Sage Turned Evil
Part 2
By AznFlip

Kento was the first to get up from his kneeís and said in a shaky voice "It will be okay i know it."Then Rowen got up with tears in his eyes and looked at Chiasa then he screamed "IT WAS YOUR FAULT AHHH" Chiasa stood up trying to look innocent but she was like a glass they could all see through her. Ryo and Cye stood up backing up Rowen, Chiasa looked at all of them and laughed "Sage will never come back to good is now a follower of Talpa AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA." Rowen looked up with tearís still in his eyes and clenched his fist ran up to her uppercutting her in her jaw, Chiasa fell on the floor knocked out as the other Ronin Warriors ran up and grabbed Rowen and calmed him down. Rowen fell to the floor crying and Ryo stood by his side, Cye was mad as he punched the wall full force and cracked the wall, Kento actually didnít think of food for once and thought "Why Sage, why did they choose Sage instead of Ryo,Talpa was nearly destroyed by Ryo." Then Kento didnít even know he said out loud "What is the reason?" But no one bothered to ask him why he said that. Kento went up to Chiasaís limp body and picked her up and tied her tightly in a chair. Mia was still in the corner crying all the energy out of her then she heard a voice in her head, she stood up and thought "Kayura???" "Yes Mia it is me the warlords and I are on our way, we felt a big evil over there." With that she wiped her tears away and said "Kayura and the Warlords are on their way over here." Rowen got up and stopped crying " How Then a voice said "I told her in her mind." Everyone looked to see Lady Kayura and the Warlords standing in the doorway, Cale broke the silence and said "What happened everyone???" Cye sat by Chiasa and slapped her out of anger and said "Iíll tell you the whole story." After Cye told Kayura and the Warlords the story they all looked depressed, Kayura was wondering "Talpa that bastard I am gonna kill him for all eternity for doing this."

Back In Nether-Realm

Sage bowed his head and said "I do as you command Master Talpa what do I do next" Talpa looked down at Sage and said "My next command is to destroy Kayura and injure every Ronin Warrior!!" Sage pulled back his helmet there were alot of changes on Sage he now has black and and more muscular. "When do I do this Master Talpa??" "You will leave in right now." Sage looked up and said "Yes Master Talpa I will not fail you!" With that the helmet retracted back on Sageís head as Sage stood up and teleported to Miaís house.

Back in Miaís house

"So the plan is to destroy Talpa and bring back Sage, thatís gonna be hard in fact this is gonna be our greatest challenge yet!" Ryo said to everyone outside, "Hey Ryo do you have a better plan?" Rowen said

Ryo responded scratching his head "Uhhhhhh like no." "THEN SHUT UP!" Ryo looked down at his feet "Sorry Rowen......." but was interrupted by a familiar voice "Every warrior is here.....good it saves me the trouble looking for all of you!" everyone turned around, The Ronin Warriors reconized the armor but Kayura and the Warlords didnít know who it was. Everyone called on their armor and stood their while Sage walked closer and retracted his helmet "Well isnít this a touching moment all of us reunited at last hehehehe too bad I have to end it." Then he walked up to Mia who was standing in front of the group "What was I thinkin ehh I mustíve been crazy to go out with a tramp like you!" Mia looked at Sage about to cry

"Ohhh did I hurt you, be gratefull it was mentally not physically!!!" Mia looked at Sage and ran away crying to Kayura. Rowen looked at Sage "That was cold Sage even for you!" Sage then looked at Rowen "HA I take that as a compliment Rowen, now enough talk letís get down to buisness!" Cye bumped in "Sage we do not want to fight you!" "Your right we shouldnít maybe I should just kick all your asses then" With that Sage raised his dark purple no-datchi and said "DRAK SHADOW SMASH!" A big shadow went under the Warriors ans Warlords and black lighting hit all of them then a big balck hand grabbed the Warriors and Warlordsand squeezed them all and everyone fell to the floor. Then Sage walked up to Mia and Kayura and kicked Kayura in the stomach as she was kneeling down gasping for her breath Mia went between Sage and Kayura "Sage please listen to me I LOVE YOU stop please stop and become the Sage you used to be!"

Sageís helmet retracted and Sageís hair was blond again, Sage was looking at Mia with tears in his eyes "What have I done!" Sage said in a shakey voice looking at the Warriorís and Warlords, he turned to Mia and brushed her cheek with the back of his hand. Mia missed this so much, "Mia I love yo.....UHHH AHHHHH" Sage put his handís on his head and screamed, his hair turned back to black and his helmet retracted back to his head. Sage shoved Mia out of the way and stabbed Kayura in the stomach Kayura gave out a small gasp and fell to the floor holding on to life. "My task is done!" Sage said teleporting to Nether-Realm, Mia bent down to Kayura "Mia please grab..........both of my handís." Mia did as she was told and in a flash of light the ancientís robe went to Mia and the staff was on her back and the star swordís were in her hands "Mia......please.........cure........Sage of......his dark...ness......and destroy.....Talpa!" With that Kayura gave her last smile and let her soul rest at last. Mia with tears in her eyes "Kayura i will do you last wishes." Then Mia bent her head down to cry.

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