Finding Love
Part 4
By AznFlip

Sage turned around and started heading towards the door, he couldn’t keep up with this, he didn’t want to lose control of his feelings and hug Mia and kiss her. “I...I...............” Sage’s words were cut short when Mia wrapped her arms around Sage “Don’t leave me.........answer this!!”

Mia leaned her head against Sage’s back “Would you let anything get in the way of True Love?”

Sage separated her hands and turned around to say one word “No” with that he left.

Dear Journal,
It’s been a couple of weeks since that day.....where I confessed my feelings for Mia and where I felt the full force of Cale’s Black Lighting Slash. I recovered fully and I’m training full force.....I hope this will get my mind off of Mia. Those words that Ryo said in his mind still sting me like a hornet “ can’t have Mia...she’s mine and I will win her heart!!”.....I never knew it would turn out like this! Oh well it goes to show how much I know. These past days, Mia has been trying to talk to me alone....I try my hardest to evade her but she always corners me and asks me what’s wrong. I say nothing is wrong but she always grabs my arm and looks deep into my eyes.....oh god those eyes can hypnotize any guy into telling her anything! That’s when I look away and tell her I have an arrand to run. I hate lying to her....I hate acting like I don’t care....I hate not being able to hold her in my arms and forget all the worries in the world, But Ryo loves her......and he would hate it if me and her go together. I always wonder this....If Mia and I got together and Ryo found out, what would he do? what if the only bad warlord Cale attacked? Would we still be the same fighting force that defeated Talpa? I don’t think we would....I think this personal grudge would get on the battlefield and I fear for the worst. I just hope Mia’s university work gets in the way between me and that the only time I’ll see her is at the dinner table. I’m going crazy.....I love Mia like no other girl ever.....but Ryo is one of my best friends, Ryo.....I just hope you treat her right. Damn I sense Mia coming up to my room, Write in you later......

Sage jumped out the window before Mia could open the door *knock knock* Sage it’s me Mia, i’m coming in! Mia said as she opened the door.

‘Sage.....Sage you here...” Said Mia but she saw the open window “Why is he avoiding me” Mia wondered but the thought was cut short when she caught something in the corner of her eye

“It must be Sage’s homework book” Mia said but abruptly stopped talking when she saw a piece of paper fall out of it with her name in bold letters

Mia picked it up and read:


I do believe
The lord above
Who created you
For me to love

He picked you out
from all the rest
because he knows
I love you best

I have a heart
and it is true,
but now it’s gone
from me to you

So care for it
just like I do,
for I have none
and you have two

I love you so
and you know it’s true
but I have something
to say to you

I can’t love you
like you want me to
because someone else
has there eyes on you

it hurts me so
I cannot bear
to talk about
this despair

When you read this
I will be gone
From your arms
and all your love

I love you Mia
I love you so
but I am gone
forever more..

Mia crumpled up the piece of paper and ran to her room crying, she didn’t want to believe the poem she just read. But it took full effect on her, once she got into her room she slammed the door and jumped her bed crying into her pillow


Sage climbed through the window and wondered were the guys were at “I hope Mia didn’t read my jour...........” Sage stopped talking to himself when he saw a crumpled up piece of paper, not knowing what it was Sage picked it up and uncrumpled it

Sage’s eyes grew wide “Oh no...” Sage thought as he dropped the piece of paper and ran to Mia’s room

He opened the door only to be greeted with a painful sight......Mia crying on her bed “Mia.....Mia....” Sage said as he approached the bed

“Sage.....why did you write that? who the hell are you talking about? WHY CAN’T YOU LOVE ME?!” Mia screamed in distraught

They were lucky that the guys were out for the night to go watch a movie, because the room would’ve been full by the first yell

“Mia I wrote that because I was sad....and that person who has his eyes on you....It’s Ryo, Mia you got to understand that he loves you and I won’t get in the way between you two.” Sage explained to Mia

Mia looked at Sage with a tear streaked face “Sage I love you, and you love me....that’s that, we should be holding each other right now instead of exchanging these wia close into his arms and kissed Mia...........


“Ryo hurry up and get your wallet, were gonna miss the show, and check up on Mia to see if she wants to go” said Rowen as Ryo got out of the jeep

Ryo hurried into the house and ran to his room, he got his wallet out of the drawer and headed towards Mia’s room “Mia come with us to see this movie...........” Ryo said as he opened the door

But Ryo was greeted with a unwanted sight, Mia and Sage kissing.................................

To be continued..............

Wow it’s been a while hasn’t it? Well I always go through writers block but I don’t care! Anywise I hoped you all enjoyed this my opinion I didn’t like this so much but that’s just me....make me feel better by send all your comments to: Until then stay true to Your self......laterz alligator!!!

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