Story: Guardian Knights
Author: Guardian Mouse
Title of chapter: New Students
Chapter: 4 part 1

Author Notes: Hi people. Ok I don't own Ronin Warriors or any of the characters in Ronin Warriors. I do own The Guardian Knights and all other people in the story. So please don't sue. When the color of the writing changes to purple then it means flashback, and blue means dream and Italics means thinking or telepathy.So go and read my story.

Chapter 4-Part 1
(New Students)

As Amanda woke up she looked at the window and sighed. It had been raining all night and it was cloudy outside. She hated it when the sun wasn't out. She didn't mind storms but hated it when it was nasty out. Now worst of all she was going to have to reclaim her name as goddess of flirt at the new school!! She smiled and got up. she then walked over to the closet and grabbed her clothes and walked to the shower. After her shower she got dressed.she then went to wake up Samantha.

"Get up Samantha! We got school!!" Amanda said.

"Go away!!" Samantha said while rolling over.

"You better get up or I will let everyone us the shower before you. Then you wont have any warm water." Amanda said while crossing her arms

"Ok .. I get your point." Samantha said while getting up out of bed.

"Good hurry up we want to get there early! I'll go try to wake the others." Amanda said while leaving the room.

(30 minutes later at Mia's)

The ronin boys woke up even rowen woke up today. they were all downstairs eating breakfast. They had already gotten dressed. They ate in silence when Sage broke it.

"I can't wait to meet the new students!" Sage said while picking up his plate to put in the sink.

"What did I say last night Sage? You have to give the other guys a chance with the girls! Mia said while picking up the other guys plates then putting them into the sink.

"Well lets go!" Rowen said while heading for the door.

"Rowen are you Ok?" Ryo asked his friend that was jumping up and down.

"Hey who took my pixie sticks?" Kento Said while looking through his back pack.

"Oh shit! Rowen did you eat Kento's pixie sticks?" Sage Asked sweetly while dreading the answer.

"Y..Yeah...Yeah! Rowen said while still jumping up and down.

"Oh no!" They all said at once.

With that they headed for school and Mia went to work.

(at school)

The guys were all talking in the hall way. The bell had not rung yet and they had about ten minutes before it would. Their conversation about who the prettiest girl was interrupted when they herd a lot of commotion. They walked down the hall to see a large group of boys crowding around something or someone. When they got closer they realized that the attraction was a group of five beautiful girls.

"They're cute!" Sage said while he stared.

"Your right!" Rowen said as he stared at them as well.

The other guys just nodded their heads in agreement.They were about to walk over there when three of the girls squeezed there way out of the mob of people. The one with Light blue-green hair started talking but the boys couldn't hear her.

"God damn it we didn't even get half way down the hallway before The Goddesses of Flirt and Love got a Fan Club!!" Sarah said in a exasperated voice.

"So what's your point!!" Kim said calmly while pulling her dark brown hair out of her brown eyes.

"It's like this every time!" Kayla said while fixing her dark jungle-green hair into a bun.

"Come on you know they want there titles in this school as well." Kim Said while smiling." And they're doing a good job to."

The girls looked back then continued walking.When they saw a group of boys, then they realized that they were being stared at. Then Kim got tired of being stared at and turned to them.

"Do you have a problem?" Kim practically shouted .

"No!" The boys stated quickly.

"Then why are you staring?" Kim said through clenched teeth.

"No real reason." Kento stated.

".........." Kim said while she glared daggers at Kento.

"Kim Please stop fighting!! " Sarah Said.

"Yeah! Were tired of being kicked out of schools for that!" Amanda said while walking toward the group.

"Me! I'm not the one who is always cussing out the teachers!" Kim Stated while glaring at Amanda.

"Come on Kim you know the allot of the schools we have been kicked out of ,is because you beat the shit out people. Samantha said while joining the group

"What!! Look at you to you have cussed out every teacher we have had!" Kim said while glaring. "Ain't that right Sarah!" She said while looking at Sarah.

"How did I get pulled into this?" Sarah asked while backing away. "But I will have to agree with Kim on this." She said while stepping behind Kim.

"What how the hell could you agree with her!" Amanda asked in disbelief.

"Its only because Their best friends!" Samantha stated in a stuck up voice.

"......." Sarah just stood there silently.

"Don't you dare make fun of Sarah! You fucking slut! "Kim said with clenched teeth.

"............." The boys stood there not knowing what to do.

"Binge...binge...binge...binge " the bell rings.

When the bell rings the everyone goes to their classes. The ronins started heading for their first period when Cye stopped and looked at the girls.

"Do you know where you have to go?" Cye asked.

"Yes-" Kim started when a hand was put over her mouth.

"No we don't! Can you show us where the main office is?" Sarah asked nicely.

"Sure." Cye said." Follow me." He said as he started to walk away.

(meanwhile in Endela's realm)

"Beliza!" Endela Yelled.

"Yes my lady." Beliza replied while kneeling in front of Endela.

"I want you to destroy the guardian knights and capture ronin warriors." Endela said.

