Sage Turned Evil
Part 5
By AznFlip

Sage was having trouble sleeping..........and for once it wasn't the nightmares that didn't keep him up. It was the question on why Arago chose him instead of someone like Ryo. "Why did he choose me, IM not the most powerful. I don't wield the Armor Of Inferno." The question was driving him insane! "I Don't have any special type of armor just my armor of Halo............" He stopped talking to himself and thought of a possible answer.......


Sage was meditating after the him and Mia fell down the edge of the cliff. Sage was meditating while Mia went to give Sage more time by distracting Cale "Must find the answer................." Sage said

"Sage of must conquer you inner demons to prevail............."The ancient one said as he faded away

The words struck him like a brick to his head, he didn't know what that meant. But Mia's life was in danger so he had to find out............

Sage was meditating his mind set on one goal, but then he heard Cale's voice "SAGE OF HALO COME OUT OR THIS LITTLE LADY WILL FREEZE TO DEATH!!!"

Sage popped out of meditation "Mia................I WON'T LET MIA DIE BECAUSE OF ME!!! Sage screamed as he shattered the waterfall of Ice and grabbed Mia, He put her on the ground "Im sorry my beautiful angel....."

Then jumped off to confront Cale

*******End of Flashback********

"Maybe that's it.............I never conquered my inner demons, I just conquered my evil counterpart on Arago's Behalf but I never conquered my personal inner demon......." Sage pondered as he finally drifted to sleep.

Morning came and everyone woke up pretty early. everyone had some plans to do before tomorrow, Sai and Kento were gonna go to the beach, Ryo, Whiteblaze, and Yulie were gonna go to the fair, Rowen and Chiasa were gonna go to the park, while the warlords were gonna go outside and just enjoy it.......

Everyone left to there destination, and Sage and Mia were alone. They didn't come up with plans because of the whole night they had talking so they just decided to just stay in the house.

Sage and Mia were laying down on the couch when everyone left, the house was so silent that they could even hear anything in the house. Finally Sage broke the silence "Mia........Can I ask you something?"

"Sure Sage was it?" Mia replied as she faced him in there laying down position

Sage hesitated for a while he was having doubts in his mind if he should tell her what's bugging him or not "Mia why did Arago choose me to bear the Armor Of Shadows?"

Mia was suprised by the question because mainly she thought Sage would figure it out by then but I guess he's more stumped than ever "I don't know Sage and I hate him for picking you, I'll never forgive him for that!"

"Mia calm down please, I'm here to stay and I won't bear that damn shadow armor again. Ok?" Sage said as he was stroking her right cheek with the back of his hand

"I know Sage, I'm worrying about that. I know you won't." Mia replied as there heads got closer to embrace in a kiss................

Cye and Kento were at the beach doing no other than checking out the lady's. "Man I remember when all of us use to go to this beach and get mad at Sage because he would be surrounded by girls, and the funny thing was that he never did like to talk to girls mainly because he got shy around them............."Kento stopped his rambling when he saw Cye talk to a girl on the boardwalk

Cye came back with a piece of paper "HA I'm gonna be a chick magnet like Sage used to be hahahahha" Cye said as he triumply held the paper with the girls number high in the air

"Lucky Bastard......." Was all Kento could say under his breath

Ryo, Whiteblaze, and Yulie were walking in the Fair eating cotton candy. Yulie saw the Ronin's as his brothers and guardians but was closest to Ryo mainly because.......well he was too cool "Ryo let's go in that ride over there!" Yulie said as he grabbed Ryo's hand and ran off towards the ride

"Ok Yulie slow down a lil ok? before u get a cramp from all the cotton candy u ate. Ryo stated. Yulie was like the lil brother he never had, the Ronin's were like brothers to him.........and Mia was like a sister to him. But he cherished the relationship he had with Yulie because he felt responsible with him. It sounded dumb to him but deep down inside he wish that he wasn't a Ronin and that Yulie was his little brother...............

"YEAH WERE GONNA BE ON NEXT YOU READY RYO???" Yulie shouted snapping Ryo back to reality

Ryo gave a smile "As ready as I'll ever be, Yulie."

Rowen and Chiasa were walking in the Park hand in hand, Chiasa sighed "Rowen I want this day to last forever, but I know that can't be. We have to fight for the world so everyone can live in peace......"

Rowen looked at Chiasa "Yes I know, I wish that this world was a peaceful world to live in........No Arago, no Nether-Realm and no armors just living your life with..........the person you love."

