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Chapter 5

It was already Friday of the week! School had already let out and Amanda was walking by her self.She left earlier then her friends so she would have time to think. She was heading for a spot that she found the other day. She sighed and looked ahead of her and then back at the ground.

"I need time to think,and relax. Then how can I relax when Endela is getting stronger. I just cant stand the thought of having to fight her again,and what does she want those other warriors for. I just want to be able to have fun like the other girls my age. Only having to think of boys, makeup, and not having to worrying about evil monsters attacking innocent people, and the people I care about." She thought to her self but her thoughts were cut short when she ran into someone.

"Watch where your going!" The person yelled as he got up off the ground.

"I'm sorry! I wasn't watching where I was going." Amanda said as she tried to help the person off the ground, but let go when she realized it was Sage and walked away.

"Hey what's your problem?" Sage said as he caught up to her.

"I don't have a problem!" She said as she stopped and looked at him.

"Yeah right." He said in a sarcastic voice.

".........." Amanda just glared at him.

"Well where is your friends that you are always around?" He asked while trying to strike up a conversation.

"Don't know!" She said while walking away from him her eyes downcast again.

"What's wrong?" he asked seeing her face wasn't as happy and cheerful as it usual was.

"Nothing will you leave me alone?" She said while she continued walking.

"No! Not until you tell me what's wrong!" He said while he looked at her.

"I'm just thinking about some personal things so will you please leave me alone! Why don't you go flirt with your fan club or something? She said while she walked a little faster.

"Fine!" Sage said while he stopped walking, but then started following her as she walked away.

"Well just see where miss grouch is heading" He thought to himself as he continued to following her.

(with Sarah And Kim)

Well Sarah and Kim had split up with the other girls and were heading home while Kayla and Samantha went to the arcade. Kim looked at Sarah And asked a question that made Sarah blush.

"So ya got a date tomorrow right!" Kim said with an all-knowing grin.

"Yes." Sarah said as she turned as red as a tomato.

"Cool! You and that guy Cye make a great couple!" Kim said as she continued grinning evily.

"Don't you have that date with Kento?" Sarah asked while looking a Kim and watched her face pale.

"Yeah! its only because I lost that damn bet!" Kim said angrily then sighed.

"I think you make a good couple!" Sarah said in her teasing voice.

"Oh shut up!" Kim shot back.

"Why don't you make him your famous brownies? He would love them!" Sarah said then burst out laughing.

"At least I can cook. Look at you. You aren't even aloud in the kitchen unless someone else is in there with you!" Kim said. "If I remember correctly you caught the kitchen on fire!

"Not on purpose!" Sarah said trying to defend her pride.

"Oh! Then tell me what happened!" Kim said.

"Well ....." She started to tell Kim what happened.

**I walked into the kitchen early in the morning before anyone else was awake. I went and got some bread out of the bag and walked over to the toaster oven. I took the pieces of bread and put them in the toaster oven and walked into the living room.**

"How high did you put it on?" Kim asked.

"On high because I wanted it done faster! Now will you let me continue?" Sarah said.

"Go ahead!" Kim replied.

**I went into the living room and flipped on the T.V.! I found a show I really liked and I got caught up in watching it I forgot about it. It was about ten minutes later when I herd Amanda cussing up a storm when I remembered about the toast. I ran to the kitchen door, and when I opened it a huge black cloud of smoke came out.**

Well the toast caught on fire the curtain behind it caught then the rest of the kitchen caught!" Sarah said.

"So basically you forgot about it like an idiot would and then the kitchen caught on fire!" Kim said.

"Yes." Sarah said.

"Your so stupid sometimes!" Kim said.

"I am not !" Sarah said.

"Are to!" Kim said.

"Are not!" Sarah said.

With that the two continued to walk home. They were arguing the whole time.

(20 minutes later with Amanda)

Well Amanda had finally got to the place she found. You had to walk through the woods to get there. When you get to the middle of the path you walk right till you came to a cliff. The cliff was very beautiful. you could see the view over the sea. You could also see the city. Amanda took the backpack off of her shoulder and sat down by a tree. She took out a sketchbook and a pencil. She looked at the view and began to draw. She was so far in her own little world she didn't hear a person come up behind her. Till she felt someone's presence behind her. She turned and looked behind her.

"Sage!" Amanda asked shocked.

