here,” Nasuti said, handing him a glass of brandy as he requested. “Drink this.” While he sipped the brandy, she gathered his unique equipment. “My god, Raphael, you’re shaking…” she breathed, looking at the glass in his hand. He was spilling alcohol all over her carpet. She immediately grabbed for the glass and then his hands. “Why are you so scared? Should I call a doctor? Are you sick?”


“Then what is wrong?” She spread her hands to show her frustration. Nasuti moved and sat at the edge of the sofa, her back turned away from him.

“Vampires…” he whispered. Nasuti shot up from her position.

Was not Seiji’s visit for me to gather information on vampires? Not like I couldn’t believe in such things. How much off could this be from floating evil heads and samurais of…oh my god!

“Where are you going?” Raphael reached for her when she darted toward the kitchen.

“I’m calling someone.” She retorted nervously.


“Come with me, Gabriel,” she crooned, her gold eyes shining with lust for blood. “Let us hunt together.” Slowly, Seiji shook his head, biting his anger. “Go away, Jacque,” he said wearily. “I don’t want you.”

She drew herself to full height, her expression regal, haughty.

“You wanted me once, Seiji Date. Can you deny that it was good between us?” A knowing smile teased her lips. “I see that you remember the nights we spent together. In all my years, Gabriel, I have not found another lover to compare with you.”

He stared at her, hating her because what she said was true. They had been good together. She had loved him with passion, strength and endurance that only a vampire could possess. She had been insatiable, hungry for his touch, and he had delighted in it. At the time, he had thought it was because he was a superb lover. He knew now that, even as a mortal, she would have been insatiable, forever lusting for more.

Eager to put some distance between them, he walked towards the wall and leaned against it.

“You haven’t told me why you’re here.”

“I’m lonely,” she said. “Lonely and bored. Won’t you amuse me for a little while, cara mia, for old time sake?”


“Once you wanted what only I could give you,” she said her voice brittle. “Now I want what only you can give me.”

Seiji shook his head. “There are other vampires in the world, Jacque. Seek your pleasure from one of them.” He sighed bitterly. “I can’t give you what you want.”

“I’m not asking for your love, Seiji, only a moment of your time.”

He swallowed a sarcastic laugh. Lire! “No. You have nothing to tempt me with this time, Jacque. You can’t offer me life.” He breathed a weary sigh. “Go away.” Her eyes narrowed viciously, her lips thinned, and he wondered how he had ever thought her beautiful.

“So,” she hissed, “you would deny me a single night in your bed?”

“I would deny you a single minute.”

“Think carefully, Gabriel,” she warned. “I’ve already tempted that fool Frenchman Frontvilliers. I would do much worse to that pathetic female friend of yours who melts whenever she’s near you.”

In an instant, he was across the ally, his hand locked around her throat. “You will not touch a hair on her and will stay away from that Frontvillers. Do you hear me? Not a hair!”

She laughed in his face. “Do you think to threaten me, Seiji?”

“It is no threat, Jacqueline. If you dare to lay a hand on Nasty, I will drag you out into the sunrise and hack off your head while you burn.”

She made a low sound of disbelief. “That female annoys you, and yet you would protect her?”

“If need be. She is my friend. Look at me Jacque. Never doubt that I mean what I say. If it means I would die with you so be it.”

“You fool! Do you think I have survived for a thousand years intimidated by the fools like you? Be careful where you rest, cara mia. I have those who will do my bidding when I lay down. They will not hesitate to chop your ungrateful head, and then bring it to me.” She glared at him defiantly.

“And what do you think will become of your little friends?” She laughed softly, wickedly. “I should not have to destroy a creature as handsome as you, mon amour. Perhaps, I shall bring the girl over instead. Would you like that?”

Seiji’s hands wrapped around her throat, choking off her breath. He wished fervently that he could squeeze the life from her body, but such a thing was impossible. With a cry of frustration, he let her go, and then wiped his hands on the sides of his trousers, as if touching her had somehow defiled him.

Rage flickered in the depths of her hell-gold eyes. “You will regret this night, Gabriel. I promise you, you will regret this night!”

“Jacque!” Fear for Raphael and especially Nasuti’s life rose up within him. “Damn you, Jacque, come back here!”

But it was too late. She was gone in a swirling gray mist, her voice trailing behind her like smoke.

You will regreat this night. . .

Seiji ran a hand though his sweaty hair. Damn! What had he done? Why had he not given Jacque what she wanted? A night of his time. What difference would one night have made.

He glanced up to the sky. The sky was growing light, changing from black to indigo. I cannot stay when the sun rises. Jacqueline would have to go to find shelter from the rise of the sun, as would he. Muttering an oath, and continued out of the darken streets.


“My god, Seiji, you look like shit!” exclaimed a worried Shuu.

Shin and Nasuti whirled around, their eyes filled with shock.

The silence stretched between them.

Seiji glanced toward Nasuti, his eyes full with anger. You called them! Don’t you know the danger you are all putting yourselves through? His gaze softens with dread as the thought of Nasuti lying in a pool of her own blood floated through his mind. What have I done?

“Why didn’t you call us, man?” Shuu demanded, furiously. “What the hell is wrong with you? Nasuti was practically babbling with tears on the phone saying crap like you were infected and shit.”

Shin silently walked forward, stooping in front of him.

“Why didn’t you ask for help?”

“You must know why?” His eyes flashed a burning flame.

“Because you’ve… I mean…you’re a. . . .”



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