Valentine's Day
Ch. 3

Sat. had arrived at the Koiji house a few minutes ago. There they sat outside on the porch talking up a storm when Mia came around.

Mia: I think I will tell Sage that I like him now.

When all of a sudden she saw a female figure with black hair and was as tall as Sage was sitting right next to Sage. There she saw sage kiss her right on the check.

Miaís heart broke. She thought that Sage thought that that was the girl who gave him the flowers. Right then right there Mia turned around and ran into the forest weeping uncontrollably.

In the forest Mia started to talk to herself out loud not noticing who was listening to her from above.

Mia: I was such a fool to think that sage was going to like me! I should of never gotten him those roses in the first place.

Mia said these so loud that she didnít even hear Rowan who was in the tree above hear. Poor Mia . She dosenít know thatís Sages sister was here. Well I guess Iím going to have to be the one who tells Sage about this. Then rowan quietly left Mia and went to go tell Sage about what he heard.

Back at the Koiji house holdÖ..

Sat: Nichan you talk a lot. But the most I have you heard talk about is a girl named Mia. Do you have a secret crush on this girl?

Sage: * blushes super deep red* Well Ö Well I donít know all I know is that I really like when she is being stubborn.

Sat: Well I think that is a start to a crush. No I take that back from the way you are looking I say you do have a crush on Mia.

Sage was shocked. Even though he did have a little crush on Mia he thought that it would never be more than a crush.

Sat: Nichan! NICHAN!

Sage: What! I mean yes!

Sat: I'm going inside okay!

Sage: Alright!

End of ch.3

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