He Must Be Out There, Somewhere
Youkai Fire fox

I own the show Ronin Warrior's, yup I sure do. Did it all by myself, aren't I talented? Okay, if you believed me then I feel sorry for you. I don't own R/W, blah. blah, yata, yata and all that crap. This is a song fic done by Dream, "How long". Don't cream me because of them. I'm not a big fan of that group but I enjoyed that particular song so don't even try to flame me for my weird taste in music. LOVE YA and enjoy the show. *takes a bow*

Mia walked out into the backyard of her grandfather's mansion. She was headed to the dock that led to the lake which was tinted with sapphire and marine. The sun was setting across the horizon, a full blast of dusky rose highlighted the sky. Her candy apple lips smiled a beautiful candor as she spotted the person she had been looking for.

There's a place in my heart that I go when I dream, a place in as far as you can see.

Sage was seated at the end of the dock, his bare feet dangling over the edge, gazing into the wine sunset. Mia strolled over and sat down beside him, placing her hand on his shoulder to let him know her presence. Sage looked up, his one visible orchid eye met her jade ones. A slight grin reached the corners of his mouth and nodded his honey blond hair in greeting.

Every night I sing love, I see someone who is waiting, waiting for someone like me.

As the two looked back at the sunset, Mia removed her hand slowly, placing it at her side. She then went to her feet to remove her slippers and scooted closer to the edge of the robin egged lake. Letting her feet hit the surface of the smooth glass top, she splashed her feet, sending specks of drops toward Sage. He squinted his smoky eyes as a grunt left his lips. Normally Sage would have ignored such childish antics but he decided that he should return the greeting. He moved closer to Mia, shoulder to shoulder and started splashing bigger waves of water towards her. The two engaged in a war of splashing. They stopped when they were both covered in water from the waist up.

He must be out there, somewhere? Someone for me?

Sage's smoky visible eye averted to Mia's top then back to the lake, a slight blush of rose crept upon his cheeks. She was soaked, the blouse clung to her like a second layer of skin. Mia noticed this and in embarrassment tugged at the rim of her top. Sage turned his head behind him looking for his collage blazer that he left on the dock. He was hoping it was still dry. When he grabbed the dry jacket he arose to his feet and went behind Mia. He gently laid the coat over her shoulders and sat back down in his spot, he smiled his welcome to her. She blushed at this, turning her head back toward the lake.

Tell me how long till I'm not just dreaming, how long till somebody cares? How long till I meet a angle and give him my heart, when can I start? How long until I fall in love?

They sat and talked, just enjoying the other's presence. Mia and Sage brought up the topic of Kento calling Sage a 'Casanova'. Both of them broke out in a great peal of laughter. Sage told Mia about his family and his sister's and how it would be imposable for him to even flirt with a girl. He claimed the reason he would be single forever is manly because of the women in his family, it was a mystery how scary women could be. All Talpa had to do was send a army of women warrior's and he would have run for cover, he teased. Mia brought her hands toward her lips to stiffen the giggles. She questioned Sage if he would ever run away from her? Sage then tensed up, only to reply that it depended how scary she got? His eyebrows arched mischievously. Mia then realized why Kento said he was a 'Casanova', he knew how to send chills down your spine just with a simple expression. Sage then asked Mia about her life, if she was seeing anyone. Mia's eyes grew wide, shaking her cinnamon hair. She told him that she would doubt if she ever met her angel. She didn't think she was like most girls, not the kind Ryo and Kento would talk about.

I sit every night by my window, just wishing and searching for one perfect star. Can anyone hear me? Oh, mom if you're listening, please send him right here to my heart.

Sage disagreed with Mia. He told her that she was the kind of woman that a man dreams about, when it comes down to someone who would be by your side for the rest of your life, Mia was that woman. The woman even he dreams about. She looked up, disoriented.

He must be out there, somewhere, waiting for me.Tell me just how long would it be?

After awhile, Sage brought Mia's hand to his lips and gently kissed her fingers with slow, thoughtful kisses. Raising his mouth from her hand, he gazed into her glistened jade eyes. Tears slowly found their way down her cheeks.

I've always believed that my dreams would come true. That one of these nights he'd appear, he'll be here in my arms. I see it all, so clearly, how it could be, wishing he was kissing me now.

Mia couldn't believe this was happening, she closed her eyes, convinced it was all a dream. But when she opened them, the lips that were pressed gently against her hand were real. And the only man she truly ever cared about, more than a friend other than Ryo was really there beside her. A dream come true.

Tell me how long till I'm not just dreaming? How long till somebody cares?

Sage moved his large hand to her face and held it gently, rubbing his thumb against her teary eyes. Gathering her into his arms, he held her snugly, resting his chin on her shinny, wet, auburn hair. Burying her hands in his thick hair, she brought her eyes to his. A vaguely sensuous light passed between them as he bent his mouth to hers, claiming her lips, he crushed her to him. The slow, soft, drugging kisses sent the pit of her stomach into a wild swirl and Mia knew that her dream had came true and her angle was found.

How long till I meet my angle, give him my heart, when can I start? How long until I fall in love, in love, how long until I fall in love, in love.

Two years past. . .

Mia sat on her grandfather's porch, recalling that night when the sun was setting and she and Sage found each other. She sat there day dreaming, not paying attention to what was going on around her. They began to open to each other then. It was hard to believe that her and Sage belonged together, especially since at that time she had a crush on Ryo. But here she is, two years later and now in a few short days, they would be husband and wife. How many times had she prayed to god, looking up at the sky for her perfect star that if she could have her angle, she would never ask for anything else.

Her prayers must of been heard. She was sure she'd never need anything else as long as Sage was with her. But now, not only does she have Sage, she also has a little bundle of joy growing in her stomach. Mia placed her long fingers on her stomach, tapping them gently against it.

"Mia?" came a soft tone from behind her.

"Umm?" she murmured, enjoying the rays of the sun hitting her ivory face.

Sage came behind her and placed his large hands on her shoulders, moving them in front of her he sat down cradeling her as a child. His chin rest upon her shoulder.

"Aishiteru, Mia," his velvet voice echoed in her ears and leaned to press his lips to the side of her swan like neck.

"Aishiteru, Sage," Mia repeated, her vow sealed with a kiss on his moist, sweet lips.

How long until I fall in love?