Card of Major Arcana; Death
Youkai Fire Fox (

Author Notes: I thought up a story last night, I'm very creative when I'm sick with a cold. lol I hope my action scenes were descriptive enough? I'm a huge fan of action, I wanted to achieve in satisfying my taste. Unfortunately, I'm no Ann Rice, so my attempt is just that. LOL =P If there are any spelling mistakes or improper grammar I apologies. I have no Spell check nor grammar and my Word program is gone so I was forced to open this draft on a simple DOC. *sucks*

To those who've read my other story Blood Moon Rising I assure you that as soon as my 'Word' is back and running I will begin my drafts. I'm even going to try to go to the extent of writing both chapter IIII and IV instead of waiting to write the next draft as I normally do. Considering that BMR is a long novel in progress I feel more comfortable having it set up on Word. That way I don't lose the chance of deleting it.

If you take note, Yami Ma Sho (Darkness Demon General), name for Yoroiden-Samurai Troopers is Anubis, technically the accurate name is Anubis(u). Often the u is left out when written in Romanji, and the u is silent in the name. This reminds me of the mistake Sunrise made with Ryo. Ronin Warriors pronounced his name as Ryo, the correct pronunciation from the manga was Ry(u). *tear drops*

Warning, Ma Sho bashing. I had a hard time bashing Anubisu/Cale/Sasaki Kujuurou (he has alot of names, don't he?). He's my favorite Ma Sho along with Nazza. Funny how I bash my favorites, ain't it? PG-13

Title Notes: -I've named my story after my Tarot birth Card of Major Acana, Death: The most misunderstood card in the Tarot is the 13th card, which very rarely is to be taken literally but signifies a letting go of the past in order to grow beyond limitations, metamorphically.- *I really had no idea what to name my story? Hey, it's better than Die, DIE dIe! j/k^-.-^*

Disclaimer: I don't own YST. YST and R/W belong to Sunrise Animation, Nagoya TV, Sony Music Entertament and CBS.

Youkai Fire Fox

The deathly frigid breeze swept across the field sending shivers down any of those whom might be in its path. Blood scented the chilled air and glistened upon the wet grass. Pale moonlight illuminated the deadly battlefield as it shone onto the corpses of fallen opponents.

Five solitary shadows were cast upon the ground with one laid sprawled across the moist grass. The shadows were surrounded by the Dynasty Ma Sho and Arago's youjakai. They surrounded the young men creating a circle of doom. Two figures of a woman and boy stood in silence away from the midst of the action, unfortunately not far enough to be out of danger. The breeze tugged at the tree branches as a shower of rusty leaves blew past Touma’s and Shin's pale faces sending chills down Ryo's spine and Shu's anger stirred.

Seiji's icy violet eyes were closed in a still sleep as darkness settled over his pale features. His armor no longer shone with the silver lightning of polished jade. Ryo glanced at the young boy and woman while lowering his gaze from their terrified faces. Tear tracks were running down the woman's cheek, her arms stretched to encircle the boy and herself in a cocoon of anguish. Ryo felt hollow as his voice resounded in his conscious.

~I've failed...My dear friend Seiji tried to warn me, tried to scream the danger that was coming my way..and I've failed so miserably. I didn't hear him, I couldn't.............why? Why didn't I hear!~

~By the time I realized I was in danger it was too late; too late for everything. He threw himself in front of me, protected me.... Protected me from the nodachi, the sword that was meant for me, the sword which pierced his body instead of mine. Protected me from the Yami Ma Sho , the man that was suppose to pierce me with his weapon... not Seiji! Now because of me he lies upon the ground motionless, laying in a pool of his own blood ...because of me!~ Ryo shivered subconsciously as the dull ache of the memory continued.

Nasuti couldn't’t even begin to believe that Seiji couldn't wake up! ~Wake up Goddamn you! please...Seiji...~

Seiji had sworn to keep them safe; a task which he didn't care for that much but made no complaints. Then when he saw Ryo in danger he leapt away from them...away to Ryo's aid. Rekka couldn't hear him and didn't know why Korin ran toward him. How could he; Nasuti wasn't even aware of Korin's sudden outburst. Now she knew why Seiji ran as well as Ryo did.

