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Chapter 2 (End of vacation)

When Sage woke up it was early like he did every other day.He just stared up at the sealing for a few minutes then looked at Rowen who was dead to the world.Rowen was just sleeping there with his arm hanging off one side of the bed and the other over his eyes;his mouth was hanging open and you could hear a faint snore coming from his direction.

Sage: " Man does he have to sleep like that?"# " Every day he doesn't get up until way past noon.He will just love it when school starts." With that sage got out of bed and left to take his morning shower.

When Sage got out of the shower he smelt breakfast.He already knew that Cye and Mia were down there cooking breakfast. He walked down to the kitchen and looked in to prove that his guess was correct. There was Mia and Cye cooking tons of food to feed everyone in the house. Mia was there cooking: waffles, eggs,and sausage.While Cye cooked pancakes,Omelets,and French toast.

Sage: "Hello guys !!"

Mia: "Hi Sage!!!"

Cye: "Hey Sage !! You wanna Help?"

Sage: "Na that's ok you know my cooking is pretty bad!!"

Ryo: " But not as bad as Rowens. At least your is eatable!!!!! "

Mia: " Hey Ryo your up early,and your right it isn't as bad as his !!! "

Cye: " Good morning Ryo!!"

Sage: " So do you think we might be able to eat before the garbage disposal wakes up?? "

Mia:" You mean Kento,and yes you can eat when were done!!! "

Sage:" So Ryo still trying to figure out why the armors aren't working??"

Ryo: " I just don't get it. It is the first time our armors didn't listen to our command."

Mia:" So what did these warriors look like again?"she asked while helping Cye put the food on the table.

Ryo:" Well they were in these ninja outfits. The only difference was the color of their costume and the weapons!The one that was in green said her name was stormy,and the one in blue said her name was twister."

Sage:" Yeah their attacks are strong to. We couldn't beat those shadow creatures,but she killed it in one attack"

Mia:" Interesting!! After breakfast I'll check my grandfathers data. Now lets eat before we can't!!"


Amanda woke up it was she was blinded by the sunlight shinning in from her window.she looked over at her friends that all were sound asleep. She smiled then her smile turned into a evil smirk.She looked at them and took a deep breath.

Amanda: "WAKE UP NOW OR I WILL MAKE YOUR LIVES A LIVING HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY!!" She screamed on the top of her lungs.

Kim:" What the Fuck???"

Kayla: "Who the hell???"

Samantha: "I'm going to kill!!!!"

Sarah: "Where's the Flood???"

Kim: "Amanda you better have a good reason for waking us up like screaming banshee!! If not then I suggest you start running!!" Kim screamed.

Amanda: "H...hey guys w..when we went to bed said who ever... wakes up first wake everyone else up so I did..!!!!"

Kim:" It doesn't mean going around screaming like a banshee!!! Oh and when did you develop a stutter??"

Amanda:" I do not have a stutter!!!"

Kim: "Do to."

Amanda: "I do not."

Kim: "Do to."

Amanda: "Do not."

Samantha: "Will yaw just chill !!! Its to early in the morning!!!" Samantha screamed.

Kayla: "She's right just chill !!! We have allot of work to do!! There are only 2 days until school starts. we haven't even finished moving in yet!!!"

Sarah: "Don't forget about registering into a school !! Getting our stuff for school!! Were not going to do every thing in 2 days!!!"

Kim: "Well lets get started!!!"

Amanda: "I get the shower first!!" She screamed as she ran to the bathroom!!!

(At 12:00 pm)

Ryo: "So Who's going to go wake up Rowen???"

Cye: "Not me I can still feel the punch he gave me last time!!!"

Kento:" I'm not crazy!!! I don't think so!! Anyway its Sages turn."

Sage: "What me wake up the sleeping dead!! No I won't!!"

Every one just stares at him with no emotion.

Sage: "Fine ok I'll go just stop starring"

Sage walks over to the cabinet and gets a cup.Then he goes over to the sink fills it with cold water,and starts up stairs. He walks down the hallway till he gets to their room then open the door. He walks over to Rowens bed and dumps the water over his head. Next he ran out of the room like a bat out of hell. He got to the kitchen to see every one staring at him with wide eyes.

