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Love Or Hate
Lady Krista

It is 5:30 p.m at the Ronin Manor and Everyone is waiting for Seiji and Kayura to show up so dinner can begin. Meanwhile Shin and Cytelle gets into another fight. (Cousins do that all the time.)

Touma: Gee, Where are Kayura and Seiji?

Nasutei: I don't know. And it looks like Shin and Cytelle are at it again.

Touma: At what?

Jun(Yuli): Shin and Cytelle are fighting again.

Nasutei: Cytelle is blaming Shin for putting too much salt in the mushroom soup and the cake having too much Frosting.

Touma, Nasutei, Kento, Ryo, and Jun(Yuli) hear Screaming sounds from both Shin and Cytelle along with pan throwing, and showing pies in their faces.

Cytelle: GEEEZZZZ Shin you're screwing it up.

Shin: Shut up you baka (idiot)!

Cytelle: Suck my a** you damn fool.

Shin: How dare you give me any lip in this house?

Cytelle: *Sarcastically* Who me? Besides it isn't your house, its Nasutei's.

Shin: Watch it Cytelle!

Cytelle: Why You? Why must I be related to the wussiest person on the planet?

Shin: Why do i have to be related to the biggest flirt in the planet?

Shin and Cytelle kept giving each other the evil eye on each other.

Kento: Hey I see a car pull up.

Everyone: HUH!?!?!?!?!?

Shin: And there is a note on the table.

Touma: The note says...

Dear Everyone,
Sorry Kayura and I couldn't join you tonight. We are going to dinner in a nice restaurant and then a nice stroll around the park.
Seiji Date

Kento: Don't let Nasutei know about the note.

Cytelle: It'll break Nasuti's heart.

All throughout dinner nobody mentioned about Kayura and Seiji being together. While Cytelle stays up all night until midnight, Seiji and Kayura walked in the door arm in arm. Nasutei won't like this, Cytelle thought. I better keep it a secret for a while.

Morning came along and everyone except Seiji, Kayura, and Cytelle were up.

Shin: My Cousin, Cytelle is not exactly a moring person.

Kento: No S&#$ Shin!

Ryo: Give her a break Shin! She is about 7,000 miles away from her home on America.

To Be Continued....

Next time on Ch. 4 on Love or Hate- Kayura and Seiji take their relationship further along and Shin tries to find methods to reason with Cytelle and Kento. Later Ryo and Touma learn about Guns and Alcohol.