The worst part of it all, the part that ate at her heart the most was she had thought she'd fallen in love with the younger Trooper of light. Sadly it all shattered in the instant he left her side; like the silence of the night.

~He leaves me forever… ~She couldn't believe it. She followed his unseeing gaze past the treetops to the cold midnight moon that glowed with a yellow light feeling weary.

It’s over she thought in silence, "It all is". His life at this welcoming heart of hers, his love for his friends, it’s all over. There would be nothing she could do… Not now, not ever. She did not want that… As much as it hurt her, she could not, would not let go.

~Never. ~

He would never see either this city nor his friends nor know how Nasuti felt for him… A lone tear slid down her face, glittering in the moonlight, falling to the ground, shattering… like all her dreams.

Touma stared blankly at the moon. ~Why? Why him?~ He thought, shining tears overflowing from his dark blue eyes. He stiffened for a moment when he noticed the small boy running towards the fallen Trooper. He gulped a hard sob when he saw small arms gently wrap around Seiji's cold still body.

~My poor am I to go on without you...tell me!?~

Shin looked towards Nasuti, a stab of guilt lay buried in his chest. He knew her true feelings for Seiji, saw her desire for that young man all collapse in the open as she witnessed the Trooper of Korin's silent sleep.

~He never knew...none of us did. And now, no one ever will. She'll keep it silent, to herself and let it slowly eat her alive. I'm so sorry Nasuti. Sumimasen oneesan.~

Shu glared with burning, reproachful gray eyes at the Ma Sho in question and his companions. A muscle flexed angrily at his jaw as curses fell from his mouth.

~I'm gonna kill them! All of them! I'll show no mercy, none! You'll all die for your sins and no one will hear your prayers! Kami-sama will not one will! To hell I'll send you!~

"Guys," a broken whisper was all the leader could manage.

"No need to say anything. We know what chya means and we're right behind you all the way. " Shu's voice had depth and authority, something that wasn't often present for the barrier of Kongo no Yoroi.

All the Troopers agreed with an adventurous toss of their heads. There was no need for words; action will be their strength and their words, courage.

Staggering from their knees, they inhaled deeply, bodies revealed with gashes and dirt. Hair tumbled carelessly, covering their grieve stricken faces. They strode forward in the black night, stopping when all formed a straight line side by side, feeling exhausted stiff and awkward. Withdrawing their weapons they all said a small prayer and then the Yoroiden Samurai Troopers stampeded forward erupting a loud roar. Heavy footsteps sounded like pounding thunder. Forward they ran...forward to what they did not know what would lie ahead, running into a blind destiny; whatever lay was forward.

Ryo whished he could shout out in despair but he didn't dare. He believed it was all his fault for what had occurred with Seiji. No matter how much guilt laid buried at his feet he wouldn't swoop down to crawling away from the truth. Whatever occurs Ryo would refuse to surrender his pride. That was all he had left and no one would take that, not even himself.

He moved forward, slashing threw the armor of Arago's youjakai, spilling their blood in the cold night, challenging them with his icy gaze.

Rekka 's footsteps were thundering down the ground in a mist of smoke when he suddenly stopped, halting. He heard the devils own voice; the Yami Ma Sho. He listened to the husky depth of Anubisu's voice, taunting the Troopers. Rekka's breathing paused in dead silence while he listened to Anubisu.

Bragging how worthless Korin's life was. Now he was disappointed to see Korin fail so easily. He thought Korin would have been the strongest, only to his disbelief to find out he was the weakest. Ryo moved closer. He was prepared as he could be. Yet, fear moved him, and he came to a stop once more. Anubisu had the balls to continue his taunting. The demon wouldn't stop his words of scorn.

Raising his twin katanas in a heat of fury Ryo shouted out. "Kuso no bakka desu! You shitless coward! All talk and no action! I honestly don't know why Arago thought a worthless motherfucker like you should be a Ma Sho? If I was him I would've strung you up a long time ago with a rope just to see what else comes out of your shity mouth! And then I'll laugh about your stupidity!"