"What do you want with them ronin warriors?" Beliza asked confused.

"Don't question me! Just don't fail me like Lady darkness did! Now get out of my sight!" Endela Screamed.

"Yes my lady." Beliza said as she teleported out of the room.

When Beliza got to her Quarters she sighed and sat on her bed. She laid back and closed her eyes. She soon was asleep.


A girl about 19 was walking on the street talking to her friend. She Laughed at the joke that the girl next to her made, while her Golden blond hair was tossed around and her Beautiful green eyes sparkled with amusement.

"How can it be? That's me but it cant be my hair is brown not blond, and My eyes aren't Green their gray! And that is Lizza but Lizza never laughs and certainly would not make a joke." Beliza thought as she watched the dream play through.

"That was a good one Katie!" Catherine said while pulling her blond hair out of her face.

The Second girl was a few inches taller then her and had dark-green hair and dark green eyes. She grabbed the book Catherine was holding was holding and took off.

"Hey Katie give that back." Catherine yelled while running after the other girl.

"Your going to have to come here and get-" Katie started to say when a blast knocked her over.

"AHHHH" Catherine Screamed as she was grabbed by a monster. The last thing she saw was her friend Katie being grabbed as well and being pulled through a vortex.


Beliza was awoke with a start. She was covered with Sweat and tears From the dream she had.

"What the fuck was that all about?" Beliza asked know one in particular." Am I Doing the right thing? And how did I ever start working for Endela? Maybe Endela is holding- No I work for Endela of my own free will!" Beliza though as she went back to sleep in her dark quarters.

(back at school)

"Students will you please report to the auditorium for a assembly." The principle said over the intercom.

With that all of the students reported to the auditorium. The took their seats in the chairs that were in the auditorium. The ronin boys all sat together (duh).

"Settle down students! We have a few new students. Now give them the respect that they deserve." Principle walker says as he steps out of the way so the new students could talk.

"Hi my name is Amanda! I'm 16 and I am also known as the Goddess of Flirt! I also hope to make a lot of new friends." A girl with A beautiful golden blond haired girl with dark blue eyes said then she stepped back from the microphone.

"Hi ya all! My name is Samantha. I love Playing match maker and for that I'm also known as the Goddess of Love. I'm 16 I cant wait to meet ya all." Said a girl that had had dark purplish black hair and Dark purple eyes said.

"Hi it is nice to meet you! My name is Kayla. I like to have fun and play sports and I love cats.And I'm looking forward to making new friends I am as well 16." A girl who had a dark Green-black hair and green eyes said as she to stepped away from the microphone.

"Waz up ya all! My name is Kim! I'm 16! I do not like scrubs! (Come on people if you don't know what scrub is then I feel sorry for you)! I hope that I'll Meet some good friends." A girl who had light brown curly hair and beautiful brown hair said as she backed away from the microphone.

"Hello! It is a pleasure to meet you. I am 16. I love the water and Any animals that live in it. I am really looking forward to meeting all of you." A girl with a light greenish-blue hair and deep sea green eyes said as she backed away from the microphone.

"Thank you For your interesting introductions! Now Students I Would like you to treat them with respect that you would give me or any other teacher. Thank you! You are dismissed to you 1st period class.

(after the assembly)

The ronin boys were getting ready to walk out of the auditorium When principle Walker stopped them.

"Boys do you think you could do me a favor?" Principle Walker asked as he walked over to them.

"Sure!" Kento said.

"Why not." Sage said as he moved his hair out of his face only to have it fall right back into place.

"I guess.." Rowen said.

"So what would you like us to do?" Ryo and Cye asked.

"To show the new students around the school." Principle Walker said as he waved the girls over to them.

The girls walked over wondering what the principle wanted.

"Girls Here are the boys that will show you around the building. Oh and boys don't get into trouble, today I will tell the teachers that you will be missing classes today. Sage you will show Kayla around! Ryo you will show Amanda around! Rowen you will show Samantha around. Cye you will show Sarah around , and Kento you will show Kim around. " Principle Walker walked away.

When the ronin boys turned and started to walk away. The girls just looked at each other and started following the boys.

"This is going to be one long day!" Kim said as she realized who she was going to be with for most of the day." I cant believe I got pared off with him! She thought to her self.

"Tell me about it I'm stuck with the Flirt not you." Kayla said in a pitiful voice

"I got a cutie" Samantha said to her self as she starred at Rowen.

"That boy needs a hair cut! My gosh his hair is so damn long. But then again he's the type that Kayla would like." Amanda thought as she looked at Ryo

" ............" Was all she said as she silently watched Cye, but she would never let anyone know her true feelings again. Sarah thought as she continued walking.

Why won't Sarah let anyone know her true feelings?
What about Endela?
Is Beliza as bad as she seems to be?

Well your gonna have to read the next chapter to find out because my cat ran away with my ideas so if ya have any it would be a great help! AN: Thanks Hello people sorry it took so long. I hate writers blocks but I got over it (Yay).

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