Mia's Way To Keep Sage
Part 6

Back at the Koji house……

Ryo: Everybody get ready to attack!

But it was to late Mia had already started to shoot her attacks to all diredtions. Before the guys even got ready to attack. Then the jellies reappeared!

Captain jelly: EVRYBODY RETREAT! (All of the jellies went away.)

Mia: Well that was easy. Now to Tokyo!

Cye: MIA don’t you think you have been taking this a little fast?

Mia: * thinks * No.

Rowan: I think he is right. At lets have dinner before we go to Tokyo.

Mia: * starts to wine * But I DON’T WANT TO GO!

Suddenly they hear a wicked voice.

Stephanie: Haahahahaha!

You were always a whiner Mia even when you were with Sage! I can’t believe he still treated you nice while you acted so mean to him!

Mia: * starts to get ultra mad * I did not wine! For your info!

Stephanie: * sighs * Yah right anyway take your time. Planning your next move. We won’t be attacking until you all get to Tokyo! But if you take to long will start to destroy the mortal world without you!

Mia: You Won’t Destroy an inch of the mortal world STEPHANIE!

After Stephanie had gone Mia sheded a few tears of sorrow.

Kento: (being sarcastic) Well that was interesting.

So after all they ate some food before they left. Mia calmed down. And they left for Tokyo at 4pm.

At the lonestar kingdom…….

Sage was dressed in black, as it seemed enery waves were coming to him. As they were Sage's eyes were deep red.

To be continued………..

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