Sub-Armor Gallery

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Seiji's thinking about something here...   Its sooo dark, you can hardly see Seiji!   Sittin' by the fire...

Seiji looking carefree again.   Seiji's about to pound somebody!!   Seiji's relaxing as usual.

Seiji's standing in a waterfall!!   What an adorable pic of Seiji in his sub-armor and his intimidating eyes!!!!!   Seiji chuckling slightly in his sub-armor.

Oh.  Seiji hurt his hand.  Nasutei better come and tend to his aid...  *grins*   Seiji looks pissed in this image...   Poor Seiji.  He looks like he's been suffering.

Run Seiji, run!   Armor of Korin, doa chi!   Seiji fighting in his sub-armor.

Seiji is transforming again!  *drools*  Oh how I love a man in armor.  Nasutei:  Yeah, me too.  Especially a certain blond man in green armor...   Seiji:  I can't believe I get to sit right next to Nasutei in the car.  *looks worried*  I hope she doesn't notice me staring....   What are you looking at Seiji?

Uh-oh.  Seiji looks pretty pissed off...   Seiji is sooooo cute!!!   Seiji likes to have a plan!!!

Seiji!!   Help him!   He's finally seeing the truth....

Thanks Tifa for this great image!   Yet another image of Sub-armor Seiji...