Finding Love
Part 5
By AznFlip

“Ryo hurry up and get your wallet, were gonna miss the show, and check up on Mia to see if she wants to go” said Rowen as Ryo got out of the jeep

Ryo hurried into the house and ran to his room, he got his wallet out of the drawer and headed towards Mia’s room “Mia come with us to see this movie...........” Ryo said as he opened the door

But Ryo was greeted with a unwanted sight, Mia and Sage kissing

Ryo looked on with fury in his eyes “SAGE!!!”

Sage and Mia separated as they came aware that Ryo was staring straight at them.....Ryo ran forward and punched Sage full force right at on his jaw....

Ryo followed up his attack “STAY AWAY FROM HER!!!” Ryo shouted as he gave Sage a right hook to his jaw

Sage not wanting to fight back just took the full force of his blows....he stumbled back trying to regain his footing as he saw Ryo running towards him.

Mia was looking on with distraught “STOP!!!!!” Mia shouted but Ryo kept on pummeling Sage...she had enough of this.....

kept on punching Sage...Ryo decided to finish it off and threw his more powerful punch....but it was too late to draw back when he saw Mia go in front of Sage

The moment was playing like it was in slow motion.......Mia got in front of Sage to stop Ryo but instead she took the full force of Ryo’s punch.....

Sage caught her falling form and looked at Ryo “SEE WHAT YOUR STUPID ASS DID!!!----ARE U HAPPY NOW?!?! OR DO YOU WANT TO PUNCH ME OUT NEXT?!?!?!”

Guilt hit Ryo with full force “I’m......I’m......I’m Sorry!” Ryo said as he ran out the room into his and slammed the door.

The other’s ran in and saw Sage cradling “Sage what happened??? We heard some yelling!” Rowen said but he was only greeted with silence “SAGE WHAT HAPPENED?!”

Sage looked up “Ryo saw Mia and I kissing....he started to punch me up and Mia went in front of me and took the full force of Ryo’s punch”

They could barely hear him because he was talking in a faint voice but they managed to make out what he said.........

***************************************Two Days Later****************************************

Ryo avoided Sage and Mia....he still felt really guilty to let his rage take him over like that. He really didn’t expect himself to go off like that but he did and he regretted it like crazy

Mia worked in her room for the past two days....she just needed time to herself. She recovered fine but she had a buise right on her right cheek

Sage didn’t know how to feel, so many emotions rocked him at the same time....Love, Sadness, Anger. So he decided one thing.....he needed time to himself. So he told everyone he was gonna go back home for 2 weeks....everyone understood. He packed all his things and told everyone his good-byes and stuff....the only people he didn’t talk to is Ryo and Mia.

Sage was waiting for a cab to pick him up when he heard an all too familiar voice “Hey Sage....” Sage turned around to see Mia.

“Hey Mia......” was all Sage could muster out. Mia looked at Sage’s full of anguish and stress, he had bags under his eyes. She could understand why Sage was going back home.

“I’m gonna miss take care of yourself OK Sage?” Mia said as she took his hand into her’s and held it so tight that Sage knew that she didn’t want him to go.

“I’ll be take care of yourself OK? Don’t stress out too much..i’ll be back in two weeks.” Sage said as he looked into her pained him to see that ugly bruise on her right cheek.

They looked into each other’s eyes and full of full of full of sadness. A kiss that would be burnt into each other’s mind for all time. A kiss given like a love seeing her soldier off to war...even if it’s just two weeks...they will be missing each other like crazy.

There kiss ended when they saw the cab....Sage picked up his things and started walking away from Mia “I love you Mia” “I love you Sage” They couldn’t hear each other say it but in there minds they know that the love is strong and it will never die......

To be Continued.......

Author’s Note: Hello Hello.....sorry for not doing this sooner, and sorry that this chapter is so short....just wanted to write this to let everyone know that I’m alive and doin well....FINAL’S KILLED me....too bad....send all comments to either or Thanx for reading this, hope you enjoyed....laters and take care everyone.!!!