Authors Notes: I do not own ronin warriors they are owned by the talented creators of the show we all know and love. I do own the Guardian Knights and all other creations in this story. Now that's out of the way you can go and read my master peace (Joke). My first fanfic so please don't criticize me or anything. thanks enjoy.( Takes place one year after tapes defeat.)few thing yaw might need at know :the( # )at the end of the sentence means thinking, the (*) Means speaking English.

Part 1 Guardian knights
(Mysterious savior)

The ronins were having trouble defeating the whacked out lady darkness. When ever they killed a shadow monster they just came back stronger then ever. they were losing and bad,and right then lady darkness trapped 4 of the ronins in a dark energy bubble. Any attacks that they used; the energy bubble would get about 3 inches smaller. Sage the only one left out of the bubble was warn out ; he could barley lift his sword let alone fight.

Sage: What am I going to do! I can't fight much longer ! I'm going to need a miracle or I'm good as dead! #

Just then sage lost the hold on his sword. He looked up to see the evil smirk lady darkness gave him. He couldn't move his body. he closed his eyes expecting his death to be slow and painful. His last thought was" I'm going to die."

Ryo: "Sage move!!!!!!! Sage!!"

Cye: "Come on mate yaw have to move!"

Rowen: "Come on buddy you have to move!!!"

Right before the sword hit sage someone out of the blue screamed " Thunder thruster" a beam of lighting crashed into lady darkness. Dark lady screamed in agony then exploded. the parts that were left of her turned to dust.

"Stormy who are these mystical warriors are weak why would the darkside want them" * ? Asked the one in dark blue ninja costume with yellow trimming.

"I don't know twister, I just don't know, but what I do know is we must protect them from Endela that's for sure." Replied the one with a green ninja suit on.

Then they jumped down from the tree and started walking towards the ronins. there masks hid their features from the mystic warriors. when they went near the ronins the masks an their armors hid their dinettes and changed their voices a little to.

(Mean while)

When lady darkness was destroyed the dark bubble popped and the four ronins scrambled to their feet, and ran to sage who was still on the ground. Ryo looked around to see if he could see who had helped them then he saw movement in the tree top. They herd a very faint thump,and they turned to only see two ninjas walking toward them. before they knew it they had their masks over their faces.

Ryo: "What the hell is up with my armor !!!!! " I can't get the damn face mask off!!!

Rowen: "Your not the only one buddy I can't get my armor off either. We might not want to worry about are armors, We should worry about those two.

Kento: "Check out the babes. I like their costumes."

Cye: slaps Kento "Shut up you pervert do yaw want to make them mad."

Kento: "But I thought they were the good guys."

Ryo: "Damn fucking armor!!!!" Ryo said while still trying to get his armor off.

Rowen: "Kento how are we suppose to know if they are good or bad. they could have just saved us for are armors. Ryo will you shut the fuck up cause here come the warriors."

Stormy: "Are you all right?" *

Kento: "What the hell did she just say?"

Stormy: "All you all right" she restated in Japanese.

Sage: yeah I think so. Thanks for saving us back there.

Stormy: "It was nothing really, here let me help you" . she bent down and put her two index fingers on his forehead then she said, "Tucka Sucka Sela."

Sage glowed a golden green aura then he was healed. She opened her eyes and stood up. She pulled out a dark green pendent that had a thunder bolt on it and dropped it in front of sage. He looked at it then at her and asked.

Sage: "What does it do?!!"

Stormy: "It will let you mentally call me if you are in danger again! You were lucky that we were near by. We gotta get going. when you call use the power of your armor it will make the connection stronger."

Twister threw Rowen a pendent that was dark blue and had a shooting star on it. all she said was "You can use the pendent the same way as halo, but don't just call for the hell of it got it . # How did I say that I can't speak Japanese? Must be my ninja fluke that translated it for me #. With that she turned and started after stormy."

Ryo: "Wait what are your names?"

Stormy: "You can call me Stormy."

Twister: "Yaw can call me twister, see yaw sugar." With that they left.

(Back at Mia An hour later)

Mia: "So you are saying that there are a new batch of warriors. "

Ryo: "The thing I don't get is why are armors wouldn't obey are orders why they were there?"

Sage: "Ryo drop it all ready ok! geese you are starting to get on my nerves. Its probably because we are not suppose to know who each other deities are yet !!...So ... Just chill."

Ryo: "Do you want to start something sage... do yaw.'

Sage: "Maybe I do!!!!"


Ryo & Sage: "Sorry Mia "After they apologized then went too join everybody else upstairs. They shot evil glares at each other that would make talpa run.then everybody went to sleep wondering who the new women warriors were.

Who are these new warriors?
Where did they come from?
What is there connection with the ronins?
Are there any others?