Chapter 6
                                          ( Day of Days)
                                                       ( Saturday)      
  The sun was bright and it woke Sarah up from her light sleep. She sighed
and got up out of bed! She made her bed. She then walked over to her closet
 and pulled out her clothes for the day! She then went to wake up Kim!
 "  Rise and shine sleeping beauty!" Sarah said in a sing song voice!
" Go away I'm sleeping!" Kim said as she rolled over!
" I'm warning you to wake up now or you are going to regret it!" Sarah
said with her voice getting stern.
" Yeah right! Go away!" Kim said while putting the pillow over her head.
" Get up now! Or you will be having a early shower!" Sarah said as she
saw the cup of water on the table.
" Yeah sure! What you going to do! Throw me in the bath tub!" Kim said
in a mocking voice.
" Nope better!" With that she closed her eyes and concentrated on the
water she then made the water expand. She then grinned as she used
her power to hold the water together. " Well I warned you!" She said as
she threw the water on Kim.
" Hoolllyyy shhiittt!!!! It's freeziinnnggg!" Kim said trying to keep a steady
voice and trying to control her temper.
" Hee Hee he hahahahahaha" Sarah burst out laughing and fell on the
floor when she saw Kim's face.
" What the Hell are you laughing at? " Kim said as she started to get mad.
" You!" Sarah said while she continued laughing.
" That's it!" Kim said as she lunged at Sarah.
" Eeeeekkkkkkk!" Sarah said as she ran for her life. She ran out of her room
only to collide in to Amanda.
" What the Hell?" Amanda asked while getting Sarah off of her.
" Can't talk now gotta go! BYE!" Sarah said as she ran down the hall
and down the steps.
" What ever!" Amanda said as she turned around." Huh???!!!!!"
Amanda said as she saw Kim coming flying out of the room and she
ran right by her pushing her into the wall.
" Sorry Manda!!!  Kim said as she continued running after Sarah.
" IT'S AMANDA!!!!!" Amanda screamed at Kim.  " My god I hate that
nick name! At least it's better then Frizz head!!!!" Amanda said to herself
as she continued walking.
 Amanda went outside and went for a walk! She is most likely going out to meditate.
                        ( Meanwhile with the Ronins)
  Cye had been woke up by Sage and the other three Ronins. They all had
cocky grins on their faces. They looked at him as if they wanted something.
" What do you want?" Cye asked as he looked at all the eyes staring at him.
" Cye...buddy..-" Rowen began.
" Do you think-..." Ryo continued.
" You might-" Sage was next.
" Be able to cook us breakfast!" Kento finished.
" NO!!!!! IT'S MIA'S TURN TO COOK!!!!" Cye screamed as he rolled
over and covered his head with his pillow.
" Mia's not here!" Ryo said.
" Yeah and we cant cook! I would blow up the kitchen. Kento would eat the
food before it is cooked.Ryo would break everything. And I would rather eat 
Wood then eat Sages cooking You can actually chew that!" Rowen said as
he stared at Cye as if his eyes were going to pop out of their sockets.
" Hey I resent that! At least I can boil water!" Sage said.
" I can to!" Rowen said.
" After how many try's?" Sage said while glaring at Rowen.
" CHILL!!!!!!" Cye screamed. " I'll cook if you will leave me alone after wards!"
Cye said threw clenched teeth.
" < Gulp> Thanks!!" Everyone but Cye said as they run out of the room.
" The one damn day I can sleep in and they wake me up!! Cye mumbled
as he got out of bed.
                      ( Ten minutes later with the girls)
" Help!!!!" Sarah yelled as she tried to untie the ropes that held her to the tree.
"............................" Silence.
" Will you shut up!" Amanda said as she walked out of the house.
" Help! Please help!" Sarah said.
".......< Blink...Blink>........." Amanda just stared at Sarah." Umm Sure!"
Amanda said as she walked over to where Sarah was tied up.
" Thank you! thank you!" Sarah said.
" Yeah what ever." Amanda said as she finished untying Sarah." So
umm who tied ya up?" She asked.
" Kim!" Sarah said.
" Oh.." Amanda said.
" No I mean Kim!!! " Sarah said as she began to run.
" OH SHIT!!!" Amanda said as she took off as well.
" Huh?? What?" Kim asked as she watched the two run off.
" Ok....I really don't want to know!" Kim mumbled as she walked
back to the house.
 Amanda and Sarah went back to the house after about twenty minutes
and everything was ok! They didn't get beat up by Kim or any of the other
girls for that matter.They were lucky.
                                                    ( At Mia's house)
 " Breakfast!!!" Cye yelled out the kitchen door then stepped out of the
way of the other Ronins coming his way.
" About damn time!!! " Rowen and Kento said at the same time!
" My god you two!! It's not going to grow feet and run away!" Sage
said as he calmly took his seat at the table.
" My god are you two hungry?" Ryo said with sarcasm written all over his voice.
" Leave me some!" Came Cye's voice behind Ryo.
" Don't worry we will !!!!" Everyone but Cye said.
" Yeah right!" Cye said as he sat down.
  They all began to eat. Kento and Rowen were practically inhaling
the food. Sage, Ryo and Cye ate with manners.
                                           ( with the girls!)
   The girls all were sitting at the kitchen table waiting for Florn to get in there so they could eat.
He walked into the room. He was really taking his good old time doing it to. When he sat down
at the table he turned and smiled at Kim who was about to strangle him.
" Go head and eat!" Florn said.
" What the hell took you so long?" Kim asked.
" I had to do some research."He said.