"Nice drawing." Sage said as he sat down beside her.

"What do you want?" She asked looking at him.

"Look! I know something is wrong! I know it. So will you please tell me?" He asked.

"Why would you care! All you care is how your hair looks or the girls you flirt with!" She said while looking at him.

"That's not true!" He said while looking a little shocked.

"Oh yeah! Then tell me Sun Shine what you care about other then your hair?" She asked.

"My friends!" He said.

"That all?" she asked.

"My family, and other things I cant tell you." He said.

"So why are you bothering me?" She asked. "I don't fit in any of those categories!" She stated.

"Yes you do! I consider you as a friend. And that is why I want to know what's wrong." He said looking her straight in the eye.

"Fine If I tell you will you stop badgering me?" She asked.

"Yes" He said.

"I just don't feel like I have control of my life! Its like no matter what I do my past comes to haunt me! I hate it." She said while looking at the sea then at him.

"Oh....I know how that feels!" He said quietly.

"Will you do me a favor?" She asked.

"Depends. If it is nothing bad then yes. But if it's something bad, no." He said looking at her with confusion written all over his face.

"Its nothing bad! Will you sit over there and face me." She asked while pointing to a tree across from her that had flowers behind it.

"Why?" He asked.

"Just do it!" She said.

"Ok..!" He said as he walked over to the tree and sat down.

Amanda got the sketchbook again and opened to a new page. She got her pencil and looked to see Sage moving. She glared at him and he looked at her and grinned.

"Stay still!" She said.

"What?...Why...?" He asked.

"I cant draw you until you sit still!" She said.

"Oh............" He said as he stopped moving.

Amanda began to draw. First she did basic shapes of the body then she drew in the other lines then she erased the basic shape lines. And began to draw in the details. She drew in his hair, then she drew his eyes. then she drew in the folds of the school uniform. After she finished drawing him she drew the tree and flowerbed behind him. Then she colored it. When she was finished she beamed at it with pride.

"I'm done! You can move now!" She said while getting ready to close the sketchbook.

"Wait! Let me see it!" He said wait getting up and walking over to her.

"See!" She said as she shoved it in his face.

"Nice! Now its my turn!" He said as he took the sketchbook and pencil.

"Huh?" she said. "What do you mean?" She asked.

"You got to draw me so I get to draw you! Now go sit over there where I had to sit!" He said pointing to the tree and flowers.

She walked over and sat down. Sage then began to draw. The way he drew her was almost the same way that she drew him. After he drew her but the difference in the picture is that she was looking at the sea. She moved her head that way so he drew it that way. When he Finished drawing the picture he added color and he couldn't believe how good the picture came out.

"I'm finished." He said then he realized that Amanda was staring out at the sea and hadn't moved. So he got up and walked over to her. He knelt down next to her and looked at her. He gently put his hand on her shoulder when he realized that she was crying. When she came out of her thoughts she put back on a smiling face and asked to see the picture he drew. He frowned at her and showed her.

"What's wrong?" He asked and she looked up.

"Nothing!" She said faking happiness.

"I can see through the mask you put on. I know that I wasn't seeing things. I saw you crying,and I will find out the real reason for your sadness. For now I'll pretend that I didn't see you crying and that it was nothing, but I'll find out what's wrong, and when I do...I'll do every thing in my power to help you. This I promise." Sage thought to himself.

"Wow that's great! You draw allot better then me!" She said with a smile. "Ain't that right Sunshine!" She said with a grin on her face.

"Huh! Yeah,and don't call me Sunshine!" Sage said while he faked a pout.

"Tee hee! Sure Sunshine" Amanda said as she got up and grabbed the sketchbook and tore out the picture he drew and gave it to him. "Here!" She said.

"Thanks." he said as he watched her start to walk home.

"Hey where are you going?" He asked.

"Home!" She said.

"You want me to walk you home?" He asked.

"No that's all right." She said as she continued walking.

"Alright see ya later." He said. as he began to walk home his self.

(meanwhile at the arcade)

Samantha and Kayla decided to go to the arcade with Ryo, Kento, Cye, and Rowen. The first minute they got there Samantha bet Kayla twenty dollars. The four ronins just sweatdropped as Kento asked to get a table and get something to eat, and then they sweatdropped when they saw Samantha And Kayla screaming at the game as they played each other.

