Valentine's day

It was a sunny afternoon at the Koiji house hold and Mia wads watching a certain blondie play tag with the guys. She had a crush on Sage ,or the blondie. She had always wanted to tell him that loved him but she was to shy to tell him. It was almost valentines day so she decided on something.

Ishould get Sage something for valentines day,” Mia thought to herself.> < But what? * thinks* I know roses! BUT NOT ONE HOW ABOUT TWELVE! YES! TWELVE!> < so it’s setteled>

Out in the front yard…..

"So Sage are you getting something for a special some one this valentines,” Rowan questioned.

*blushed* "Me! No! I haven’t found that special someone yet,” Sage said shyly.

Just then Kento yelled, ”Last one in is a rotten egg!"

"Come on Sage! We don’t want to be late do we!" Rowan yelled. But Sage was deeply thinking about something.

I wish I had someone to love. Sage sadly thought.

End of Ch. 1