Love Or Hate
Lady Krista

On one spring day at the Ronin Manor, Nasutei and Kayura caught a glimpse of Kento's new girlfriend, Cytelle Mouri. She is a 15-year-old, blond haired and dark eyed girl from America. She can get along with the other Ronins except Seiji. She and Seiji can't agree to terms at all and Nasutei can hear them yelling at each other.

Seiji: You little bitch! I can't believe that Shin is related to a thug and a slut.

Cytelle: What the f*** did you just say, Pretty Boy? Besides I'm not you're average blonde girl. I'm a blonde girl who can kick your ass and embarrass you on the Kento Fang Show."

Seiji: If you ever call me a pretty boy again, I will kick your ass you whore."

Kento shows up and defends Cytelle.

Kento: Hey Cassanova, back away from my honey bunny.

Kayura: Knock it off you three.

Cytelle: KAYURA, Seiji is the one to started it.

Nasutei: End it now Seiji-Kun or you're sleeping on the couch!

Seiji later on apologized to Cytelle even though it wasn't sincere. She asked herself, "What does this asshole want from me?".