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Not Just Bait

Most people seem to think that Nasutei didn't play a very big role in YST. A majority of those people don't seem to be fans of her character, which is probably the main reason why they overlook her true meaning to the series. Some people think she kind of drifts off with the progression of the series, which is not true, seeing as how she appears in all the seasons, including 'Message.'

YST fans seem to always rag on her character since she was often (along with Jun) the 'bait' in the beginning of the series. She was one of two helpless citizens tagging along with the Troopers with no Yoroi, and no mystik powers to save herself in case she got in a bind. Nasutei relied solely on the protection of the Troopers to survive any encounters with the enemy. In case anyone has forgotten, she was the one who lured Anubis away from Seiji in episode 8 so he could focus on meditating and focusing his power. In that instance, even if she was bait, it was her being the 'bait' that helped save the day.

Oh, and one more thing, what do you think the Troopers would have done if Nasutei hadn't generously offered her house and hospitality to them during their battles? She spent money keeping them fed, sheltered, and not to mention the gas money she must have spent driving them around everywhere. And not only did she sacrifice money, but she sacrificed her time, energy, not to mention privacy, as well as her facilities (bathroom Seiji must always have been in [joke], kitchen Shuu was always in, armor room that Ryo went balistik in and wrecked, windows that Byakuen jumped out of, roof that the enemy tore up), plus anything that would be destroyed in one of the many temper tantrums of Ryo, Shuu, and Shin (yes, even Shin, just watch 'Kikoutei').

And temper tantrums! Imagine having five hormonal young men living under your house at one time that can get into fights at the drop of a hat. Not only was she the mediator of the house, but I'd say she also took care of laundry, most of the cooking, cleaning, and all the other little pleasantries of being in charge of a household.

Nasutei was also the only person they had for any real comfort. She played the maternal role for everyone in the household (with the exception of Seiji).

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