Sage Turned Evil
Part 1
By AznFlip

"SUPER WAVE SMASHER," Cye screamed as he sent a horge of shadow-demons back to where they came from. After the battle, the Ronin Warriors all went to Miaís house and rested. "DAMMIT I HATE ALL THIS," Cye said with fury. Sage looked at him and said, "We all do Cye, but ever since Talpaís return, this is what we must do until we destroy Talpa." Cye looked down and just closed his eyes. Everyone didnít like fighting Talpa again because he came back more powerful than ever creating stronger soldiers. Then when everything was quiet, BANG, they heard fighting outside. When they all looked, they saw something unbelivible. Ryo looked and said, "Another Ronin warrior??" Rowen looked bewildered and said, "Itís not a guy....." but was interupted by Kento, "But a Girl!!!"

They all looked and Ryo signaled and all of them went out there in thier Sub-Armor.

Meanwhile in Nether-Realm.....

"Everything is going as planned Talpa," Badamon said. Talpa looked at him with satisfaction. "Yes, my plan to get the Halo Armor is going well once he heals her he will be pure evil! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Badamon looked at him bewildered. "Why didnít you want the Armor Of Wildfire??" Talpa looked up and remembered when the ancient beat him and said, "Badamon, the only enemy of darkness is light and the Armor of Halo posseses the strength to defeat me for good but if I change the Armor Of Halo to the Armor of Shadows then no one will be able to defeat me!!!" "But master, you were almost defeated by Inferno. Why donít you steal Wildfire? It would be a better plan master," Badamon said in an angery voice. "Inferno is nothing. Wildfire is nothing. They just power me up to be more powerful after every defeat. Remember that the armors came from me, but the ancient gave the Armor Of Halo the power of pure light, so I must eliminate the person that can defeat me and put him on my side!!!" Badamon looked at Talpa and gave him a wicked grin and laughed.

Back on Earth....

"HIYAAAAAAA," Rowen screamed sending two Shadow-demons into a tree.

Sage kicked a shadow demon in the stomach and elbowed his back. Kento and Cye defeated their share of demons and so did Ryo. When the battle field cleared, they were all gone. The shadow-demons were defeated, but the girl was wounded. They all ran to her and took her into the house while Mia went to get the first aid kit. After they fixed her up, they started asking her some questions.

Rowen asked her, "Whatís your name??"

She replied, "For helping me out there I guess I owe you. My name is Chiasa Kako and I come from the Nether-Realm. I escaped into your world when the other warlords had no choice but to leave into your world. I inheirited my armor from my father. I will fill you all in later though I am tired,"

She said yawning. Sage looked at her figure. She was about 5í6, long black hair, brown eyes, and a perfect body, but Sage had to keep his relationship with Mia together (I forgot to tell you readers that Sage and Mia are together, sorry).

Then Sage said "Let me heal you okay?" Chiasa looked at him and nodded.

Kento looked in disgust and mumbled, "Casanovaís at it again!"

"SHUT UP KENTO, I HEARD THAT," Sage said and everyone laughed in the room. Then Sage said, "Besides, I am taken by Mia." Then Sage placed his hand on her forehead and concentrated. Then all of a sudden Sage was filled with evil thoughts and before he realized that Chiasa was a demon, it was too late. Sage was floating and a green aura went wround his body. Then he screamed at the top of his lungs and his Kanji symbol of Wisdom changed into the Kanji of Darkness. Then the green aura turned into black aura. Eeveryone tried to concentrate to bring Sage back into good but they couldnít. They were too exausted and Sage changed into the Armor of Shadows. Mia stood there helplessly and started to cry hoping it was all a nightmare, while the others looked at Sageís new form in horror. Then the helmet retracted and Sage utturted his last words before teleporting out of there, "Good......Bye If....I......Attack.......You..." Then with all his might he screamed out, "KILLLLLL MEEEEEEEEE!!!" With that, he disapeared to the Nether-Realm. Mia looked up with tears in her eyes and her hair in front of her eyes she whispered, "Sage, no Sage, no." Then she screamed out Sageís name. The ronin warriors looked at each other in utter defeat and they all knelt down and mourned for there friendís disappearance.