Valentine's Day
Ch. 4

Rowan ran as fast as his legs could carry him until he met sage at the house.

Rowan: Sage, *gasp* Mia *gasp* Gave you the *gasp* flowers!!

Sage: What I donít understand?

Rowan: I was sitting in a tree when I saw Mia. And overheard that she gave you the flowers!

Sage: Really, well I can fix that!!!

When Mia came home she went right up to her room. In her room was the most beautiful group of flowers ever. There were white roses, red roses, and yellow roses. Mia could not believe her eyes!! But in the bunch there was a Note on it. It Read:

Dear Mia,
I love you too.

Mia: Sage, I Love You Too!!

End of chapter 4