Finding Love
Part 1
By AznFlip

Mia was sitting down as she sipped her coffee and watched TV. "Man this is boring," Mia exclaimed to herself.

"Mia, Iím gonna train in the backyard; call me if anybody wants to talk to me." Sage screamed.

"Right I will," Mia said. She and Sage were the only ones left at the house. Ryo took Byakuen to the Vet. Cye went to the aquarium with Kento and Rowen went to the Library to check out some books. As Mia was sipping her coffee she remembered what happened one day....................


Sage was almost falling asleep when they finally arrived at the place where Kento is sleeping.

"Finally, damn my body hurts." Sage complained.

"Ohh, shut-up Sage do you see me complaining? I was the driver," Mia said. Sage just stuck out his tongue which made Mia laugh.

"Well, Iím outta here." Sage said jumping onto all the ledges.

"Wait SAAAAAGGGEEE, damn that boy," Mia fumed as she started to run.

Half way through the path she was encountered by some wolves. Mia screamed as one of the wolves charged at her, but Sage jumped in front of her and kicked it in the jaw.

"Sorry so late Mia." Sage said flashing a smile at her. But there were too many wolves; Sage had no choice but to run.

"Mia címon letís high-tail it outta here." Mia turned around to run but she tripped and one of the wolves ran at her. Sage ran and jump-kicked the wolf after Mia. "Címon lets go" he said as he scooped up Mia and ran as fast as he could. After a few minutes of running, they finally lost the wolves.

"Damn *puff* that was *wheez* close," Sage said trying to catch his breath.

Mia was still in Sageís arm when she said this, "Ummm, Sage you can put me down now." Sage looked at her and blushed. "Ohhh, sorry Mia," as he put her down.

"Ohhh, and Mia, Iím sorry I ditched you like that," Sage said as he started walking forward.

"Sage, donít do that again okay, but donít think Iím not pissed at you right now," Mia stated as Sage just smiled at her.

As they were walking, they came to where they were looking for. "This is where Kento should be sleeping," Mia said.

Sage looked at her. "Heís buried at that big Shinto Shrine?"

"Yeah he should be in there," Mia answered.

"You are correct there Lady, but you wonít be getting him out cause I, Cale Warlord of Corruption, shall kill him," Cale spoke out.

Sage frantically looked around to see where he was, and found him on top of the big boulder. "ARMOR OF HALO DAO CHI," Sage shouted as his armor formed around him.

When Sageís armor formed, Cale jumped high into the air and struck at Sage, but he parried the blow as Cale jumped back onto the boulder.

"Hahahahaahaha! Pathetic warrior, now witness how your friend shall die," Cale said as he put his no-datchi blade in the rock, then it started to move in little by little.

"Cale you bastard! Iíll kill you first," Sage screamed as Cale jumped down without his no-datchi but with his gauntlet.

Mia was behind Sage while he was fighting, but he came closer and closer as he parried it slash from his enemyís gauntlet. "Sage watch out thereís a cliff behind us! Fight back," Mia screamed.

Sage was struggling, though his opponent was too fast as the gauntlet had good reach, but before he could attack Cale slashed Sage in the chest which made him bump into Mia and fall off the cliff.

They were both falling upside down but Sage dropped his sword and wrapped his arms around Mia. "Mia, donít worry, I wonít let you die. I promise cause I............" Sage said as he didnít finish his sentence as they hit the cold water....


"Mia, uhhhh Mia are you dead," Sage questioned. Mia snapped back into reality "Ohhhh, hey Sage whatís up."

"I was wondering if you want to see a movie today since were the only oneís left in the house," Sage asked.

"Yeah sure, what movie," Mia asked.

"Any movie you wanna see," Sage answered.

"I wanna see Titanic. I havenít seen it yet," Mia said.

"Uhhhh, sure ok, ohhhh, and donít worry Iíll pay for everything," Sage said.

"Ohhh, thatís sweet Sage, whatís that for," Mia asked.

"Ohhh, well, girls shouldn't pay for anything when they're on a date," Sage stated.

"Sage, we're going on a date," Mia questioned.

"Uhhhh, heheheh, no, of course not, just a friendly movie out together," Sage said blushing.

"Okay, Iíll go get ready," Mia said running upstairs.

Sage watched her go upstairs. <Dammit Sage! You suck! Thatís the way to talk to her.> He thought. <But tonight, I promise myself I will tell her what I couldnít that one day..>