"Die!!!!" Samantha said.

"Kick..punch...kill her!! Kayla said while pushing buttons furiously.

"NOOOOO!!!!!" Samantha screeched as she lost to Kayla.

"You owe me twenty bucks!" Kayla stated. "Cough it up!" Kayla said as she held out her hand waiting for the money.

"Fine!" Samantha said as she took the twenty out of her purse and handed it to Kayla." I'm never going to challenge you in video games again.

"WOW!" Ryo said as he watched Kayla take a seat next to him.

"I told you that you wouldn't win!" Kayla stated calmly as she grinned evilly at Samantha. "Ryo! What kind of food do they have here?" She asked looking at him.

"Umm.....well here!" Ryo said as he handed her the menu.

"Is the food here good?" Samantha said as she took Kayla's menu.

"Yeah!" Rowen said as he handed Kayla a new menu.

"Thanks!" Kayla said while she took the menu.

"Ya welcome." Rowen said as he opened his backpack.

"Do you have any good books? she asked eyeing up his backpack.

"Watch-" Kayla began to say.

"OHH! I love that book!" Samantha said as she took the book that Rowen was about to grab.

"Hey! Give that back!" Rowen said as he tried to take the book that Samantha just stole from him.

"Out!" Kayla finished as she sweatdroped as she looked at the two.

"They make a pretty good couple!" Cye commented.

"You and that girl Sarah make a good couple too!" Kento said as he tried to grab Cye's French fries.

Smack! Cye's hand came across Kento's hand.

"Don't touch my food! You've already eaten your own!" Cye said with his face still a little red from Kento's last comment.

"It's my book! And I'll have it!" Rowen said as he recovered his book.

"But...but...but. !!" Samantha started with tears coming to her eyes.

"But nothing!" Rowen said as he began to read it.

"Can you believe this!" Ryo whispered to Kayla.

"Yep! It happens every day! Its even worse when she has had a her version of a happy cookie." Kayla whispered back.

"No I mean Look at them all of them are fighting!" Ryo said as he looked at his four friend fighting. He looked at Cye trying to defend his food, then he looked at Rowen and Samantha fighting over a book. Then he and Kayla both sweatdropped.

"But Kayla burned the copy that we had! She is a little pryo." Samantha said still crying.

"Murderer!" Rowen said as he looked at Kayla.

"Huh! I didn't kill anyone." Kayla said with a blank face.

"Yes you did! Don't you dare deny that you burned a book!" Rowen said.

"Hey that was an accident!" Kayla said.

"Accident! Huh! Accident my ass!" Rowen hissed.

"Hey! it was her fault she was trying to steal my favorite book that I was reading. And well....would you like to hear the story?" Kayla asked.

"Yes! And if it was truly an accident then your not a murderer!" Rowen said as he composed him self to hear the story.

**Well I hade just got back from softball practice, and I was tired. I got my favorite book which I had just bought. Then I went over to the recliner that was near the fire place, and the here came the goddess of Love pounding down the steps after eating a whole batch of hers and Amanda's famous Happy Cookies.**

"Happy cookies?" Rowen asked.

"Don't ask!" Kayla said. "Now will you let me finish!" She asked.

"Be my guest!" Rowen said.

"Now where was I...oh yeah." Kayla said as she started to tell her story again.

**Well I looked up and only saw her coming flying at me and the book went flying when Samantha pounced on me. She had a mischievous look in her eyes. when she got off me she made a B-line straight for the book. Well when I got up I saw that she was getting ready to get in the chair that she had just knocked me out of. I jumped at her, because I'd be damned if she was to take over my chair and take my book. I lunged her and we went rolling and then after that we started fighting. And Then the book went flying and landed in the fire place.**

"And that is what happened!" Kayla said.

"Oh. Then it was an accident!" Rowen said.

"Let go Kento! These are my fries!" Cye said as he was playing tug of war with Kento for his french fries.

"But Cye! I'm a growing boy! I need nourishment!" Kento said as he kept pulling at Cye's french fry box.

"Fine Have them!" Cye said as he let go of the box which made Kento topple backwards in the chair.

"Oww." Kento said as he got up and sat right in the chair and began to eat his french fries.

"Oh my God!!" Kayla said as she got up out of her seat.

"What!" Samantha said.