Kento: "You made it out alive!!!"

Ryo: "How???"

Rowen: "I'm going to kill whoever dumped water on me!!!" He said as he stomped down the stairs." Alright who did it??" He looked around waiting for an answer. "Well, answer me!!" (silence) "Well somebody better speak up or I will make sure that each of you have a painful death!!"

Kento,Cye,Ryo: "It was Sage!!!" They said with fear.

Sage: "Traders!! .... Bye!! " He said as he took off.

Rowen:" I'll get him when he comes back. Right now I'm hungry!!" Rowen said as he sat down to eat.

(2:00 pm)

Kim: "Oh my god I didn't think that this stupid dresser weighed so much!!!" (Strain)

Amanda: "You had to bring it!! It was your own doing!!!" (strain)

Kim: (sweatdrop) "It was my grandmothers!! I would like to keep everything that reminds me of her!!!!"

Amanda: "Well could you make your memories a little less heavy!! Samantha a little help would be nice!!"

Samantha: "I don't want to mess up my manicure!!! I just go help somewhere else."

Amanda: "Kayla Why don't you and Sarah go get registration form at this school. She threw the morning paper to Kayla."

Kayla: "Han'n'Han high??"

Sarah: "Yeah it a pretty nice school!! I saw it when we first go into town."

Kayla: "Cool!! Sounds good to me." With that they left.

Amanda: "Finally everything is here!! So lets start unpacking."

Kim: "Can't we take a break??? I'm tired!!"

Amanda: "I am to, but we at least gotta start doing it or were never going to finish this!!!"

Kim: "Good point!! Samantha get your little ass down here and get your stuff, I'm not going to take it up to you yaw know!!!!" She bellowed up the stairs.

Samantha: "I'm coming!!!!!" She yelled back.

Amanda: "Would you guys please stop yelling I have got a headache."


Mia: "Guys We have to go and get your information for school !! "

Sage: " Hey I'm organizing my books Right now I can't!!"

Rowen: "I can't. I'm doing my books as well!!"

Kento: "Can't, eating." Mia: "Well Ryo, Cye that leaves you two!!" (Gives puppy dog eyes)

Ryo,Cye: "Yeah sure Mia well come with you." Mia: "Ok well lets go!!!"

So they started heading for town. The ride took about 15 minutes tops. They got out of the car and saw two girls that they never seen before. They thing that creeped Ryo and Cye was that they felt an attraction to them. Then they realized that they were going into the school.

Cye: "They must be new here."

Ryo: "Yeah but aren't they a little late in registering??"

Mia: "Yes they are registering late. There not going to be able to start school on Monday!"

Ryo: "Well I guess were going to have to wait till school starts to know for sure."

Mia: "Well lets go do what we came here to do!!"

Sarah: "Don't look now but were being watched!!" She said while brushing her blue-green hair out of her face and her blue eyes stared at they 3 people across the parking lot.

Kayla: "I know." She said as the pushed her blue-black hair out of her own face while her green eyes stared at the three people for a brief instant then started toward the school.

Sarah:" Hey wait up!" She said as she ran after When they went into the school there was a table with 4 people sitting there looking over paper work then looked when they came in. Sarah and Kayla went over to the man in the chair all the way to the right. When they asked for 5 registration forms they looked at them as if they were crazy or something.When they were waiting for the registration forms the three people they saw at the parking lot walked in.They went to the women right next to them.

Women: "Can I help you?"

Mia: "Yes I would like an information packet for this year."

Women:" Here you are. She handed Mia the packet she asked for. "

Mia:" Come on guys lets go !!"

Cye:" Ok "

Ryo: "Lets go then." Then they left.

Man:"Here you are." He handed Sarah and Kayla the register forms and information packets.

Sarah,Kayla: "Thank you." With that they left.

(back at the mansion)

Sage: "Kento please chew with your mouth closed." (cringe)

Kento: "Mhat mar mou mouming mo bo amount mit"

Rowen: "What the hell did you say??"

Kento: "Mhout-"

Sage: "Swallow first!!"

Kento: (swallows food) "I said what are you going to do about it??"

