Card of Major Arcana; The Wheel of Fortune

7 years later

Card of Major Arcana; The Wheel of Fortune, which signifies both the positive and negative reversals in fortune and suggests that there in nothing permanent except change. The Wheel of Fortune teaches that no success in life is permanent, nor any failure.

Seven figures emerged into the darkened streets of Tokyo. Moonlight spilled over everything, lighting the trees and buildings in a silvery glow and dappling the Winter ground. Five young men walked together with a child and a young woman, who quickly jolted forward in a fast walk.

"Nasuti come back here!"

"I will not. I can't possibly keep your slow pace. How will I enjoy what's left of this splendid night if I walk like Father Time. Plus, what right do you have to order me, I'm three years older than you!"

"Don't be daft. There is a chill." grumbled Seiji.

"There is no such thing. It's a glorious night. Is it not Shu?"

"He-he...I ain't that daft. If you notice, I'm walking right next to Seiji, if agree with you, I take the chance of being slapped." Shu laughed as if sincerely amused by his statement.

Ryo, Shin and Touma looked in Shu's direction. "No that's a sense of humor!"

"Aw, come on guys, that was uncalled for. No more teasing. Arago is defeated, the remaining Ma Sho and Bitch lady are back to normal...why does the teasing have to continue?"

"SHU! Watch the language! There are children here!" Lectured Nasuti while shooting a glance at a laughing Jun.

"Oneesan, I've heard you say worse things than Shu when you think no one is near you!" She flushed at Jun's accusation, leaving two red spots on her white cheeks in the cold night.

"Simple bud," Shin began, trying to explain his recent question. He wrapped his arm around his friends shoulder. "If you weren't so easy to mock, it wouldn't happen, but...." he managed to shrug and say, offhandly. "You are!" Shin took a abrupt steep forward and ran when he saw the glare Shu directed at him.

"You're dead fish boy!" Stumbling pass Nasuti he chased after Shin.

"See, Seiji? They're enjoying the night..."she pointed out. Jun and the guys caught up with her and started walking together.

"Yes, but they don't have to worry about a child." He stated matter-of-factly.

"Yo, good one bro." Ryo laughed full-heartedly as he gave Seiji a thumb up. He gulped and shoved his hand into his pocket when he saw the bleak, tight-lipped smile from Nasuti.

"I-ah..I mean, um,"

"Forget it Ryo. Seiji, the child will not chill. He's inside me, nice and warm." She placed her hand over her still semi-flat stomach. "You sound like an old woman, Seiji."

"Yeah, good come back sister!" Touma slapped her heartily on the back while bursting out in a rich chuckle. He immediately stopped laughing when he saw Seiji's icy glare. "I-I mean... er- you know...ah- that uh........ not that she's right or anything well in a sense she is, but-..."

"Forget it Touma. Nasuti just cut me on the quick." he stated simply.

Surprised at his comment Nasuti, Ryo and Touma broke out in infectious grins.

Seiji smirked to himself and smoothly put his arm around Nasuti's back. Frowning in thought he lightly fingered a loose tendril of rich-auburn hair away from her cheek. "I can't even begin to count how many times you've caught this hair in the car door? Maybe you should cut it?"

A stannic smile spread across her thin lips and her soft voice held a challenge. "Unless you're going to bribe me with something I desire; the hair stays.....Might I ask? When does my hair interfere with you? I feel you're picking on my believed flaws because you've grown tired of me?"

He added with mock severity. "Let me take a accounting of my present circumstances. I am a man desperately in love. As fate would have it, the woman who holds my heart is my wife. The same wife who has so many flaws that if I continued to nit-pick her I'll be spending half my life insulting her."

"How unfashionable," she scolded, "A man in love with his flaw-wife, I never heard of such a thing."

"I fear it might cause a scandal, so we must keep it to ourselves."

"Since I know how you dread gossip, I swear it shall never escape my lips."

"Aw, so that's how Seiji gets out of trouble. Pretty good. Ryo? We must take notes...think of all the women who will bend at our wills with such words of wisdom."

Ryo rolled his eyes. "I can't believe he's the Trooper of Wisdom...what went wrong?"