Finding Love
Part 2
By AznFlip

Sage was getting cold feet for the first time when he was waiting for Mia to get ready. "Damn why am I getting nervous, I'm Seiji Date Flirt King of Han'a High dammit and Iím getting nervous because of Mia." Sage said to himself as he was waiting for Mia.

Mia was looking for something nice to wear to there so called "Friendly get together". She was hoping that it wasn't just that, she was hoping it was a date. "Damn what should I this looks nice" she said as she saw this pink shirt that said Cutee, "This should be suitable for this." When she got dressed she wore blue pants with the pink shirt. She applied her cosmetics and went downstairs to the waiting Sage.

Sage saw Mia and was amazed, sure alot of girls wore that kinda stuff but Mia looked phenomenal in that outfit. "Wow Mia you look great!" Sage said Mia started to blush alot "Um thanks Sage you look great yourself, shall we leave. Sage nodded and they both went to Sage's car and left the house.

When Sage and Mia arrived at the movie theater it was packed, and the lines were huge. "Oh man the line is huge, Sage what are we gonna do?" Mia asked.

Sage flashed a grin that girls at the high school would cherish the rest of there life's "Don't worry my fair lady I got the tickets early!!"

Mia giggled "So was Seiji Date planning this friendly get-together all along?"

"Seiji Date never goes on a date without planning!!" Sage stated

"So this is a date, huh Sage??" Mia said and laughed as Sage started to blush and rubbing the back of his neck "It's ok Sage it's just a friendly get together."

Sage stopped blushing and offered his arm "Shall we go?" Mia giggled and accepted Sage's arm as they walked toward the entrance.

Sage and Mia walked in the movie and sat down in the middle of the movie theater.

The movie started and as the legendary love story was being showed on the silver screen, Sage and Mia was enjoying the movie. They made funny and serious remarks to each other about the movie.

In the middle of the movie Mia got tired of holding her neck up and put her head against Sage's shoulder. Sage looked down at her head and smiled "This is like any typical date for me but why is it so different, is it because of her. She's not like any other girl I have met at all." Sage thought.

Mia looked up at Sage and smiled "This so-called date is going well, I really think this will work." Mia thought.

They stayed liked that the whole movie, but the end of the movie made them both cry. When the movie was over and everyone was getting out Mia looked at Sage "So Sage how did you like the movie??"

Sage looked at Mia "Dammit that movie made me cry, this sucks Iím not supposed to cry imma man.

Mia started to laugh when they finally got out of the movie theater.

"So what's next Sage??"

"Oh you'll see." Was all Sage said to Mia.

"This is it, the icing on the cake, the time I tell her how I feel" Sage thought as he was driving down the road.

"Where is he taking me, I'm not familiar with this road." Mia thought. But realization hit her and she knew where they were going

"Ok were here, the beach." Sage announced.

Mia looked at Sage "it's 10:00 at night Sage what are we doing here?" Mia said as she was getting out of the car.

Sage smirked "For dinner.......why else would I bring you down to the beach at 10:00 at night."

Mia looked at the basket that Sage was holding "Awww Sage this is so sweet," she said as they started to walk on the sandy surface.

Sage laid out the blanket and took out 2 plates 2 cokes and the utensils and set them on the blanket. "Now why waste money in a restaurant when u can just make one for one night!" Sage stated as he laid out 3 plates of food 1 bowl contained soup, 1 plate with chicken alfredo, and 2 strawberry shortcake slices.

"Wow Sage did you cook all of this," Mia asked.

"Hecks naw, my mom made it when I was bout to leave the house. So I grabbed all of this and took it with me." Sage answered.

Mia looked at him "So Sage were you planning this the whole time???"

"Ummm....." Finally he gave up on hiding the truth "Ok Mia I won't lie anymore the reason for this whole thing was tell you something." Sage said.

"Oh really, well Sage spit it out." Mia said.

Sage let out a deep breath "The whole reason for this, was to tell you I like you, I like you alot."

Mia was suprised. The Flirt King Of Han'a High liked her "Why do you like me Sage, you have alot of girls willing to go out with you."

"Mia......." Sage started "Your like no other girl. Whenever I see you it's like looking at a angel, whenever I hear you speak it's like a beautiful song. I don't know Mia but these passed days I have been trying to tell you but I haven't been able to have the guts to tell you. Partially because I knew I didn't have a chance with you, I know you and Ryo like each other and it's imminent that you guys would hook up. And I know you don't go for my type, the type to flirt with any girl and not be interested in them at all. But Mia ever since that time in the waterfall I haven't been able to get you out of my mind." Sage stopped and caught his breath "Every time I wake up I look forward to seeing you, everytime Iím at school your beautiful face and angelic voice shimmers in my mind. Mia I like you, I've liked you for a long time and these words were waiting for a long time to get out." Sage let out a breath as he finally finished.

Mia had her hands on her chest "Oh my god Sage that is the most beautiful thing anyone has said to me, and to tell you the truth Sage Iíve liked you since the waterfall. I fell in love with the fact that you would do anything to protect the ones you love, and that's what I like about you. I never thought of you as a person to break girls hearts, I saw you as the caring type, the type that wouldn't hurt anyone unless he needed to."

Mia finished as she saw Sage moving closer...

But there lips never made contact as they heard one thing: Black Lighting Slash..............

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