Angrily Anubisu replied. "I'll rip your throat out for that boy!"

"That's funny shity- tin-can, I was planning to do much worse things to you!" Ryo raised his katanas and transformed into his armor.

"Rekka Dou Chi!" Benevolence burned bright on his head.

He aimed his recharged katanas at Anubisu the Yami Ma Sho. Running with all his might he crashed his shoulder into Anubisu, knocking him off balance. Ryo brought his katana's up to defend himself by smashing steel with Anubisu's Black Wolf Nodachi.

"Sou en Zan!" Screamed Ryo and slashed Yami Ma Sho's neck, sliding the blade in a blood line that reached his head, knocking the demon's helmet off. Yami Ma Sho cursed as he floundered backward. Ryo felt one moment's wild elation. Then he realized that Anubisu, white faced and black-eyed, was coming forward. Ryo was suddenly picked up by what seemed to be a gust of black wind.

"Koku Rou Ken Ankoku Cho Uhigri!" Yami Ma Sho's stammering voice was only a buzz in in Rekka's ear.

Ryo struggled, trying to recover from the blow, only to be struck from behind by the Ma Sho again. He wiggled, striking the force that held him in a death grip. Arms were around him, arms so tight he couldn't breath. He couldn't see at all. He could only smell something foul, like decay. Ryo tried to shift out of deaths grasp.

"Dead boy, you're a dead boy Rekka!" Yami Ma Sho roared. "I'm going to take you apart piece by piece!"

"Anubisu! Leave Ryo alone! I have the Jewel of Life. I'm the one you want! Wasn't this whole God-danm mess because of this stupid Jewel!" Nasuti cried. She was backing away from the Yami Ma Sho, trying to lead him away from Ryo.

"Nasuti, you fool, what do you think you're doing!" Cried a astonished Shin. Unfortunately he couldn't get free from the Doku Ma Sho to aid her. None of the other Troopers could grasp what Nasuti was conjuring up. None of them could even run toward her rescue, all they could do was watch in fear.

Nasuti ignored Shin, glancing at a bruised Ryo she knew what she had to do. If she could give him time he could gather his strength. And that's exactly what she planned to do. She didn't care if she should fail, no more, she had to do this for Seiji.

~For him..~ She thought

Quickly she changed tactics. She cried out suddenly, hurling herself against Anbuisu. But he started laughing, the sound rising to mingle with an explosion of thunder.

"Do you think you'll destroy me, young one? Do you think you are stronger than me? I've gorged on blood, bathed in blood, swam in blood. I have power you'll never understand, never in a thousand of years..."

He was lifting her. Her fingers were around his bloody throat, where Ryo had slashed him. She was screaming and tearing him. But her cries were fading away, and all her fury seemed fruitless. Nasuti franticly grabbed the Jewel of Life, holding it she silently prayed to any God who might hear her cries. Unnoticed by the Ma Sho and Nasuti the Jewel of Life began to glow a soft ox-blood color.

Nasuti screamed again, clawing Anubisu. He continued to laugh like a crackling hyena. Desperately she took the Jewel of Life's sharp edge and scrapped it across his scar on his left cheek.

He dropped her.

And he suddenly was gone, vanished from her sight. A puzzled Nasuti glanced up to her left, looking directly at Touma breathing heavily, shifting her gaze she also saw Ryo holding his stiff side in pain as he rose to stand near Tenku's frame. She tilted her brow, looking at them uncertainly, she pulled her eyes a fraction away from them and her gaze drifted to a golden arrow that laid beside her. Apparently Touma was the cause of the Yami Ma Sho's disappearance.

A rush of foul, evil darkness came out of nowhere and swept around Ryo, throwing him so he landed with a crunch against the ground. Nasuti immediately rushed to Ryo.

"Ryo!" She wept.

"Nasuti get out of here! You're getting in the way, I won't be the cause of your death too. Please, take Jun and leave, run...I beg you!"