"Were Late!! We're going to be in so much trouble! We were supposed to be home at 8:00!" Kayla said as she packed up her stuff.

"What time is it now?" Samantha asked.

"8:43!" Kayla replied now starting to leave but stopped and handed Ryo a note.

Both Samantha and Kayla ran out the door of the arcade and down the street. The way they had to go to get home. Ryo opened the note and he read it. It said......

Come over my house tomorrow. I'm going to need you help to try and explain to Florn that we lost track of time at the arcade if I cant sneak in the house tonight. Anyways I would like to see you tomorrow. Gotta go.

"I hope I don't go there and hear a scream fest!" Ryo said as he got up to leave.

Amanda had just got home only to find Kim playing chess with Sarah. When she walked in the door Kim and Sarah looked at her.

"Hiya!" Kim said.

"Are you feeling any better?" Sarah asked as she looked at Amanda.

"Yes I'm fine now! Thank you." Amanda replied as she smiled at Sarah. "I'm going up to bed! I'll see you all later!" Amanda said as she headed up to her room.

"What wrong with her?" Kim asked Sarah.

"Don't know. But I hope she'll be Okay." Sarah said as she made her move. "Your move." She said.

"So have you noticed that she has been a little down lately." Kim stated as she made her move.

"Yeah! I know. I'm starting to get worried about her."

"Yeah me too." Kim said as she made her move.

With that the two continued to play chess.

When Amanda got to her room and she locked her door she walked over to a picture frame and picked it up. She took it over to her bed as she sat down. she stared at the picture that was of a women that looked a lot like her and a man with brown hair and kind blue eyes. Tears began to stream down her face as she remembered that terrible day when all was lost.

**"Come on mama!" Came an impatient little girls voice.

"I'm coming! Amanda, I'm coming." Replied a soft angelic voice.

"I want to go to get the teddy bear before someone else does." Amanda said.

"I'm sure that it won't go anywhere." Her mother said as she smiled at her daughter.

"Don't be to impatient with you mother!" Her father said.

Just then a sword came through the mother's stomach. Amanda's little eyes widened as she watched the same thing happen to her dad. The creature grinned at her and began to walk towards her his evil eyes flash red.

"Stay away from me!" Amanda said while backing up.

