Pixie Sticks
By Smiles

It was a boring day and sage was in the mood of trying something new. When all of a sudden he saw a pack of pixie sticks on Rowan's bed. Wondering why the trooper got hyper after he ate some pixie sticks, Sage finally tried some.

Sage: Yum these are good!

But one pixie stick lead to another until all the pixie sticks were gone.

And then something clicked in Sage's mind. He felt super odd. Like it was something wait in to be released. With forage of looking around the room Sage saw a can of green spray paint. Sage grabbed it.

Sage: now what can I do with this?

An Idea clicked into sages mind. Suddenly he discarded his clothes and sprayed himself until he was totally green.

Sage: Wow I look smashing in green skin, but I think Ill put my cloths back on now!

Just then Rowan came but stopped and just looked at Sage.

Rowan: Dude what happened to you?

With a smirk Sage set a chill up the archers back!

Sage: Come here Rowie!

Rowan: Uh oh now he knew that there was something definitely wrong. Sage only called him Rowie when there was something wrong!

As Sage started to charge at rowan jumping from one side to another of the messy room rowan finally slipped leaving Sage to catch him just before his memory went blank.

Rowan woke up with a shock he was in the basement, in a chair, his feet and wrist ducked Taped to the chair naked.

Sage: good to see you are a wake. *Holding blue spray paint*

Rowan: what is the spray paint for?

Sage: you really want to know?

Rowan: yes!

Sage OK ay THEN!! * Smirking evilly*

Carefully Sage put a sock in Rowan's mouth but not any sock a sweaty dirty gym sock. So he wouldnt scream. Rowan just watched in horror as he became blue all over.

Rowan: mmm mm mmm mmmm m m ihfhjr hijgv jo hr8oq w ho8 sgpj NK L!!!!!!!!


Sage: See now we both have the same colored skin as our armors!!!!

It seemed like forever but Sage finally let rowan go. The swordsman was going to sleep.

Kento was walking upstairs to se a blue all over archer!

Kanto: dude what happened to you!!!!!!

Rowan: a few words Sage = pixie sticks = mercy!

Moral: Do not give Sage pixie sticks!