She dropped down beside Ryo, facing him. "No Ryo, Jun and I will not leave! We're a family, we stay together, through thick and thin." A exasperated sigh left her dry lips. " If I didn't help, you would've been killed. You can't rush into Anubisu like that. He's alot faster than you, he uses the shadows as a cover. Remember his weakness is light, not fire or steel bladed katanas. Seiji would use that attack, you remember, he-he..." She tore herself away with a choking cry.

"Seiji.." her broken whisper was full of despair. Tears landed on the Jewel that now rested around her neck, intensifying the red glow.

"Nasuti! th-the Jewel. Look!" Ryo was shocked, the Jewel was glowing a magnificent color, one he never seen before. But why in Kami-sama's name wasn't it doing anything?

"I don't understand Ryo? What do you mea-..." Her words were caught off when she and Ryo heard Touma's shout of pain.

"Touma!" cried a frightened Jun who still knelled beside the fallen Seiji.

Arms encompassed Touma's wide shoulders, holding him tightly when Yami's Clawed fingers tore at his flesh, icy, cold. Yami then lifted him...threw him just as Ryo was thrown, except this time Anubisu was there to torment Tenku more. Touma slammed to the ground with a shaking impact again when Yami slashed his nodachi at him. Touma was in pain. Arms wrenched, back, head shoulders . . .

Ryo was trying to stagger up with Nasuti's help. With tremendous force he leisurely pounded his way toward Touma, only to freeze dead in his tracks. Nasuti gasped with amazement too. In a flash of light the Jewel engulfed everyone in a red glow, surrounding all who was in it's path.

"What the fuck?" whispered a confused Shu who was ducking from another attack from the Duko Ma Sho.

The red glow suddenly started to turn a yellow green. Nasuti was about to comment when she noted that the Yami Ma Sho no longer loomed over Touma, but before her! Whirling his deadly nodachi. He beckoned Nasuti with both hands.

"Dear lady, I believe that Jewel of yours has to be stopped..." smirking deadly he grabbed her by the throat and aimed the nodachi at her bruised neck. "So long my dear, and to think we never got to know each other that well... how sad."

A rough force slammed into Anubisu before he could slash the girl's throat , knocking her off balance she crawled away from the Ma Sho, moaning in pain. She whirled toward the Yami to see what the commotion was.....her body stiffened in shock. Seiji whirled toward Anubisu, and leapt up. His feet caught Anubisu in the head, sending him flying.

"It can't're dead! I killed you!" the Yami spat out.

"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth, wise Yami." Seiji swallowed hard, lifted his bloody head, and boldly met the Yami's shock gaze. " I can assure you this is a miracle and a improbable one at that. Unfortunately, you neglected to know once a Samurai dies he's sent to Limbo. I was neither alive nor dead. You should have destroyed the Jewel of Life to begin with you fool. The energy from the Jewel caused a great quake and was able to open a passage way from Limbo, the Dynasty and Mortal world...The gateway wasn't unlocked, but with ease I was able to break the chains." Taking a painful breath he added, " And now; I beg for repayment."

"Rei Ko Zen!" Rising his No-Datchi Seiji lighted the dark cold bitter night in a platinum glow.

Anubisu quickly staggered up, refusing to lose the fight when he had equal power. The Yoroi no Yami Ma Sho came toward Korin No Yoroi. He stood in front of Seiji and threw him a claw backhand blow against his cheek that sent him reeling. But Seiji was quick to get up, even though he was still very weak. He began praying that he would last a bit longer. Again Anubisu came at him. This blow sent Seiji flying all the way out, shattering splinters from the oak tree he was grounded against. Seiji grunted in horrible pain, shutting his teary eyes as his wound began bleeding fresh blood.

"Looks like Korin boy isn't all that strong." Mocked Yami Ma Sho, crackling wickedly.

Touma and Ryo immediately tried to make their way toward Seiji, only to have Dynasty youjakai block their path.