Chiasa giggled at this and pushed him "YOUR IT!" she screamed as she ran her fastest, Rowen got his balance back and started to sprint.

Because of there armors they had incredible stamina so they were running at full sprint for 20 minutes till finally Rowen tackled Chiasa on a patch of grass. They laughed at each other's faces and kissed for what seems to be the best moment in both there lives.............

The Warlords were walking on the sidewalk of a very busy street "Wow this world is weird things rolling on four circles and going at high speeds........very intriguing!" Sekment stated. It wasn't the first time he saw a bunch of cars in one place the last time he saw a bunch of cars was when he was a evil warlord and burned a hole in the street with his venom sword, That was when all the cars fell into the ditch and he laughed at this

Cale was having trouble trying to have fun.........or at least be amazed by everything like Sekment and Dais were. "Oh god Kayura I wish you were here with me right now, I miss you so much!!" Cale thought but what he forgot to do was hide his sad expression

"Cale it's ok Kayura is safe with the gods her soul will rest in peace, And we will get Arago back for this!!" Dais said with a mixture of hate and sadness.

Sekment looked at both of them "Yeah we can do it, we have the Ronin's to back us up! I know we we'll suceed, we will bring Arago down once and for all!!!!" With that said they all put there hands in the middle of the circle they formed as there Kanji's flashed with there virtue.

"C'mon let us go eat what we ate the first time we came, wasn't it called icee screamer??" Dais said as they resumed walking along the sidewalk.

Sage and Mia were sleeping on the couch when everyone got home. Everyone was being silent mainly because he they didn't wanna wake the two up

"Man how long do we have to wait.............IM HUNGRY!" Kento screamed, at that time Sage woke up

"You guys didn't have to wait for us to wake up ya know." Sage said as he kissed Mia on the forehead to wake her up

Mia woke up and looked behind the couch to see everyone staring at them "Ummmm ok, Let's eat."

With that everyone sat down at the table and started to talk about stuff

Sage was walking hand in hand with Mia outside in the forest. Everyone was sleeping expect those two............Sage told Mia that he had to tell her something so he waited for everyone to go to sleep.......till he got Mia

Sage and Mia walked deep into the forest until they came into a clearing with a big boulder in the center. All of them didn't know how the boulder got there but they dismissed the idea since it was beautiful at night

Sage helped Mia to the top of the boulder, when he got her up he hoisted him self up by Mia. They sat by each other cuddling while starting at the full moon

"Mia in a couple of hours we will risk our lives in battle to save this world. I don't know if we'll be successful or not but I sincerely hope that we succeed." Sage said as he broke the silence between the two

"Sage we will succeed, we will beat Arago and the world will be saved. Sage why do you have doubts?" Mia Said with a confused face

Sage sighed "Mia I didn't tell you this but when I searched my soul for the remaining dark side, I found it......."

"And you defeated it right" Mia Interrupted

"Yeah of course but what he said defeated me...............He said as long as Arago lives he can make me evil anytime he wants! Mia I'm scared..................I don't want to hurt the people I love especially you. Mia you don't know how bad I felt when I said all those things to you............I wanted to kill myself for making you cry. Mia I don't ever want that to happen again." Sage answered as he got up and helped Mia up to her feet

"Sage I know it won't happen have the power to prevent it! Sage don't doubt yourself again........that will be your downfall in battle" Mia said as she looked deep into those mesterious eyes of his

Sage looked into her eyes. "This is the perfect time" Sage thought as he got on one knee and pulled out a box out of his pocket "Mia, We have been through thick and thin and we have been together. Mia I say this deep down within my heart, I Love you Mia Koji! Will you marry me?

Mia looked at Sage with tears of joy in her eyes "YES SAGE I WILL MARRY YOU!" She said as she hugged him tightly

Sage had tears in his eyes as he put the ring around Mia's finger. Mia looked in awe at the ring as it sparkled with the moonlight. She then looked at Sage and kissed him deeply on the lips......................

"ALRIGHT WHEN'S THE WEDDING?" Kento shouted as him and everyone else were shouting and applauding on what they just found out

Everyone walked back to the house full of joy and happiness for the two "Ok Ok Ok remember we still have the dynasty to deal with so let's get our sleep" Ryo said as he started to walk up the stairs

Everyone else slowly went to there room's until Sage and Mia were left "The couch?" Sage asked.

"Yeah the couch" Mia Replied as they started to walk towards the couch..........