" I just have to kill you then My lady will reward me greatly." It said.
" Not if I can help it! Thunder Thruster!" Her mother said as the creature turned to dust.
" Mama..Mama..Are you ok?" Amanda asked as she ran to her mother as she saw her
mother fall once again to the ground.
" No baby I'm not! I have to give you this!" She said as she handed her daughter a green
pendent with thunder bolts on it.
" What is it?" Amanda asked as she looked at her mother.
" It.....will..protect you. Wear.. it.. always.When the time.. comes it will help you." She said
and smiled at her daughter."!" she said as her hand reached up and touched
her daughters face then her hand fell,her eyes closed, and she stopped breathing.
" Mama?....MAMA? MAMA..MAMA.." She screamed while trying to wake up her mom.
A young cop was walking by when he saw a woman laying on the ground and a little girl
screaming. He ran down the street till he got to the little girl screaming. He gently
picked up the girl and turned her away from her parents. He gently hugged her.
" Who are you?" Amanda asked.
" My name is Florn. I'll help you." He said as he smiled kindly at her and she smiled back.
" Thank you!" She said as she hugged him and continued crying.
*                                                   *                                            *
" That was ten years ago. I still cant believe that they are gone." Amanda said as the
 tears ran freely down her face." I have to hide this! I wont have people show pity towards
 me because of this." She thought to her self as she stopped crying went to her closet and
got her night clothes. She sighed and changed.
  She then walked over to her bed. She pulled back the covers and climbed into bed. She
leaned over and turned off her light. She sat there staring up at her ceiling,and then looked
at her walls and decided what she was going to do tomorrow. She couldn't stand the plain
white walls.They were to bright and happy. She liked light defiantly but she liked storms a
lot better.
 She closed her eyes and thought of how thing will be when Endela is destroyed.She also
thought of all the people that meant a lot to her. Then her mind wondered to a person that
she least expected to even think of.
" Sage! why the hell would I even think of him. He's a flirt,but then again I am to." Amanda
thought to her self.
 She made her mind go blank as she fell asleep.
*                                                        *                                               *
After she fell asleep she found her self walking in a forest.She herd battle cries and she took
of in the direction of the sounds. When went closer she realized that when she neared the battle
the forest was dying. She felt sick as she saw a dear laying on its side and it was gutted.She
almost threw up at the site of it.
She transformed. First she threw herd hand in the air and screamed "storm power" and clouds
formed over her head and a strike of lighting came down and hit her.When the lighting bolt cleared
her bodysuit was on her. Lighting was still circling her hand and she pulled it across her face which
made her face mask. Then the extra energy from the lighting( it looked like sparkling sand)went
to her forehead and created her jewel and she pushed her hair out of her face and the gold finished
the tiara that went into her hair and around her head( looked kinda like sailor moons tiara) . Her
transformation was finished.
 She ran till she got to the battle only in time to see Halo with a sword threw his gut, Hardrock
 laying on his back not moving with his staff about twenty feet away from him. When she walked
closer she saw Torrent laying in a puddle of his own blood.
Then she looked to her right to see Strata stuck to the tree with various arrows in him and that
held him to the tree. She closed her eyes and walked further out.when she opened her eyes
she wished that she didn't. Strait in front of her was Wildfire with his arms that were held by his
 swords to the cliff.
" What is this?" Amanda asked no one in particular. " How could this have happened?"she asked
She saw blood everywhere.Anywhere she looked there was blood.Blood from the Ronin Warriors
 and blood by poor animals that were at the wrong place at the wrong time.
She couldn't handle it. She took off running.She ran till her lungs burned then stopped and sank
to the knees crying. Why weren't they there? They would have been there to help if Halo would have
called. All she could do was cry. She hated it when innocent people and creatures would die for no
real reason except that the were there.
 " Amanda......Amanda......" Florn's voice cut thought her dream.
*                                       *                                               *                                     *
" Amanda wake up!" Florn said as said telepathically to Amanda.
" Huh...what? " Amanda asked as she slowly woke up.
"  Are you alright?" Florn asked as he held her shoulders.
" Yes..No...I don't know." Amanda said as she looked at him.
" Come here." Florn said gently as he pulled her into a hug.
" Florn?" Amanda said as she looked at him.
" Yes?" He asked.
" How did you get in here?" She asked.
" I teleported!" He said calmly.
" Oh!" Well what time is it?" She asked.
" Time for you to get a clock!" He said with a grin.
" Funny!...Real funny." She said as she looked at him." For real!" She said.
" 1:00 a.m.!" Florn said as he looked at her worried.
" Oh..ok...its kinda early to wake me up isn't it." She said as she looked at him.
" you were crying loud! and I couldn't stand the sound of you sobbing." He said.
" I'm not a little girl anymore! But thanks! I was having a horrible dream." She said
 and smiled at him and he smiled back.
