Sage Turned Evil
Part 4
By AznFlip

Nightmares thatís was Sage was experiencing nightmares of the thingís he has done: killing Kayura,hurting Mia mentally and physically and what terrified him most of all was obeying anything that Arago commanded.

Sage was tossing and turning in bed, Rowen woke up mad it was like after Sage got back from America all over again, When the roninís saved Sage and came back he had hellish nightmares of his armor killing hundreds of innocent people even though Rowen and the warlords told him that it wasnít his fault he wanted to believe it so bad but his nightmareís held him back it took him 2 monthís to get over it.

Rowen sighed at the thought of not getting any sleep anytime soon so he got up and shook Sage until he got up, Sage was breathing hard and was sweating "Iím......Iím sorry Rowen"

Rowen got up and walked to the door "Sage donít worry itís okay all that matterís is that you back and safe."

Sage got up and walked with Rowen down the hall "When did Mia say we were going to travel to Nether-Realm?" Sage asked

"She delayed it till you got to full strength, itís been 2 weeks and it looks like weíll be traveling to Nether-Realm soon."

Sage looked at Rowen "Heh I guess so Iíll tell her that we can go soon since I am nearly back in full-strength."

It was unusual for them to talk this early since Rowen always got up so late. "Hey Sage what did you name that new attack it looked awesome."

While Sage was training he created a new attack full of destruction. "Oh I named it Ultimate Light do you like it." Sage said looking at Rowen

"Yea sounds great, oh and Sage try to forget what happened okay I mean it wasnít your fault at all okay." Rowen said with a curious tone

"Iíll try." when they got to the end of the hall they went on the separate couchís and talked until morning.

"I see Sage has broken Rowenís sleeping habits." Sage turned around to see Mia looking at both of them "Yea I guess I did." Sage said

Later that Day

Everyone was training for the upcoming fight since it was delayed because of Sageís return. Chiasa trained with Mia, Cye with Sekment, Kento with Dais, Rowen with Ryo and Cale was doing a Kata but the only one that didnít train was Sage, he was meditating allot lately since he still felt the presence of evil in his soul.

When Cale got done doing his kata he turned to everyone "Sage still isnít himself lately huh itís been 2 weeks and he still hasnít forgot what he did, I say we at least do something to make him forget before we go into battle, I mean we need nobody holding back in the battle." everybody stopped and turned to Cale

"Yea your right we should do something for him but we have to wait till he gets done with his meditation I have tried to get him out of his meditation allot of times and it never worked." Mia said

Meanwhile in Sageís Soul

Sage was frantically looking for the presence of his remaining evil it was driving him crazy that he couldnít find it but then he found it but it was like looking into a mirror it was a dark Sage with red eyes.

"So goody you have finally found me it took you long enough I was gettin impacient."Sageís counterpart said

"I have finally found you but what are you still doing here Mia destroyed my evil part." Sage said with rage

Sageís counterpart replied "Hmph you really think that puny blast from her shakjuo really destroyed me HA donít make me laugh, when you tried to heal that girl Aragoís part of evil went to you so that meanís it will take more than a blast like that to destroy me."

Sage clenched his fist then called on his armor soon his clenched fist was filled with the hilt of his no-datchi blade, his counterpart did the same and armor up in his armor of shadows.

Sage looked at his opponent and said "If Miaís blast didnít destroy you I guess I will have to!"

With that they both rushed each parrying each otherís blade, Sage found his moment and swiped his blade at the counter-parts stomach at first he thought he was too late but the sword swipe struck his target.

The counter-part held his stomach with one hand "Very impressive but try this, HAUNTING DARKNESS!"

A big black fire ball came out of his sword and Sage didnít know what to do then he shouted "ULTIMATE LIGHT!" then a big comet looking fireball came out of his sword and struck the dark fireball.

The two fireballs fought fiercely Sage and his counter-part were getting tired trying to make there fireball more powerful but when they both reached there point the fireballís canceled each other out.

They both looked at each other panting and sweating "hehe.... you....impress me." the counter-part said, then they rushed and clashed swords again.

But the battle was shifting down they were getting more tired each time they got hit and parried each otherís swords, then the tableís turned Sage faked him out by pretending to slash forward, then the counter-part parried down but Sage met him with a stab to the stomach.

The battle was over and Sage was victorious but the counter-partís last words scared him "Sage you won fair and square but as long as Arago lives he can summon his full power to make you evil again so either way I win hahhahaha......" his words were cut short when Sage struck his final blow.

"Is what he says really true if they are then I didnít win afterall" Sage thought as he pulled him-self out of his meditation.

In Nether-Realm

"So I lost Halo and the Ronins and Warlords are coming to destroy me.......perfect my plan to destroy the roninís and warlords are completing." Arago said but Badamon was having trouble understanding his plan "Master how is it perfect for you that the Roninís and warlordís are coming to destroy you, there stronger than ever and plus with Halo they can destroy you."

Arago replied "Badamon you fool remember I can get halo to join me whenever I want so when they are about to come into my chamberís I will summon up all my power to revive the darkness in Halo and that girl then I will have them destroy them itís the perfect plan.

"My master that is the perfect plan now if youíll excuse me I will ready the soldiers." with that Badamon left Aragoís chambers.

"Soon the Ronins and Warlords shall be destroyed HAHAHAHAAHA." Arago shouted as he laughed demonically.

Back to Mortal World

After the battle with his remaining evil he went to Miaís room to tell her he was ready for the up coming battle "Mia?.... can I come in?" Sage said

"Come in Sage." with that Sage walked in "Mia I am ready so when are we going to go to nether-realm?"

Mia thought "I guess we can go after tomorrow if thatís okay with you."

Sage replied "Yea itís okay with me Iíll tell the rest later." Then silence fell over the room "why is it so uncomfortable for me and him to be in the same room alone." Mia thought

Mia we were separated so long and now were together so whatís wrong?" Sage said in a concerned voice

Mia looked at Sage and walked up to him "Itís just that you been captured 3 times total and I am worried that if you get captured again......." she turned away trying to hide he teary eyes from Sage.

Sage placed the back of his hand on her cheek, he could feel the tears rolling down he cheek. "Mia donít worry I wonít be captured again, Mia please donít cry Iím back and here to stay."

Mia turned around and walked onto the balcony she was followed by Sage shortly. "Sage I worry about you and if I lose you I will die because I love you allot Sage, those words you said to me when you were evil made me cry myself to sleep.

"Iím....Iím sorry Mia I wonít ever say the words I said to you ever again.." with that he hugged her and said,

"I will never leave you ever again my beautiful Angel."

"And I believe you my precious Love." Sage looked at Mia the moon light shinning on her face "Your so beautiful." Sage commented

And Mia looked up at Sage "Iím so lucky to have someone like you." With that Sage and Mia looked and each other and kissed under the light of the full moon.

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