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Chapter 3
(School starts)

Well it was like any other day for the ronins when they woke up. Sage waking up first then Mia and Cye. Next it was Kento coming down because he smelt breakfast. Then it was Ryo because his giant fuzzy alarm clock woke him up.( It was White Blaze) Now everyone was down stairs fighting over who had to wake up Rowen...

Cye: "I'm not going to do it!! I did it yesterday!!! "

Sage:" Don't look at me I did it Sunday!!! "

Ryo:" Its don't look at me its Kenos turn. "

Kento: " What?? Oh man on the first day of school .Why me?? "

So Kento goes up to wake up Rowen. He climbed the steps till he got to the top,then he walked down the hallway till he got to Sage and Rowens room. He opened the door and walked in. He Walked over to the bed and shook Rowen.He just rolled over and said" Go away!! I'm sleepinnn." Then that did it. He pissed Kento off!! so Kento went and turned on the bath tub.( it was ice cold) Then Kento went over and picked up Rowen and walked back to the bathroom and dropped him in. Then ran out of the room,down the stairs till he got to the kitchen.

Rowen: "Who the hell did it this time??" He screamed while coming down the steps.

Kento: " You had to get up!! So I woke you up. "

Rowen: " You could have just shook me!! "

Kento: " I tried but you just rolled over and said you were sleeping!!! "

Rowen: " ......."

Mia: "Rowen I suggest you get ready for school. You don't wanna be late the first day."

Rowen: "Why is everyone ganging up on me?? (mumbles about how he wants sleep)"

Sage: "Rowen you better hurry I going to be leaving in 5 minutes and you better be ready!!!!!!!!"

Rowen: "You're evil!! you all are evil!!"

Everyone: "Yeah we know Rowen!!!!!!!! "

Rowen : " ...????...???...!!!!! " He then went to get ready for the torturous hell they call school.

Sage: 4 minutes left.

Ryo: Will you leave him if he's not ready!! Oh Mia its getting late. You don't want to be late

Mia: Well I'll see you guys later ! With that she left.


It was early in the morning when florn woke up he listen to see if he could hear if anyone else was awake, but when there was only silence he sighed and got out of bed. He then went down the hall to Amanda and Samantha's room. He opened the door and walked in. Then he walked over to Amanda's bed. He gently shook her by the shoulders till she woke up.

Amanda: What?....... Who?....

Florn: Amanda I need you to wake everyone else up!!

Amanda: Why?

Florn: I got new info on the enemy!! Now get up!!

Amanda: Alright I'm up!!

Florn: Now go get everyone up!!

Then Amanda picked up her pillow and threw it at Samantha.She watched as Samantha just rolled over. That was it she had officially pissed Amanda off. Amanda got out of bed and grabbed her cup of water off the table and threw it on Samantha.

Samantha: What the----

Amanda: Get up....Now!

Samantha: Why in gods name did you wake me up at 6:30 in the morning???

Amanda: Florn got new information on the enemy!! Now lets go wake the others up.

With that they went to wake the others up!!

( back with the boys)

Sage: "times up!!!" (He walks out the door)

The others fallow Sage out the door. They all got in the car. They slowly drove off leaving Rowen behind. Just as they got down the road as Rowen walked out of the house.

Rowen: "Oh fuck!!! ... Man could this day get any worse?"

Rowen Took off down the road hoping to get to school on time. It took about 20 minutes to just get to the city. Then it took about another 10 minutes to just on the block where the school.He made it to school just in time to see the others standing waiting for him at the gate.

Rowen: "Why the hell did you leave me ?!!! "

Sage: "You took to long! "

Kento: "We thought you weren't coming! "

Rowen: "If we weren't at school you would be dead right now (he said threw clenched teeth)!!!!"

First bell: Binge binge binge binge"

(Back with girls)

Florn: "Girls..You Know that Endela will attack again soon."

Amanda: Yeah we know!!!

Samantha: Is that all you woke us up for is to tell us something that we all ready know-

Sarah: Or do you have more information?