"Shit!" Proclaimed Ryo and Touma in anguish. Both rose to the challenge and flung themselves at the youjakai. Tearing threw them, splashing blood in a cloud of smoke that illuminated when they destroyed a youjakai, sending them back to Hell. They needed to help Seiji, with his wound and progress he wouldn't be able to last much longer against Yami Ma Sho. Anubisu's howling laughter was heard in the distance. Seiji rose from the ground, his No-Datchi at his side and walked back toward the Yami Ma Sho. Anubisu was staring at him, smiling, tossing his nodatchi from hand to hand as he approached him.

"I'm tired of playing, pig. Time to dine on pork."

Seiji waited. Until Anubisu was almost upon him. Then he raised his sword. Calling his war cry with all his strength he sent the Yami sprawling on the ground, unfortunately that was the last of Seiji's strength, he could no longer hold off.

~Guys, Ryo, I need you... ~Coughing blood Seiji paused, ~We need to give Ryo our power to defeat this Ma Sho...please...~

Shu and Shin were startled instantly hearing Seiji's telepathic suggestion. In no time at all they fled from Nazza and Rajura. Shocking the Ma Sho's.

The Gen Ma Sho grunted out in a dazed exasperation. "Where the hell are they going?" Touma and Ryo also heard Korin's plea. "Guys, no! Seiji you can't do this, you're too weak! You might die" Cried a frantic Ryo. Touma finished the last youjakai and turned toward Ryo and his voice rang with command.

"Kuso Ryo! Seiji will die if you don't help. We have have no choice!"

"No, I won't let him. I won't let any of you!" he protested , conflicted between his emotions.

Touma looked Ryo straight in the eyes as he took him by the shoulders, shaking him. "Ryo, one thousand years ago a demon power came to the world, and Arago was it's ruler. Although powerful, he was defeated by the one called the Ancient. Yet the soulless armor of the Evil Emperor was left behind. The Ancient, with the power of the magic staff, diffused the power, and created mystical armors. The souls of these armors were from the purest of human emotions. Benevolence, Courtesy, Trust, Wisdom and Justice; the five to wield them are... Sanada Ryo, Mouri Shin, Date Seiji, Rei Fuan Shu, and I, Hashiba Touma. We learned to understand how our armors worked with Nasuti's kind help, and we figured out they were more powerful together than apart. For Christ sakes Ryo! The Ancient one sacrificed his life to create the bridge that lead us to Arago's kingdom. Was his death for nothing!" Touma shook him violently.

Shu and Shin came behind Ryo and rested their hands on Touma's shoulders to calm him. Looking at Ryo with courage and determination.

"Come on dude, lets show these tin cans who wear their mothers army boots the vengeance of the Yoroiden Samurai Troopers. Lets help Seiji, lets help the world..." his voice was resonate and impressive.

"Well, I do believe this is the first time Kongo No Yoroi spoke wisdom." Shin's smile brooded in approval.

"Shut up fish boy!" Their reaction seemed to amuse Ryo for a short time. "Okay, I'll try. If there is no other way we have to do this?" Seeing the nods from Ryo's comrades he continued in a serious tone. "Troopers. This is an order...prepare to come together and lend me your strength!"

"Hai!" proclaimed the Troopers.

~Seiji, Korin no Yoroi, we're coming...~ Ryo telepathically sent his reassurance to Seiji.

~About time. Where the hell took you so long? I can't stand much longer.~ Grimaced Korin, spiting more blood from his mouth.

"Wow, dude. Did Seiji just complain?!" asked a confused Shu. Shin knocked him over the side of his head with his Yari spear.

"Let's book it guys!" Ryo eagerly spoke, worrying about Seiji's condition. The Trooper's took their places, spreading their hands in front of them and yelled for their Yoroi's strength.

Torch of spirit, sought through five
"Korin Dou Chi!" The darkest prison sheds the light,
"Suiko Dou Chi!" Churning beneath a swirl of salt,
"Kongo Dou Chi!" Burning within a throne of rock,
"Tenko Dou Chi" Floating among the eyes of the ages , Unmoored in a stream of the sky
"Kikoutei Dou Chi!" Drinking strength from Immortal fire

Seiji collapsed to the ground with a dead thud, not moving a muscle. "Looks like Korin couldn't face Yami No Ma Sho's power." He laughed in triumph.

