Ch. 7 of Mia’s Way To Keep Sage

As Sage's eyes got redder and redder it seemed the everything got more and more still.

Red mask: He is getting more and more powerful. Master what will your next attempt to stop the Ronin Warriors.

No response

Red mask: Sir?

Still no response.

Red mask: there is something wrong.

Red mask walked over to Sage and started to shake him. Until…

Sage: Red mask I feel so weird. (= * Faints *

Red mask: SAGE! * CATCHES SAGE * What happened?

Unknown: HAHAHAAAAHAHHAHAHAHA!!! BHWABHWABHWA!!! PUNY BEING Sage was relly never your master but thank you for reciving him for me! As his uncle you have no real knowledge about him. Or do you?

Red mask: who are you !! AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO SAGE!!!

Unknown: He is under my spell of dreadful sleep.

Red mask : I …I … think I know you !!! you were the one who destroyed our kingdom years ago weren’t you!!!

Unknown: So give the boy a prize!

The end of Ch. 7