Sage Turned Evil
Part 3
By AznFlip

Everyone got up to see that Kayura was dead and Mia was passed the powers, "DAMMIT I AM GONNA KILL THAT BASTARD FOR DOING THAT!!!!!" Cale said in rage, Mia got up and dusted herself off "No you will not Sage still has some good in him and I will not permit him to die." Cale looked at Mia "But...." "We're all affected by Kayuraís death but we need to keep control everyone get yourself prepared because in 5 days we are gonna go to Nether-Realm and destroy Talpa once and for all!" Everyone looked at Mia and raised there fist in the air "FOR KAYURA AND THE SAKE OF THE WORLD!" Everyone went inside the house and saw that Chiasa woke up "Hehehehehehe soo sheís finally dead good she really deserved it." Cale looked at her enraged "YOU SON OF A......" Mia then put her hand across his chest and walked over to Chiasa "What are you the next ancient hehehe Sage is gonna kill you." Mia then put the ancientís staff on her head and and saw that she was taken over by a evil spirit "Chiasa i am gonna free you." Mia put the staff over her head and concentrated, then a demon popped out of her head and tried to run the Roninís and Warlordís tried to stop it but they were to tired and hurt from Sageís attack but Mia raised her staff and the demon got struck with light from the staff and died "Way to go Mia" Kento said.

Mia looked back and smiled but looked back at Chiasa "Where....Where am I all i remember is getting engulfed by a dark light ." Mia untied her and told her she was possed by a demon "I.....I was I donít remember a thing." Chiasa said bewildered. "Hmmmmm how do we know we can trust her yíknow she did turn your boyfriend to the side of evil."Kento said and Ryo shot him a nasty look "Well we can go to Nether-Realm now sooo train your hardest we will leave Friday." Chiasa looked at everyone "I wanna help too if this is all my fault I want to help." A purple light went around Chiasa and formed into armor "Besides I can help you with my Armor of Stars." Everyone looked at her and nodded in agreement.


"I have done as you please master, I have killed Kayura and the ancient is gone." Sage said kneeling in front of Talpa "YOU FOOL" Talpaís voice boomed "Kayura passed her powers to that girl Mia I will not tolerate that kill her and kill everyone else!!!" Sage looked up "Talpa I will do as you please." Talpa looked at Sage "If you come back with your task incomplete I will take your soul!" With that Sage teleported out of Nether-Realm. "Do you think he can be trusted master?" Badamon said creeping out of the shadows "Yes Badamon as long as he bears the Armor of shadows he will be trustworthy and carry out any of my commands." Talpa said "But master i have my doubts he used to be the warrior of light and now you put all your trust in him indeed this is a foolish move he can turn on you anytime."Badamon said "SILENCE, as long as he is on the dark-side he will not turn on me now go and prepare some soldiers to protect this temple I am sure that the Roninís and Warlords will come here." Talpa said closing his eyes "As you say Master....."

With that Badamon walked away desguisted with Talpaís decision.

In Miaís House

Everyone was getting ready to go to Nether-Realm, the Roninís learned new attacks:Rowen learned Shower of Arrows, Kento learned Meteor Strike, Cye learned Rage of the Sea, Ryo learned Dragon of Fire,

Cale learned Ultimate Darkness, Sekment learned Ilusion of Fear, and Dais learned Venomous Strike. Before friday came by everyone gathered in the living room haveing fun before friday came. " Hey Cye i have a secret to tell you." Rowen said "A secret heh since Sage isnít here I am the one you can trust huh?"

"shut up anyways I think I like Chiasa." Rowen wispered " I knew it I knew hahahahaha you guys seemed like it anyways i think you should talk to her." Cye said " I guess your right where is she?" Rowen asked "On the balcony i guess she has alot on her mind about tommorow." Cye told Rowen "Well iím off." Rowen said walking upstairs. Chiasa was sitting on the lawn chair on the balcony she felt really guilty for turning Sage bad but in the middle of her thoughtís Rowen touched her shoulder "Chiasa are you okay?" she turned around to see Rowen " Yeah i am, i am just thinkin about tomorow thatís all." Rowen nodded in agreement "Yeah i know this is gonna be the biggest battle we have to fight in........" Chiasa was looking at Rowen and Rowen was looking at Chiasa "Chiasa i have to tell you something." Rowen said to Chiasa putting his hands in his pockets "Yeah what is it Rowen?" Chiasa asked Rowen "Well Chiasa these past days we have got to know each other more day by day my feelings for you get more powerful when i just canít hold it in anymore." Chiasa looked like she was gonna cry when she sprang up and hugged Rowen "That was soo sweet Rowen." Loosening her hug and Chiasa kissed Rowen. Friday morning came and everyone was ready

"Mia we are all ready letís go." Ryo said "Okay everyone grab the........" When she was interupted by a familiar voice "You will not go to Nether-Realm unless you get past me!" Everyone looked to see Sage standing there in his Armor of Shadows. Cale called up his armor and was about to attack whenn Mia held him back "Sage i know your still there fight it you can do it." Mia pleaded to Sage "Hehehehehe this is the real me so címon Ancient one and fight me one-on-one." Sage said to Mia "If thatís what you wish then let it be." Mia said pulling out the Ancientís staff. "Are you sure Mia I mean he is strong why donít you let one of us fight him." Ryo said, Mia nodded her head and walked foward Sage started to laugh and took out his dark purple No-Datchi and got into a fighting stance. Mia started with a hit to the side with her staff followed up with kick to the back of his lefg and kicked him in his face, everyone was cheering for Mia when Sage got up a little dazed and did a butterfly kick to her head and hit Mia with the hilt of his No-Datchi, Mia touching her head she realized she was bleeding Sage walked up to her and got hit with the staff on the face,

Mia got up jump kicked him in his stomach. Sage kneeled down and gasped for breath, Mia ran with her staff in front of her and flipped over Sage, the staff went under Sageís chin as he flipped over and landed on the back of his head hard, Sage got up and was furious with a bleeding head he slashed and Mia, she dodged them all but Sage quickly slashed her arm. Mia gasped and held her arm she knelt down and held her arm ,

Sage went over her and said "Breath you final breath Ancient for today you shall die!" Sage raised his sword above his head and hesitated to strike her when his helmet retracted "Kill me Mia while i still have control please Mia do it now." Mia looked at him and she started to cry when her tears hit her staff she pushed foward and Sage was engulfed with white light. Sage was screaming at the top of his lungs and when the light cleared Sage was in his Armor of Halo he looked at Mia and said "I.....Love.......You" with that Sage fell backwardís Mia rushed to his side along with the Roninís and Warlordís "Is he...." Mia looked at Rowen

"No Rowen he is still breathing *sniff* thank god." Tears were running down Miaís eyes as the otherís put Sage in his room. Chiasa looked at Mia "Mia it will be okay heís back with us now, he will fight toward the defeat of Talpa." Chiasa left the room to let Mia be alone with Sage, Mia fell asleep with with Sageís hand on herís.

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