"Anubisu!" Spat Nazza. "We have to leave, now! Our master calls for us. Stop playing around and come!"

"Not now you fools! I have Korin where I want him."

"Arago wants us to leave them alone, we'll come back for them later. He doesn't like what's happening with the Jewel of Life. Don't you see, it's working on their side, we didn't plan for this"

"No!" he refused. "I'm so close!"

"Then we're forced to leave without you. Master will not be happy. He'll punish you with the Neither Spirits for your disobedience." With that the remaining Ma Sho's and Youjakai teleported back to the Dynasty.

"Bakka no desu! You cowards!" Anubisu turned around walk toward Seiji's body, smirking he raised his nodatchi for the final blow.

"To Hades you go Korin No Yoroi!"

And. . .

Swung. With all his strength. There were seconds, just seconds, when Anubisu realized he didn't touch Seiji. Alarm reached Anubisu's eyes.

"Sen kou Zan!" Shouted a new voice filled with rage. Then a steel blade bit into flesh and muscle, blood and bone. His body fell lifeless to the ground. A bright carmine glow engulfed his body, slowly he vanished. Back to Arago's kingdom assumed Ryo.

Breathing heavily he dropped his weapons, and called for his white tiger to stand by his side.

"Ryo! Seiji!" Nasuti and Jun cried out, racing towards them. Jun pitched himself in Ryo's arms. Caught off guard Ryo had no choice but hold the child. Tightly. Nasuti came behind them and nearly smothered the two. Encompassed them. Weakness pervaded Ryo and they all sank to the ground.

"Yo, someone is get'in all the love'in" Teased Shu. Touma and Shin came behind him, raising their hands they slapped him on the side of his head.

"And someone is get'in all the slap'in." Mocked Shin, Touma laughed in agreement.

Shu pouted while rubbing his sore head, "You two have no sense of humor."

"No, you have none. Why else would we keep knocking you with your dumb-ass jokes."

"Touma shut up!" Blood began to pound in Shu's temples as he threw a couple of curses at the Blue Trooper.

"Seiji…" Ryo and the guys stiffened as they heard Nasuti whispered his name behind them.

She turned her head, and her eyes grew wide with horror as she saw Seiji’s body lying on the ground, apparently lifeless. Ryo was the first to run over to kneel beside him. Touma, Shin and Shu came with a frighten Jun. Without much thought Shin suddenly picked up the boy and cradled him, whispering words of thrust and hope. Nasuti stumbled and fell into the sticky, damp darkness, making her way towards Seiji and Ryo.

Her face buried in wet tears, she landed on the cold wet grass that immediately felt painful because it had cruelly cut her everywhere. A roar of thunder pounded and rain started to soak the cold night. The rain pounded on her... She lost all sense of reality in the darkness around her, not looking at Seiji nor Ryo. Believing it was the demons of her soul trapping her and torturing her, with her last strength she whispered, her voice full of pain, both emotional and physical - "please..."


Any sense of reality she still had had faded away into blackness, as did her voice, transforming, for her, into a world of dark, cold, slicing her chest. Through a tear in the storm-clouds, the bright moon sorrowfully peeked down at her and the Troopers.

Nasuti tilted Seiji's head up and placed it upon her lap, her eyes stung with tears when she looked at his tranquil face. With shaking hands she checked his pulse.

"Is h-he" Ryo chocked down a sob. She reached over and smoothed Ryo's tear, her long fingers held his face gently. "No, he's fine. Weak, but fine." A cry of relief broke from his lips. Taking her hand into his warm ones Ryo gave a reassuring squeeze before she dragged it away. Bending her head she brushed her cheek against Seiji's ivory forehead, whispering only to herself and on one else, she pledged:

"I don’t want to live without you… Seiji… never… "

As the moonlight again shone onto the night earth, a flight of rusty autumn leaves blew by the seven unmoving figures on the moonlit ground.