Florn: Well yes I do. Endela has new generals and monsters.

Amanda,Sarah,Kim,Kayla,Samantha: "..."

Kayla: Where did she get them at?And who in there right mind would work for her?

Florn: She got from this place they call the Nether Realm. The generals were brainwashed,and they don't remember their past.

Amanda: Kim why are you so quite??

Kim: I just don't get it!! Why would Endela want some prepped up boys in armor? They aren't even that strong!! They couldn't even defeat the shadow creatures if their life depended on it!!!! They are weak!!

Kayla: Damn Kim your just a spitfire today aren't you!!

Sarah: Why does it bother you anyway??

Kim: Just think about it! they have to have some power that they know about.

Florn: Girls who are these new warriors?? You haven't told me anything about them!!!

Amanda: Well you see it was on Friday we went for a walk to check out the city and we herd fighting in the woods-

Samantha: So we went to check it out-(with that they continued their story)

(At the school 2 period)

A student walks into the class room and hands the teacher a peace of paper. The teacher looks over the paper then give the student a pass back to class. Now she turns to the class........

Teacher: Students I need your attention! Tomorrow we will be having a few new students in our class. I would like you to give them the respect you would give me.Do any of you have ant questions?

Student: How many new students will there be?

Teacher: 5 in total but only 2 will be in this class!!

Sage: Are they boys or girls?

Teacher: They are girls!!

Sage and boys in class: Yes (then glare at each other)

Girls: ...... (rolls eyes)

Ryo: (Nudges Kento and whispers) "Its like Sage to ask a Question like that isn't it."

Kento: "Yep!! You got that right."

Bell: " Binge, binge,binge "

(Back with Girls)

Amanda: That's the whole story!!

Samantha: They were cute to!

Amanda: How would you know they had masks on?

Kim: The masks avengers! All for one and one for all!

Samantha: That's the Three musket tiers not the masked avengers!!

Kim: (Sweat drops)".............. So...I got it mixed up."

AN: Reminds you of Kento in a way doesn't it!!! *_~

( back with boys at lunch)

When the boys got to lunch Kento did a B-line strait towards the lunch line. The other Ronins Sweat dropped.

Kento: Food, food, food."

Ryo: I guess he's hungry....

Cye: He's always hungry!..

Sage: I can't think of one time that he wasn't hungry

Rowen: That's because there hasn't been one time that he wasn't hungry!!

Kento: (shoots glare) Shut up!!!

Sage: So What do the girls look like??

Cye: " They one had alight green-blue hair,but I really didn't see her eyes,I think they were dark Blue though

Ryo: "They other had like a blue-black hair. and dark green eyes! "

lunch lady: " What will you have? "

Kento: "2 pizzas, 2 milks,and extra fries!!!!!! "

AN: I don't Know what they really eat so I just put that!!

Everyone: (stares) " .....( sweat drops)...!!! "

Lunch lady:" Good lord child are you going to eat all of that !!!!!!!! "

Sage: "Don't worry he wont pop!....... Ha ha ha"

Lunch lady: Blink..blink. "So what will you have?"

Sage: "Salad"

Ryo: "Chicken nuggets!"

Cye: "Pizza!"

Rowen: "Chicken nuggets!"

After the ronins finished getting their lunch they Went to sit down.when the Guys sat down Sages fan club Sat at the table as well.

Amber: " How's are favorite guys?? "

Ronins: " Fine "

Kelly: "How are you Sage?? "

Sage: "Fine!" (he said in his flirt voice)

With that they continued lunch.

( with the girls 1:00 pm)

Florn just got back from getting the girls lunch and just walked in the house...

Florn: "Girls Lunch!!"

Kim: " It's about time. "

Kayla: " Yeah I know you know we didn't eat breakfast !! "

Amanda: " So watch yaw get us?? "

Florn: " Salads! "

Girls: What????!!

Kim: You got us salads after how hard you have been training us!!!