Sage:" I'll glue your mouth shut when your asleep so you can't eat anymore!! "

Kento: "Say that to my face!!!!" While picking sage up by the shirt.

Sage: "I just did!!"

Kento: "Why you-"

Mia: "Were home!!!"

Kento: (puts sage down) "Did you bring anything home to eat??"

Rowen: "You just ate and your still hungry??"

Kento: "So?"

Rowen: "Nothing!!" (mumbles about Kento being a pig)

Mia: "Yeah I brought home Mc Donald's."

With that they went and sat at the table.Everyone got 2 cheese burgers, fries, and a soda. They began eating. There wasn't much conversation after that until sage spoke up.

Sage: "So are the uniforms the same?"

Mia: "Yes!!"

Ryo: "It looks like we might have a few new students at school."

Sage: "Who??"

Cye: "A few girls!!"

Sage: (perking up) "Are they cute?"

Ryo,Cye: "They are pretty!"

Sage: "Then I going to be their first new friend!!"

Kento: "Oh no you don't. You get every girl in the school!! Leave these girls alone!"

Sage: "Get a grip Kento. God your such a baby."

Mia: "Guys, earlier I found something that might be a clue to who these new warriors are."

Ryo: "Really what is it??"

Mia: "I'll show you after we finish eating"


Kayla: "Were back!!!" Sarah: "Yep you wont believe how much paper work is here!!"

Amanda: "Just what I need!!" (mumbles about how life sucks)

Kim: "Holy shit that is a hell of a lot of paper work!!"

Samantha: "God damn! Its not like were adopting a child."

Amanda:"Well we might as well get started!!"

Florn: "Girls hurry up and fill out the paper work we have to go shopping and get your uniform!!" (he is their guardian)

Samantha: "Why don't we go shopping then finish this when we get back!! Is that ok?"

Florn: "Yes lets go!"

(4:00 at the mansion)

Mia: "Here it is !! These are the only things I could find on amulets and warriors! The thing I don't get is the poems. They are like riddles!!!"

Rowen: "What does it say."

Mia: "It says:
To fight for good,
Is the key.
To fight for bad,
Death will come to be.
Water ignites storm,
Storm ignites Fire,
Fire ignites Earth,
Earth ignites Wind,
and Wind ignites Water."

Ryo: "I don't get it they don't make any sense!! Mia your right they are like riddles!"

Rowen,Cye,Kento,Sage: (Thinking) ???????? (still thinking)

(6:00 pm)

Ryo: "(sweat drops) Anyone got any ideas??"

Everyone else: "No"

Mia: "Ok Cye why don't you go start dinner! I'll be down to help in a minute."

Cye: "All right."

Kento: "Good cuz I'm hungry."

Everyone: ........(sweat drops)..........

Cye: (Slaps Kento) "Your always hungry."

Kento: "I'm a growing boy what do yaw expect."

Mia: (pokes his stomach) "Your definately growing here!!"

Everyone except Kento: (Laughs)

Kento: "That's not funny."

When Mia and Cye finished diner they set the table. Then they brought the food out and set it on the table as well. Next they called every one out to start eating. When they finished eating they went and took their showers and went to bed.


Kim: "Ewe, I hate dresses no way am I going to wear this!!"

Florn: "Its not a dress its a skirt!! And you have to wear it. It's your school uniform!!!"

Kim: "It's ugly!!!!!!"

Amanda: "Thanks for stating the obvious!!"

Sarah: "I really don't want to go to a new school."

Samantha: "That's not the worst part!! We have to go on stage in front of the whole school and introduce are self's."

Sarah: "What????"

Kim: "Did you have to do that?? Sarah, it's not that bad!!"

Sarah: "I hope so."

Samantha: "I have better start studying because I only know a little bit of Japanese!!"

Florn: "Alright were home know You go in and eat, then do paper work, then get ready for bed!! Then Samantha I want you to then study got it!!"

Samantha: "Yeah."

Florn: "Now all of you in the house pronto!!"

The girls went to do what they were told. They ate, then got ready for bed, then studied their Japanese, and then went to bed.

What about the evil forces?
What about school?
Still who are the new warriors?
You will have to wait and see!!!!! (Mah ha ha ha) Sorry Temporary loss of insanity. (not really)

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