" I'm going to go now! So why don't you get back to sleep." He said as he unlocked
 the door and began to walk out but before he shut the door he turned to her. " Do you
want me to lock it." He asked gesturing to the door.
" No that's alright. Good night." She said as she laid down to go to sleep.
" Good night" He said as he closed the door and walked down the hallway as he
herd someone else crying and talking in her sleep.
  A little girl with long light blue-green hair was in a car with a man. She looked extremely
content sitting there.
" So what movie do you want to see?" The man asked with a smile on his face.
" Lion King! That's the one I want to see daddy." She said as she looked even happier.
" Okay Sarah! That's the one we will see." He said as he smiled again at her.
 With that they went and saw the movie. They both enjoyed it. They finished watching the movie
and they left the movie theater. They then went and got something to eat. Then they started home.
" When they were on the highway a drunk driver came speeding down the highway. He drunk
driver lost control of the car and it came on the wrong lane and crashed straight into the car.
her Father made the car spin so the passengers side of the car wouldn't get hit. He would rather
die then let his daughter get hurt.
 After the crash Sarah was in a hospital. She looked to her right to see a man in a green alfit and
a clipboard in his hand.She looked up at him to see him look at her as well. He smiled sadly at her
and began to walk away.
" Wait!" Little Sarah said to him.
" Yes?"He said.
" Where is my daddy?" She asked.
" I'm sorry he didn't survive the crash." He said sadly then walked out of the room.
" Daddy.....why did you go?" She asked no one in particular. She then began sobbing.
" It's your fault! If you wouldn't have wanted to go and see that movie..He would be here." Her
Concisions said.
" I didn't mean it.I...I really didn't." Sarah said as she continued crying.
" Sarah....Sarah..Wake up Sarah.." Florn's voice came through her dream.
*                                             *                                                 *
" Sarah will you wake up!" Florn said out loud as he and Kim tried to wake her up.
" Come on Girl get up." Kim said in a worried voice.
" Huh.....what...who?" Sarah asked while coming out of he nightmare.
" Kim can you take care of her?" Florn asked.
" Yeah go ahead and go back to bed." Kim said as she nodded towards the door.
" Thanks!" He said as he got up and walked to the door." Good night." He said as he walked
out of the room.
" Hey girl what's a matter?" Kim said softly.
" I keep remembering what happened that day my dad died." Sarah said as she started crying
" Hey can you please stop crying your going to make me cry." Kim said as she looked at her
best friend crying.Sobbing actually.
" I'll try!" Sarah said as she smiled at Kin but a few tears still came down her face.
" Sarah?" Kim asked.
" Yeah!" Sarah replied.
" Do you remember when we met?" Kim asked.
" Yeah! I do."Sarah said as she watched Kim walk back over to her bed.
" Can you tell me what happened and how you felt when it all happened? Can you also tell
 me how you got your transforming pendent? " Kim asked.
" Sure! " Sarah said."Why?" She then asked.
" I know how it was from my point of view but I just wanted to know how it was from someone
else's view, and you never told me when you got your pendent." Kim said as she fixed her covers.
" Oh....Well it started when. Well after I got out of the hospital I was taken to this lady.Miss
 Stwell was  who it was. I didn't want  to talk to anyone because I was afraid if I was friends
with them I might hurt there feelings and then they wouldn't like me anymore.  Well I was shown
to my room. I didn't leave for anything except eating,going to the bathroom,and school. This is
what made miss Stwell get worried. So after about a year she said I had to go out and play. I
 told her that I was going for a walk."Sarah started to tell Kim How they met in her point of view,
but it all came as a flashback.
*                                    *                                      *
    You see a girl about ten years old putting on a coat and shoes. You see her walk
over to a women with light brown hair and green eyes.You see the women smile as
the girl approaches.
" Miss Stwell..I'm going for a walk." Sarah said as she looked a the women.
" Okay! Be careful and don't get hurt." Miss Stwell said as she watched the girl smile and she
smiled back.
 With that the girl walked outside and began to walk down the steps.she walked in a
common pace threw the woods with her head down. She didn't look up till She herd
some one there. She looked up to see a group of boys. She had herd that they picked
on everyone except for the girl Kim and her friends because they knew that Kim would
beat them to a bloody pulp. Her face paled as she looked at the mean looks on their faces.
" Oh look who we have here! You do know that this is our park don't you " Said the leader.
" It's the mute! And look she looks more like a mutant." The shortest boy said.
" What a freak!" Said the fattest one.
 What cant you do anything but stand there?He said as he pushed her down to the ground. 
Your so weak! Here let me do everyone a favor!" The leader said as he pulled his hand up
getting ready to punch her but his hand was stopped when a hand grabbed his.
" What do you think you doing. Her let me refresh your memory of what I do to people that try and
hurt my friends." She said as she threw the boy about ten feet." Now get out of here!" She sneered.
  With that the gang ran like a bat out of hell. They didn't even stop to look back like they usually do.
They just kept running the fat one tripped and fell on his face.He got up and ran to catch up to the
