Valentine's Day
Ch. 2

It was the morning of valentines day and on Sage's dresser was something special. Twelve red roses laid there. Signed your secret admirer.

"Oooooo sage has a secret admirer," The guys teased.

"Knock it off,” Sage said harshly. I don’t even know who it is. "I hope it is not lady kyra." Rowan thought.

After that little discussion the guys left Sage alone to gaze and wonder about his present. "

I can’t belive I have a secret admirer! Oh I wonder what she looks like, and what she likes, and I hope she likes more than my looks," stated Sage. But then a terrible thought came over him. "What if it wasn’t a girl who gave me this present. Maybe it was a guy," Sage said. Trying to picture one of the guys giving him a kiss gave him a very cold shock.

Listening outside his room who he was unaware of, giggled at all of Sage's open thoughts. "I can’t wait until he finds out I sent him the present," Mia thought joyfully in her head.

Anyway Sage went downstairs and started to phone all the girls he knew to find our if they gave him the present. Each time sage phoned one of them he got the same reply “no”. And followed “No! Wait! I think I did send them to you.” After awhile Sage gave up with phoning the girls and went in the front room to ask the guys something.

"Guys I know this might surprise you but did one of you send me these roses," Sage asked. Suddenly every one stop what they were doing and looked at Sage. Shocked at the very odd question all of there jaws dropped all the way to the floor and shook their heads no.

At last Sage did the last thing he could he went back to the phone and called his sister Sat over.

End of ch. 2

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