" On What?" Kayla asked.
" The Ronin Warriors." He replied.
" Did you find anything useful?" Amanda asked.
" not much. Nothing that we didn't already know." he said.
" Then that helped much!" Kim said as she glared at him!" When you do research you are supposed to
find something useful!" She said.
" Well excuse me for living!" He said as he glared at Kim.
" What are you looking at?" Kim asked as she saw everyone staring at her.
" What ever I really don't care!" She said as she began eating.
  Everyone ate in silence from that point on. When Sarah finished eating she went ant put her
plate in the sink. Then she began to walk up the steps when Kim asked her a question.
" So umm Sarah when is that boy Sky going to pick you up?" Kim asked.
" It's Cye!!! NOT Sky!! Okay sheesh!!! And he is going to pick me up about at nine! So I have to
get ready!" She said as she walked up the stairs.
" Man!!! I gotta get ready to! Why oh why did I have to lose that bet with Kento!! She said as she sighed
slightly then she put her plate in the sink then she walked upstairs.
" Amanda you don't you have a date?" Florn asked.
" No!" Amanda said bluntly!!" I don't want one! I'm going to repaint my room today!" She said as she and
Samantha both got up and put their plates in the sink as well.
"I got one! With Ryo!! Well kinda!! He's going to come and pick me up today!! " Kayla said happily.
" Your not the only one! I got one with Rowen." Samantha said while smiling like a kid in a candy shop." Were
going to the library! He is also going to help me with my Japanese.
" Only you would think that was romantic." Amanda said as she grabbed her keys and walked outside.
" Huh? whatever!" Samantha said as she walked upstairs with Kayla following behind.
" What am I going to do with them?" Florn said as he put his hands over his eyes.
                                         ( With the guys)
" Sage will you get out of the bathroom!!!! " Cye said while banging on the door.
" I know! Some of us need to get ready for dates!!!!" Ryo said as he stood next to Cye.
" Come on Sage!!!! hurry up!" Rowen screamed up the stairs. 
" What does he do in there?" Kento asked.
" His hair!!" The other guys said.
" Ok I'm done!" Sage said as he walked out of the bathroom.
" Finally!" Cye said as he ran in! 
  After Cye, Ryo went in! After Ryo, Rowen Went in.After Rowen, Kento went in. After all of them were finished they all went and got dressed. Then all of the guys except Sage went to pick up the girls.
Sage just went  out to meditate.
                                                                ( With Sage)
  Well Sage went to his usual spot! The bolder in the middle of the forest to be exact. He sat cross legged
on the bolder with his eyes closed.He has a calm expression on his face and is breathing was slow and
*                          *                              *                          *
                                               ( in sages visson)
  It was very foggy and hard to see. Sage's head was flinging left and right looking for the voice that had
called his name,actually his armor name. his eyes were squinted trying to see threw the fog.
" Halo..... me....." The mysterious voice called again.
" Where are you?" He screamed hoping she would hear him.
" me...please...." The mysterious girl called again.
" Help you?? How can I help you if I don't know who you are." He screamed again.
" The pain.....the hurts...." She said again.
" I'll help you but I need to know who you are." He yelled.
" It hurts.....the past......I need your help..." She said.
" How? How can I help you?" He asked.
" Free me...stop the pain....Only you can help me.." She said.
" Where are you?" He screamed.
" Help me....please.." She said with her voice fading out till you can't hear it anymore.
" Wait.....Please wait..!" Sage said after to voice.
*                      *                        *                      *
  Sage's head snapped out of meditation. He looked around and sighed.
" Who did that voice belong to? It sounded so fimaliar. I need to find her and help her." He said to him self as he got up and started to walk home.
after he walked a good distance he heard something and turned around. Then he saw the energy ball heading straightfor him. He jumped out of the way and transformed into his armor. Then he charged the women that threw the ball
                                   ( With Amanda)
  Amanda went and got in her green car! She pulled it out of the drive way. then she headed for town. She had
an unconformable look on her face. when she stopped at the next stop light she reached over to the bag that sat in the front seat and she pulled out a forest green pendent and put it on. she put in under her shirt so that it was unnoticable. When the light turned green she began driving twards the town again.
 After she got to town she headed to the hardware store. She went in and headed for the paint section. When she got there she picked out gray,yellow,white,and black paint and she headed for the counter. she paied for the paint and headed home.
  When she was  home she felt a weird feeling and it was comming from the forest. She grinted her teeth when she confermed that it was an evil presence. She began to run twards the evil force.
" What the hell !!!" Was all she could say when she got to the place where halo was fighting a creature.
   It was a hideous creature.It looked like a cross between a dragon,tiger,and a wolf. She cringed as she saw halo get thrown into a tree. She turned and ran a few meters back the way she came. Then when she got to the bolder she had passed earlier. She threw her hand up and yelled " Storm Power"
She transformed. First she threw herd hand in the air and screamed "storm power" and clouds
formed over her head and a strike of lighting came down and hit her.When the lighting bolt cleared
her bodysuit was on her. Lighting was still circling her hand and she pulled it across her face which
made her face mask. Then the extra energy from the lighting( it looked like sparkling sand)went
to her forehead and created her jewel and she pushed her hair out of her face and the gold finished
the tiara that went into her hair and around her head( looked kinda like sailor moons tiara) . Her
transformation was finished. She held her hands out infornt of her and her swords apeared in her hands!
She then ran to begin battle!
* Wipes forehead*well that it for this chapter. There will be more in chapter 7. i hoped you people liked it.
and i have to give a special thnks to the people that have commented me on my story.