other boys.After the boys ran The girl turned to Sarah, and knelt down to where Sarah had been
" Hey are you alright?" Kim asked then frowned when she didn't get a answer.
" ..............." Sarah just stared at the girl and didn't say anything.
" Hey can you hear me? Can you talk?" She asked.
" Yes." Sarah said just above a whisper.
" I'm glad..Hey you want to come swimming with me down at the creek?" She asked.
 Sarah looked at the girl and actually saw a ping of hope in her eyes. She smiled and smiled a real
smile but as quick as it came it went.
" Yes I would like that." Sarah said as she got up." But I would have to tell my guardian." Sarah said
as she turned to walk back to the orphanage.
" Hey I'm going to walk with ya."  She said as she caught up to the girl.
" Why did you say I was your friend when you don't even know me.We weren't friend." Sarah said
but then wished she didn't when she saw the girls shocked face." T..That didn't come out right."
Sarah said.
" Were friends now! so don't worry about that. Oh by the way my name is Kim." She said.
" Thank you. My name is Sarah." Sarah said.
 They walked back to the Orphanage. the whole time Kim thought that they were heading to Sarah's
House. When they got there Kim had a shocked look on her face.
" You live here." Kim said referring to the orphanage.
" Yes." Sarah said.
" How long?" Kim asked.
" About a year." Sarah said.
" I haven't seen you out side or around.I haven't even seen you at school." Kim said.
" I've seen you at school,and I don't usually go out side." Sarah said.
" Not even to hang with friends?" Kim asked but wished she hadn't asked that question when she
saw the hurt look on Sarah's face.
" I didn't have any friends. Your the only friend that I have." Sarah said.
" Oh..I'm sorry...But your probably the only true friend that I will have." Kim said.
" Really! But hold on why do you say that?" Sarah asked.
" All the friends that I have are only my friends because I protect them." Kim stated." The only
other girl that I could even consider partly my friend would have to be this girl Amanda,but she
moved away a long time ago. She lives with a One of our family friends Florn." she said.
"Oh..Well at least your not lonely." Sarah said.
" Are you lonely?" Kim asked.
" Not anymore!" Sarah said as she ran for the house.
" I'm glad." Kim said as she caught up with her.
They both got to the house and they went inside. Miss Stwell was sitting at the table and smiled
as Sarah came in. She looked at Kim and her smile grew a little bigger.
" Sarah Your back! And you brought a friend!" Miss Stwell said.
" Yes." Sarah said then turned too Kim." Kim this is Miss Stwell! She said as she turned to Miss
Stwell." Miss Stwell this is Kim." She said.
" It's a pleasure." Miss Stwell said.
" Like wise....... do you think that Sarah could go swimming with me down at the creek?" Kim
" Yes! She can." She said then she looked a Sarah." You can swim right!" She said.
" Yes! I can swim really well." Sarah said as she looked at Miss Stwell.
" Alright then go and change! Don't forget to get a towel." Miss Stwell said
 Sarah rushed up to her room and put on her bathing suit.she then put her shorts and shirt over
her bathing suit. Then she went to the hallway closet and got a beach towel.
Then she headed back down stairs.
Then her and Kim walked down to the creek.No one else was there except them. Sarah took
off her shirt and shorts and put them in a neat pile on a huge rock as well as her towel. She
then took off her shoes and sat them next to her clothes.
Then she turned around to see Kim jump into the water near her which got her all wet. So she
 jumped in after her. When Kim surfaced Sarah splashed her.then Kim splashed her back,and
this started a splashing war.
When they called it quits they began diving for sea shells.The water was deep where they
were diving down to look for sea shells. After being under water for a while Kim surfaced. 
Sarah was still under water.
 Sarah was looking under the water( Ok I know that there isn't many places in the U.S. Where
there is clear water,but this is supposed to be one of them.)She swam many feet from where
she had dived down at. something in the corner of her eye had caught her attention. She had
seen a light acuminating. she swam over to where she had seen the light. There half buried in
the sand was a pendent.She gently picked it up.When she touched it she realized the she
couldn't hold her breath any longer.She anciently breathed in. She thought she was going to
breath in water but she only breathed in air.this shocked her.She held her breath just in case
it was only temporary.
 When she got to the top she breathed in fresh air. She looked around for Kim and when she
saw her she realized that she swam farther then she had thought. Kim swam over to her.
She grinned sheepishly.Then they went to shore. Then they began to walk
*                                                   *                                                       *
" Well that's pretty much it." Sarah said as she looked over at Kim.
" Thanks! I was starting to forget that day,And I really don't want to." Kim said as she looked
at Sarah.
" Your welcome!" Sarah said as she hugged her toy dolphin as well as her fish( they were
stuffed animals).
" G-night!" Kim said while turning on her side.
" Good night." Sarah said.
 With that the rest of the night every one slept peacefully.

AN: Well I finally got chapter 5 done! (It's a miracle). Anyway If you have any comments/suggestions, questions or just some things you would want to see in the story. Well on to chapter 6! Thanks for reading.

To be continued...for now.

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