Florn: " You need to keep in shape!! "

Girls: " We are in shape!! "

Florn: " Yes and I want you to stay that way!! I don't wasn't one of my girls dieing on me because they are to slow!!! "

Amanda: " We are to fast for any stupid -"

Samantha: " Brain Dead-"

Kim:" Idiotic- "

Kayla: " No good- "

Sarah: " Creatures that Endela sends us! "

Florn: "Ok I get your point, but I need you to eat then go back and train!!....Now.....get started!! "

Girls: " OK ! "

( ronins after school)

When the bell rang the ronins went and got their stuff.Then they walked out of the hell they call school. They Got about 10 steps out when Sage's worshipers came running...

Amber: " Eek Sage wait for us!! "

Kelly: " Yeah we want to talk!! "

Ryo: " More like flirt( he mumbles)!"

They stop walking long enough for Amber,Kelly and their group of followers to ketchup. When they caught up they started talking really really fast

Amber: "So Sage did I tell you what happend to cris in health class?"

Kelly: "Yeah it was like so funny!"

Sage: "Hey I really would love to hear the story but I have some things to do today! Can you tell me tomorrow? "

Amber: " Sure "

Kelly:" Like...ok "

With that the girls walked off.

Ryo: " How can you stand them??"

Cye: " They are so annoying!"

Sage: " I just can! "

Kento: " Of course he can because he is just as annoying as they are!! "

Sage: " How so? "

Kento: " You keep every good looking girl to your self!! That's how!! "

Sage: " It's not my fault that you don't have the looks and I do!! "

Ryo,Cye,Rowen: (Sweat drop)"...!!!!!....!! Will you guys chill!"

Sage,Kento: " Fine (they turn away from each other)

The guys then go and get in the car! They then head home. When they get home Mia Was already there waiting for them. They walked in the house to see that Mia was sitting at the table reading the paper. She then looked up when they came in and said......

Mia: " Hi guys! How was school?"

Guys: " Fine"

Mia: " That's good. Oh and guys about those new warriors. I found something that might have something to do with them. I found it when I was looking for more info about these shadow creatures you explained. "

Ryo: " Cool! ..We need all the info that we can get! "

Sage: " Can you show us? "

Mia: " Yeah but they are in riddles as well !!! "

Kento: " Man how are we supposed to figger these things out? Those riddles are to hard as it is!!! "

Cye: " Stop complaining that wont help!"

With that they all went up to see the new info that Mia had found!!

( with girls 8:00pm)

Florn:" Kim move faster! Samantha you have to duck!! Very nice Amanda!! "

Kim: " Whatever! "

Samantha: " I did duck!! "

Florn: "Then Why did you get hit?"

Samantha: "..!!!!!.."

Amanda: "Florn don't be to hard we all are tired we haven't had a break in a while! "

Florn: " Fine were done for today anyway! Go eat the take your showers because you have school tomorrow! "

Gilrs: " We know!!"

With that they went to do what they were told! Then they went to bed

(Back with the boys)

Mia has been typeing for about an hour to get back to the infomation that she found before.She finally found and she turned to the boys and said....

Mia: " Guys I found it!! "

Kento:" About time!! "

Sage:" Not like you could do any better! "

Cye: " Kento be greatful! "

Kento: " ......................"

Ryo: " Mia can you read the information for us? "

Mia: " Sure! Ok it says:
The five guardians of earth,
Pertect the five chosen of birth.
Two team fights as one,
To pertect the world,
From the evil that has begone.
Shadows will cover the earth ,
As will monsters and curses.
A new tranformation is given
To those that have risen
Tears can reserect ,
The ones you love,
But this has to be permitted,
By the heavens above."

Ryo: " Thats intense! "

Cye: " Sure is "

Sage: " ................."

Kento: " I'm hungry "

Mia: " I guess that means we go and start dinner!! "

Cye: " What else is new! "

With that they went to make dinner. after they finshed macking dinner they ate it (duh). When they finished eating they all got ready for bed. The guys had to do their home work. Mia had her paper work from work to finish. When they all finished their tasks they went to bed.

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